Friday, August 5, 2011

Black Ghost

"You're looking nice," she said.
"Bah. It's just an old shirt I've been wearing too long, but when I think about it, I can't remember when I actually bought it."
"That's weird. Maybe your mom got it for you. Right?"

...That was the only thing I had in my mind.

My mom...I have no memories of her, as strange as it is.

It fades out. There's nothing there; only a strange scent. It gives me a home feeling. It's so strange. Home? My home is here. It's always been here.

The more answers I get, the more questions I get. Where am I? Who am I? What am I really doing here?

For a minute or so, everything was normal...but those images kept flashing through my mind. A TV with static. A woman crying. Three kids running away. It keeps going over in my head. Her scream. Nothing makes sense anymore. The world keeps turning upside down.

What's going on? Every time I ask myself a question, the surroundings change. The sky turns red. The skyscrapers get taller. It kind of looks like they have corporate logos on them, too. It all begins to spin. It gets dark. Suddenly, I hear buzzing that seemingly has no source.

They want you. They need you. Binary keeps popping up in my thoughts. I can see the numbers. Eventually, the binary changes into three numbers that continously repeat themselves.

731 731 731 731 731 731

An old computer pops up in front of me. There's a message on the screen.

"Are you trying to leave?"

I stare at the screen.

"Why do you want to leave?"

I see a keyboard next to me. I grab it so I can answer, but notice it has no wires connected to it. I feel the urge for answers, so I type anyway.

"What is this place?"
"This is your home."

A curse word escapes my lips.

"It has always been, remember?"

Remember, remember, remember. The word doesn't mean anything to me, since I can't even remember why I'm here.

"You were happy. Why don't you go back to being happy?"


"I created this place for you. Be happy."

I kept staring at the screen. What the hell was going on? This didn't make any sense at all!

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" I screamed.

The screen had a new message, but the letters looked like they were written in blood...with someone's fingers. I looked closely and eventually figured out what it said: "HELL IS SOON GOING TO BREAK LOOSE."

When I was done reading, pictures appeared. Pictures of massacres, people in pain. People with blood all over their faces. All of them looked like they were screaming things like "HELP US! HELP US!"

I looked away and was taken back to the room with the old computer. The PC was dead. The screen was black. I raised my head to look around, but noticed something on the white wall above the screen.


Blood was everywhere. My heart seemed to stop when I spotted two glowing eyes above the bloody message. They disappeared soon after I gave them eye contact.

I woke up and found myself sitting on the couch. My old Game Boy Color was in my hands, with Pokemon Red inserted and the device turned on. I saw my character was in Lavender Town. That haunting tune played through the speakers the whole time. It was so bizarre. It felt like I had heard that tune in the dream the entire time.

My legs had fallen asleep, so I struggled as I stood up. I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When I entered, I noticed a black ghost. It was staring at me, but after two seconds it vanished. I thought it was just my brain playing tricks on me.

July 23, 1998 -- Kazuma Kaito killed eleven children in his school with his own hands. He had been trying to rip their eyes out. When the police found Kazuma in the janitor's closet, they could hear him mumbling, "The end is near. It won't go away. Make it go away."

Kazuma was later asked by a psychiatrist what he wanted to go away. Kazuma replied, "The black ghost." The psychiatrist then asked Kazuma what the ghost wanted from him. He then said, "It wants us to be afraid."

"From what," the psychiatrist asked.

"They want to take over the-" Kazuma started before beginning to strangle himself. As the psychiatrist tried to pull the boy's hands away from his neck, the psychiatrist could hear the boy struggling to continue speaking. "The ord-...they are-...take ove-..."

Kazuma passed away moments later. Three seconds after, the security guards stormed into the room, only to find they were too late. The psychiatrist was shocked.

The police later went through the security tape. They looked at the unusual case and nothing seemec wrong, but at closer inspection they noticed something terrifying and breathtaking:

When the hands turned against Kazuma, his facial expression looked surprised and his eyes were aimed at the wall behind the psychiatrist. His hands aggressively rushed toward his neck as if someone else was strangling him. It was like a third person was in that room. Kazuma was really trying to strangle himself. He was fighting for his life.

But he was silenced. The truth was still safe.


  1. Ermmmmmmmmm... Alright...


  3. "What is this I don't even"

    lol, true

  4. Okay pasta. Better than the BEN cliché.

  5. This was okay?
    Maybe if a fifth grade had written it as his class English project, and even then it wouldn't have gotten a good mark.

    Seriously, this was utter trash. Horribly written, nonsense plot, general direction and pacing were not only off but flat out bad. And to top it off it leaves off into a completely different story with a cliched cliffhanger ending.

    It's like the author forgot where he/she was going with the first segment or just flat out couldn't continue with it. Abruptly cutting it off and switching gears into something of a flashback.

    I get the premise, and it sucks.

  6. creepy, disturbed music vid: watch?v=KRHadCjuI4Q

  7. This pasta had a cockroach in it...
    I'm sending it back.

  8. I'm not sure how this pasta tastes :/

  9. To be fair, Witchfinder, this was another spin-off of the lavender town series.

    Meaning anything that didn't make sense is a result of you not having read that.

    So saying, this was pretty lousy.

  10. Oh my, oh my, so creepy O_O Is this guy Kazuma? Could be. First he tells what he see everytime he tries to remember from his past and then there's a note from somekind of journal telling this news. I just immagined everything happen, as if I was there (I always do that, that's why it creeps me out, I even imagine me being the protagonist myself.


  12. @Anonymous The BEN "cliche" was not a cliche. What are you thinking? It's one of the most well thought of, praiseworthy, original creepypastas.

  13. One word.


  14. it's like two unfinished and barely functional pastas in one.
    you have the generic nightmare, writting in blood, world isn't real pasta
    and you have the "there is something evil killing everyone who knows the truth" pasta.
    origniality is nice.

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