Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clinton Road

Does anyone know about Clinton Road, New Jersey? In case you don't, Clinton Road is an infamous stretch of road that cuts through a forest. There are NO lights whatsoever and sign maintenance hasn't been done since the 50s. It's rife with Klan members and was the dumping site for a professional killer. My friends and I are standard bravado douchebags so, one night, we decided to check out if all of the stories we were told hold up.

Spoiler: They didn't. What we got was far, far worse than any of the stories.

We were coming back from a movie in the Palisades and we figured that we might as well go there, since we were nearby. We aren't as good with predicting distance/time as we figured, so it actually took an OBSCENELY long time to find the road itself. It was smack dab in the middle of winter and there was about four feet of snow on the ground, too. Along the way, we joked about how we were going to see a jackalope and how we were going to be chased by the Hellhound. As I said, we're a bunch of loud-mouthed pricks.

Slowly but surely, the morale in the car was getting more and more...quiet. It seemed to get darker as time passed. At one point, we pulled over just to see how dark it was with the lights off; it was pitch black. There was nothing but complete and utter darkness. We started up again. We were NOT having fun anymore.

Now, there's a bridge about halfway through the road. If you throw a penny off it, the penny will get thrown back to you. That was our goal, but at that point we just wanted to get it over with and go home. We finally got to our destination and parked just off to the side in this little niche next to the bridge. It was decided that we should leave the car in case the penny came back and we voided our bowels. Better safe than sorry.

There were four of us in that little Sedan and the two in the front got out and needed to pull up the seats, so it took a little longer for me and my other friend to get out. Of course, the bastards that had been in the front didn't wait for us. By the time we finally got out, they were halfway down the bridge. When I got out, it was extremely cold. My winter coat didn't help.

The bridge is set up in such a way that in moonlight you can see clearly down the road. It was dark as all holy hell, but you could still make out any oncoming cars. There was no place to hide, though. It was dead silent and I could hear every crunch of my friend's footsteps on the dry gravel twenty feet away.

As we walked up to the other two, we could see they stopped dead in their tracks. They spun on their heels and began walking back to us at a distressingly fast rate. "Get the fuck back into the car. We have to leave." I was already shitting bricks, so I didn't question it. We ran back into the car and got ready to pull out as fast as we could.

That's when I saw them.

In the brake lights, I could make out two figures striding toward us. They were walking extremely relaxed, but at a very fast pace. One of them almost clearly was tall - taller than I am, and I'm six feet tall. I want to say it was wearing a hoodie, only because from what I saw it was completely white from the waist up. The other one was much darker; I could barely see it, whatever it was. As we started to spin around to go back from where it came, it stopped walking relaxed and started power-walking toward us even faster...then it stopped. It was gone.

We finally turned around and got going. The road was extremely perilous, so we took it slow, just happy to finally be out of that fucked up situation. I looked out the back window to make sure they were gone. There were fucking booking it like demons. I screamed. "OH MY GOD, DRIVE. GO FASTER!"

We were going at least thirty-five miles an hour, making hairpin turns with these...these things keeping in tow with our car on foot. They came within five feet of our back fender. I remember being able to make out eyes on the dark one; they were crazed and wild. It was so terrifying that I have chills thinking about it to this day. Finally, my friend gunned it and we were flying down this rural icy road going fifty miles an hour in a blind panic.

After we were sure we got away, we started to slow down. No one said a word for about ten minutes, until my friend driving finally broke the horrible silence.

"There's something chasing us."

I looked back and there was this intense light chasing us. It didn't look like headlights; there was only one and it was about five feet off the ground. Whatever it was, it was gaining on us. We managed to push it to sixty, somehow, without dying. The thing was keeping up with us no matter how fast we were going. Eventually, we got close to the end of the road and we realized it was gone. However, we didn't care - not anymore.

We were flying down the highway for a good forty-five minutes when we finally got pulled over. I was never so happy to see a fucking cop. He let us go, told us to slow down, and sent us on our way. Nice guy.

We spent the night in my friend's basement with the lights on. We sat on the floor waiting for the sun. We were grown-ass men pissing ourselves hiding from ghosts or WHATEVER the fuck it was that wanted us. There is no doubt in my mind about that fact. They wanted to catch us.

I'm never going back there. Nothing anyone can say or do will ever make me go back there. Be careful if you ever find yourself driving down Clinton Road, because you never know what's waiting for you to get out of your car.


  1. Yeah, okay. I've walked up and down that road so often when I was dating my ex and the scariest thing that ever happened to me there was accidentally sharting in my pants. The KKK shit is kinda unnerving but that road is hardly scary.

  2. Freak... Sounds scary. I want to go there just to check this creep out, but I live in Brazil T_T

  3. I like this because it COULD be real.

  4. ^i agree (mdj101)

  5. I live on a Clinton Road in New Jersey... so WTF.... At least it's nothing like what's described in the story.