Monday, August 22, 2011

The Snatcher

I can still hear him screaming. I don't know what to do; after all, he IS still my son...right? I should probably start explaining. It all started about a week ago on a day like any other. I woke up to my son crying. I changed his diaper, made breakfast, the usual. It was a Friday, which is usually when I go shopping to refill the fridge, but I had decided to put it off until Saturday.

I was putting my son to sleep at around 9 PM. I was making him his bottle when I looked out the window. The sun had been down for about two hours. My flood lights shone as far as the tree line. It's not like there was much else to see, just about five miles of woods until you hit the main road, then another twenty miles to the nearest town.

I kept getting glimpses of a shadowy figure moving by the windows on my porch. I thought nothing of it; it was probably just my cat, Sam. I laid my son down in his crib, gave him his bottle, turned out the lights, and left. It was about 11 when I first heard it over the baby monitor: a loud scurrying sound.

At first, I thought it might have been Sam again (he sometimes gets in he room when I forget to close the door), but that didn't make sense; Sam was outside, and I was sure I closed the door. I went in the room to take a look. The only thing that seemed out of place was the open window. I was almost positive it was closed when I left, but the room was so hot I thought I must have left it open and went back out to the living room.

At 12, the baby woke up crying. I sat there for a minute or two wondering if he would ever sleep through the night. I finally lifted myself from my chair to get my son, when he stopped crying. I listened to the monitor closely and heard low-pitched singing and creaking of the floorboards. Someone was in my house and they had my son. I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the longest knife I could find.

I felt a chill shoot up my spine as I walked down the hallway towards the door. I slowly opened the door and saw "it." It was tall and mostly hairless, with a few hairs atop its round head. Its teeth were jagged, its nose was pushed in to the point that it almost looked like it didn't have a nose at all, and it smelled like a rotting corpse.

Its eyes... Oh god... it's fucking eyes. They were black and almost looked like it had just empty sockets where they should have been.

It was feeding my son some sort of liquid from what looked to be a glass bottle. It noticed me and left through the bedroom window. I ran to the front door to see my son on the lawn, shivering in the cold moonlight. I opened the door to leave, but as soon as I tried it rushed up the stairs and pounced on me. I got up and noticed it was just trying to get by me.

It grabbed my only phone. Not only was it faster and stronger than me, it was actually aware of what it was doing. It then ran out through the back door and I quickly locked my doors and windows. I went back to my front door to see my son crying on the lawn. He was cold and in pain and that thing was watching him. I tried to go outside, but that thing wouldn't let me.

As I sat there and watched my son began to change; his hair started to fall out, his skin turning pale. That thing has now started banging on my front door. I have retreated to my bedroom. I think they're in the house. I can hear the little one (my son) playing with his toys, and the large one testing the doorknob.


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  2. Puberty's a bitch, ain't it?

  3. That's it?

  4. Forsaken ParallelsAugust 31, 2011 at 1:25 PM


  5. Not as scary as it should be because I'm listening to Line by Supercell and hearing Miku Hatsune.

    So all I see is a tall pale thing dancing and a girl with green twintails singing.

  6. I listen to "Celine Dione" whenever I read Creepy Pasta so your Zelda pokehorror has no effect on me!

  7. ^ Really? I'd be terrified.

    I mean, Celine Dione. *shudders*

  8. Mr Blue is a friend of mine,
    But Mr Blue is not kind.
    Mr Blue can see you now
    Reading words and writing down
    Your thoughts, comments, fine critiques,
    Mr Blue makes houses squeak.
    He listens to you describe your day,
    Each and every word you say.
    A madness in his eyes, a fire.
    And sickly wet teeth in his mouth of mire.
    He can see you drink.
    He can see you spew.
    He can see you shit.
    He can see you screw.
    But watching is and never was
    The dark task of this man of faux pas.
    He'll grind your teeth in mortar bowl.
    He flay your skin and remove limbs whole.
    Unless his verse is passed on by victim
    He'll get to you, this is dictum.
    And next time sleep comes for you
    So also will Mr Blue.

  9. A whole month? I feel a new hiatus coming.

  10. ^ It's already a hiatus. LAME.

  11. That poem anon#5 posted is scarier than this.

    Also, it's not a hiatus, new creepypasta are hard to come by.

  12. OMFG, Anon#5 scared me with that shit... Really... I'm scared. Today I'll sleep with a knife with me D= Nice pasta, btw. I immagined the creature as it was a Xeno-Predator xD

  13. Same thing happened to me. i will never forget those eyes......

  14. so you can hear him screaming while hes playing with his toys? most of these pastas or stories start off decently and then descend into mush, this is one of them..

  15. Some fucker tried to steal Slendy's little boy, how awful!

  16. Tut tut. How quickly a promising pasta can dry out and become bland. You started to build some good suspense with the open window, the creaking, the soft singing to the child heard through the monitor... Then you kind of wrecked it with a quick and forced ending that didn't make sense, and was written in such a way that it sounded fundementally different than the rest of the story. Mediocre pasta, waiter. Nice in top, but the sauce was flavorless and goopy at the bottom. 3/5

  17. You do realize lines like "I can still hear him screaming" aren't always meant literally, right?

  18. i imagined voldemort while reading this!HAHA.

    But ehh it started out really good, then slowly went down hill. Hell of a cliffhanger/:

  20. Voldemort?! :O LEAVE HARRY ALONE!

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