Monday, June 13, 2011


I wanted to replay my old N64 games. I love The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, so there was no question as to what I wanted to play first. After a few minutes of plugging my Nintendo 64 console into the TV, I blew the dust off and popped in Majora's Mask.

The game started as normal, so I picked a slot and started a new game. The intro started normally, with Link and Epona in the woods. It continued normally with Skull Kid appearing and stealing Epona. Link was dragged around while trying to hold onto that horse, but when he was thrown off, he died as soon as he hit the ground.

I sat there, surprised. How could that happen? It was playing the death music and showed the Game Over screen. Curious, I pressed continue and ended up back at the forest where you chase Skull Kid.

The health bar was gone and my inventory was full of Ocarinas. Every slot, instead of being empty as it should, was an Ocarina.

I began to feel uneasy, but kept moving forward until I reached the scene where Link was transformed into a Deku Scrub. The scene ended with Link dying again, which made me want to shut off my console. I didn't, however, and continued playing. Nothing of interest happened while on the way to Clock Town; everything was normal except for my inventory.

I reached the scene where Link enters Clock Town and meets the Happy Mask Salesman. When the scene ended, Link died again. I continued on, exploring Clock Town. Oddly, everything that used a text box caused Link to die. Clock Town was relatively fine; nothing was deranged like in other stories. I just died when something happened. There was no health bar and way too many ocarinas, but I kept dying.

I eventually reached the Great Fairy. I ran towards the fountain and she sprang up. Unfortunately, all she said was "000000000000000000" and scrambled words. I proceeded past the gibberish and got the magic bar, but Link died afterward. The scene repeated enlessly and I couldn't do anything, so I shut off my N64.

As of today, I still have the cartridge and my N64. Both work great. I think what happened was some sort of cartridge glitch that happens when the cartridges get old. This happened only once and a few years ago at that, so I have no pictures or video to support my claims.

Oh well...back to playing Majora's Mask.


  1. lol

    Problem with game
    Dont care
    Play game

  2. This isn't a creepypasta, this is a game glitch, a sprite dying a bunch of times isn't scary it's just stupid

  3. Interesting. Maybe it could actually happen. I'd be sorta creeped out if that happened. But, I don't think it's possible, and if it is, it's so incredibly rare. The game would probably crash first.

  4. Hey, say what you want, but I find unexpected behaviour in video games scary. Not glitches that exist in the game's programming, but unique things, like this, that exist more likely due to damage to the ROM or Disk, or decay of various components. You know, the unpredictable unpredictables as opposed to predictable unpredictables.

  5. This is almost exactly what happens when you try running Majora's Mask in a certain emulator. I want to say it's Daedalus, but I can't quite remember.

    Anyway, nothing scary, just some glitchy crap.

  6. hmm, so my story did get here. Sorry its not that creepy, this is my first story. I just needed get this out of the way.

  7. Sounds almost exactly like a certain crooked cartridge glitch, and in fact probably was, unless you're saying you did make this up off of the top of your head, in which case you need to write something a bit more original.

  8. Similar thing happened to me. I was going to play my MM game but for no reason my save file was gone and annoyed i decided to start a new one. After the cutscene i opened my inventory only to have every slot occupied with ocarinas. Before I got to the tree/cave thing with the freaky images, my game froze so i turned the game off to blow off the dust and then for some miracle my save file was restored! And it worked like normal again.

  9. that exact same thing happened to me last time i played and i just turned it off then back on and it worked again. the only difference was that the fairy never said 000000000 to me i just kept dying and my entire inventory was taken up by blue ocarinas. i wonder if they will call this a blue ocarina glitch.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. I wonder too.


  11. This normally happens when you haven't played a game for a long time. Meh im bored >.>

  12. It is the 48 Ocarinas glitch with a scant few embellishments.

    Does a true story count as Creepypasta?

  13. This happened to me when I bought my used copy of MM. Though whenever I picked up an item of any kind that wasn't a ruppee, I would die. The game continues like normal, the dog could kill me one hit and the three C-buttons all had Ocarina's. I don't know what caused it but after a while it went away and I went on with my life. Never happened again, and I tend not to think on it.
    (couple years later my copy of MM was stolen)

  14. You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?

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  16. this happend to me cause my brother threw it at the wall

  17. When I had my N64, it seemed like the longer I had a cartridge, the more likely it was to glitch out. The OoT and MM were certainly no exception. Link twisted at a sideways angle, glitched text, ground tiles vanishing and wrong animations attributed to certain actions were just some of the things I experienced. But as Anon #1 put it so succinctly:

    Problem with Game
    Don't care
    Play Game Anyway
    [And enjoy the uniqueness!]

    1. I should write one about my Yoshie's Island game for SNES!
      Man, that game got so fucked up. xD

  18. This did actually happen to me. It was annoying, then I realized a quick fix.

    Blow the dust out of the bottom of the cartridge.

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