Monday, June 13, 2011

The Flood

Why did Hyrule flood? Was it the Gods, as Wind Waker claims, or was it something more?

After Link defeated Ganon/Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time, he was given the choice to either stay as an adult or go back to enjoy his childhood. If he decided to go back to his childhood, he would eventually go to Termina. Because Termina is a parallel universe to Hyrule, the Gods had created an exact replica of Link just in case Ganon was to return, as if they had no idea where Link was.

This brings up another question. Are there different gods in Termina? One could assume that after Link left Hyrule, he was brought out of the Gods' reach. If so, this explains why the Triforce wasn't depicted or spoken about in any way.

The Terminian gods may actually be the four giants. Although they appear to be in an eternal slumber, waiting to be asked forth in using their godly might, the giants are considered to be guardians (not deities); however, they have been told to have created the world.

However, if one considers the term deity, it may bring to mind the form of which Link takes from wearing the Fierce Deity's Mask. The physical attributes Link acquires in this state could only be put as that of a god's. He gains a huge stature, tribal markings, an enchanted sword, and near-invincibility.

The reason you would think he was too powerful is that the mask is only able to be worn during boss fights. The only way to counter this is to perform a glitch or enter a Gameshark cheat that allows you to wear it outside battle. When these requirements have been met, you can easily compare the drastic changes in the green hero's size to that of a normal Terminian.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have Majora. Was the beast from which the mask was carved considered a demonic being? All the factors explaining his malevolent personality point toward this.

The mask was sealed for eternity after being carved because of its extraordinary powers. At the end of the game, the Happy Mask Salesman gets his mask back, but its power is apparently drained. After this, he vanishes out of sight forever.

Now, take a look at Wind Waker. It's based several hundred years after the events of Ocarina of Time. The prologue explains that the hero had saved Hyrule from darkness and left Hyrule in peace. However, it then details an evil coming back to Hyrule, for which the hero didn't appear.

Maybe this hero was too busy somewhere else. Maybe he was in Termina. This could support the theory of Link returning back to his childhood and visiting Termina soon after, leaving Hyrule off-guard to dark forces.

But what exactly are these dark forces? One theory claims that the Happy Mask Salesman went back to Hyrule and used Majora's Mask to take over the kingdom.

From this brings an even more realistic idea. In the events of Majora's Mask, Link has to stop the moon from crashing into Termina. If this were to happen again in Hyrule, what would be the consequences? Could the moon have smashed into Lake Hylia or a bigger body of water to create a flood? Or was it someone else...someone who wanted to gain revenge for meeting his terrible fate? Someone who drowned?


  1. At first, I was like ಠ_ಠ

    But then, I OMG'd.

    I don't usually like LOZ pastas, but BEN+this=Winning.

  2. ...*slams head into floor*


  3. It's funny cause a bunch of the questions has answers that haven't been confirmed but are generally accepted by friggen everyone.

  4. jesus fucking christ this was the dumbest fucking thing ever because it made such a bland reference to it oh my god what the FUCK

  5. The ending of OOT split the timeline.

    A: Link saves the world from Ganondorf's reign.
    B: Kid Link warns Zelda and the King of Ganondorf's plot and has him banished to the Twilight Realm.

    Presumably, Wind Waker tells the story of Link saving the world from Ganondorf's reign (A), and then leaving Hyrule (he traveled back in time). There was no hero to save Hyrule due to him leaving and traveling back in time. The Majora's Mask timeline is completely separate from this.

  6. So...

    Ben caused hyrule to flood?

    Yeah, accept BEN only has power of The Majora's Mask Cartridge, and the internet.

    Are you trying to tell me, that while he was trapped in the cartridge in the old man's house, he influenced the ideas of game creators in an entrirely different country?

    Sure. Yeah. Facepalm.jpg.

  7. "After Link defeated Ganon/Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time, he was given the choice to either stay as an adult or go back to enjoy his childhood."
    Dude he had no choice he HAD to go back cuz that time weren't his time he had to let time flow as normal letting things happen and wen time comes he would be the hero of time once more
    or for the first time idk but still if you hadn't said that i would even belive but still
    And Ganon and Ganondorf are the same person/thing/hellishmothafocka just like the majoras forms they are the same but in diferent states of power releasing-ish

  8. Dude, wow guys. It's just a story on the internet. Chillax, fucking sheesh.

  9. Everybodies getting mad

    This is just a short reference to BEN that's supposed to make you laugh.

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  11. Christ there are like over 9000 fucking pastas about this fucking Ben guy and fucking Link and Zelda. ENOUGH ALREADY.

  12. While this is obvious trolling, I do want to point out he makes a good point with the whole idea that during the Termina adventure, Link cant save Hyrule, which explains how the evil gains power unopposed in Hyrule and makes the flooding necessary.

  13. "Dude he had no choice he HAD to go back cuz that time weren't his time he had to let time flow as normal letting things happen and wen time comes he would be the hero of time once more"

    Wrong. Link will never be the hero of time in the past, he only will save Termina, return to Hyrule and fuck Saria. No, in the past she will never become a sage.

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  16. Idc what people say, this was a great theory and i loved it. Suppose however the flood was from natural causes and BEN Is hms son and BEN drowned in the flood. Innuah I urge you to continue on this theory cuz I love it. Keep it up!

  17. But then who was BEN?

    I'm sorry.

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