Sunday, October 9, 2011


If you're reading this, then either I've escaped and this is old news because I've been on plenty of news shows, or it means I've died and you've found this. If it is the latter of the two, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Have you ever seen or found something you believe you shouldn't have? Most people will tell you they haven't, but I'm not one of those people. I've recently took up urban exploring due to some peer pressure and, for a while, it was actually fun. That is, until we found Lab 1508. If I'm right, that means it's just one of many labs.

You see, we found the lab while taking a road trip from Maine to California. We stopped at a lot of different places to check them out. This stop in particular, though, was in Hamilton, Ohio. The place we found was called Taylor's school. All I know about it is that it looks abandoned and condemned from the outside.

We went in through a gate that led into the basement. The first thing we saw was three old fuse box-type things that were labeled Basement, 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor. I joked around and pushed all three up. The place actually had power. That surprised me and my buddies Bill and Rick because the building had obviously been closed for quite some time.

We walked straight up the first set of stairs we saw and reached the first floor. The first two floors weren't anything special; the only thing that stood out was the mold on the ceiling. We went back to the basement and started to explore the rest of the place when we found the old gym.

It was filled with stuff. We found various medical vials, which confused me, but I just ignored it. I would later come to regret this. We sifted through mountains of stuff and made our way to the middle of the room.

Rick was the first to notice the hatch in the middle of the floor. We opened it slowly and made our way down the stairs. The weird thing about this place was that all of the walls were black. Neon white arrows and writing adorned the walls.

We continued walking until we reached a crossroads where the path split into eight different directions: Kennel, Lab 1508, Observatory, Gene Splicing, Reanimation, Mutation Studies, Offices, Human Resources, and Waste Disposal.

We decided to split up, which was a major mistake. I made my way to Lab 1508. Rick was heading to the Kennel and Bill was going toward Human Resources. The hallway I was heading down was very long; it took a good ten minutes to reach my destination. I entered Lab 1508 and saw the last thing I expected.

I saw myself standing in the middle of the room. It wasn't me, however; it looked...wrong. I couldn't place what was off about this other me, this doppelganger. It just looked strange in my eyes.

The next thing I knew, the doppelganger lunged toward me. I barely moved out of the way as it tried to grab my throat. I ran out of there as fast as possible. I'm now hiding in the offices.

I'm going to try to escape this place. I have no clue what happened to Bill or Rick. I believe they're probably dead. I just found a document on my way out, though. It's something about splicing human subjects with different animals. I'm putting the part I believe pertains to this situation in this notebook.

[This notebook was found inside a school a friend and I recently explored. In fact, it was right by the basement gate. We thought it seemed creepy, so we submitted it here.

The only thing we could confirm was that the school does still have power running to it. We got too scared after reading the first two sences to go much farther into the school.

Whoever owns the building probably left the notebook there to scare off kids, seeing as we found no body lying around. We also didn't find any document, which makes us believe the story is a hoax. However, you can go to the school yourself and find out whether or not it's true.]

(This story is credited to a person called Brandon.)


  1. This is so damn good. Very well played Brandon.

  2. They're all spliced up!

  3. Crap. Written by a 12 year old.

  4. but who was doppelganger?? lol this started off mildly interesting and then the "writer" blew it lol

  5. "However, you can go to the school yourself and find out whether or not it's true." And just how are we supposed to do that if we don't have an address? If you are making up locations, don't make it sound like it is a place that can actually be visited... :P

    Other than that, good pasta. I would love to hear more about the lab. Maybe there can be a continuation where the lab gets explored more? :D

  6. it is a real location. look it up


  8. "eight different directions: Kennel, Lab 1508, Observatory, Gene Splicing, Reanimation, Mutation Studies, Offices, Human Resources, and Waste Disposal."

    ...Isn't that 9?

  9. @Clinqy,

    I interpreted that to mean that there were eight splits in the path, and then it also kept going forward. Like, eight other side paths you could take.

  10. The correct grammar is "I've recent taken up," not "I've recently took up."

    1. actually, the correct grammar is i've recentLY taken up

  11. would be a lot better if it didnt seem so rushed, a good pasta has backstory, and also harnesses serious tones, this felt like it was written with a sort of joke fealing to it, but it oculd be changed to be better.

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  13. badly written, but the plotline could have been good if it was more developed and wasn't so rushed at the end