Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White Hand Sprite

Known in the code as WhitHand.gif, this was scripted to appear as a Pokémon on the third floor of the Lavender Tower. It is divided into four separate animations: an introduction (the "cry" a Pokémon unleashes before a battle), an idle, and two attacks. These attacks are unknown, as they are listed simply as "Fist" and "Brutal."

While viewing the animation has been proven to be hazardous, viewing the individual frames of the model has been proven to have no adverse effects. The White Hand is depicted as a shriveled, slightly decayed hand with sprising attention to the detail: flesh is peeling back from the bone and several tendons dangle realistically out of the wrist.

The first attack is the hand balling into a fist and swinging forward. However, the "brutal" animation is missing several frames. The hand seems to open up, then cuts out. After a few seconds, it reappears, closed again. No record has been found of these missing frames.


  1. There were no animations in Pokemon until Crystal, no animations beyond a single frame movement until Black and White, and STILL no dedicated attack animations for each Pokemon. So curling up into a fist and punching? notlikely.jpg

  2. Anon - 1
    Story - 0

  3. The problem is that a gameboy can't use that kind of file.

  4. The image is also impossibly detailed for the Gameboy games. I suppose that might technically be part of the creepiness, but it's not as versimilar as it thinks it is.

  5. "Do you believe in ghosts?"


  6. @Cirno Then how do you explain Missingno.?

    Well, here's what I say to that. Go find the Buried Alive Model story on here and read the comments. There should be a comment telling how the sprites make it on screen. So, there couldn't be any logic for there being any type image file on a Pokemon cartridge. Even so, I doubt likely as hell this story is true. Missingno. is some sort of bug in the programming that causes there to be an extra Pokemon in the game (Yeah, some of you are liek "NO SHIT"). But, like said in that comment I mentioned, the game has information that tells it how to "write" the image file and place it on screen. However, Buried Alive and White Hand are highly unlikely to be put into the game by some "Mysterious Programmer" anyways. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying it's not really likely. If they had suspicions on the guy, they shouldn't have let him in on the project. Just like Sousuke Tamada shouldn't have been in the project back in that "Come follow me..." story. If that were to have happened, most likely no one would be living. Seeing how he was, the killings would go to his head, and he would go on a "killing spree". Don't mind me. I'm just giving my opinion. But I really don't think that this would be true even if Nintendo and/or Game Freak intended it to be in there. I mean, think of the kids, man. THE KIDS!

    1. If you get a rom of pokemon red and use winrar to enter the rom yuou can go to lavender town files and find buried alive

  7. It is true actually the sound in lavendertown is made in a technique only kids till 19 can hear the hidden sound I dont lots of test with lots of people proveing the teory. Grownups can't hear it wanna know why? Well over time the hair in you're ears decay making you hear less over the years.

    Second since kids are undeveloped they have ears similar to dogs. Now the hand in question it is in fact possible I ran numerous test and scans on the game I have hacked but never sold.

    The pictures as you know are in a old style but can be moved fast. Remember in animatio fps.

    RPS is frames per second. It usually takes 30 or 60 frames per second. Unless you use the 4 part in the 30 or 60 in the second. So yes that hand can move.

    I tested this theory on a program called mmd. Mikumikudance a video game model testing and devolping thing which is free.

    The program is found on miku miku beat. Ok bake to the sound of lavendertown. Why is it only kids can hear it? It's in binaral sound a low pitch sound. Now as I said earlier grown-up loss there haering starting at age 20 for the rest of their lives.

    How ever there is a strange exception. Those who have been affected by the song and know what its affect on them was is.

    For me and my friends. I cry for no reason from only my left eye, and begun to hear ghost in real life I have a real recording if you want it i'll put it on you tube.

    Now back to the hand it is possible to use a 4 frames per second. Example the dsi flipnote hatena book usine that. It uses a old style of animeation style 4-30 frames per second proving the point the game pokmon red blue and green could support the hand movement.

    Lastly the part where you hear a voice in youre head. That's only from you being scared and remembered you read that, or it was programed into the game like resident evil 1 voices for playstation 1.

    I did ask nintendo about this situation of the lavender town syndrome here's what a member sent me.

    Our products are safe as long as the customer uses it right. Nothing about nintendo. So what about them? They refused to answer my question that there in deniel of something and this is as far as I know in my research on the lavender town syndrome.

    I'm trying to contact the japanese authorities to get hands on the information over there if the lavender town syndrome actually ever accurred.

    If you think i'm lying in any way at all im on facebook as dionn bryant runk if you want to ask me question just message me.

  8. There were 4 deaths as a result of LTS (Lavender Town Syndrome)
    1: Brain Bulged. To Death.
    2: Heart Attack.
    3 & 4: Pain induced Suicide.
    If you don't believe me, make friends with google.

  9. not sure if anon is obsessed and needs help


    or is on to something

  10. That's where my Pokemon went!

  11. Does this seem real? No factorial!

  12. According to Jwittz and some "actual" facts, the whole Lavender Town Syndrome and White Hand Sprite stuff is just creepypasta. I wouldn't know about the white hand sprite personally since I don't play the game, but if EVERYONE who played the game and got to the part where the WHS shows up doesn't know about it then it's probably just made up, especially considering that a lot of the commenters are like "woah, is that real??? I've never seen it..."


  14. How is that possible for it to MOVE?
    The Pokemon usually just jump forward with no animation.

  15. I found a recording of the music played it on my spectrograph and the 2 ghosts and the Pokémon called the Unown did appear.....the first at the 3:00 minute mark the second I'd say around the 10:00 10:05 mark. And might I add u get a MAJOR headache.....not your normal "omg that sounds so annoying" kind of headache a but more of a "someone is stabbing me inside my head in my eye" kind of headache. Anyway...it's all over the net, that song, the spectrograph images. But no where can I find white hand or buried alive pics.....it says they are viewable frame by frame. So...why can't I find them? Am I missing something, please do tell