Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm hoping this gets out to someone. I doubt it will, but there's always a chance that it could, right? I'm sitting here in what used to be my room as I type this. The TV is on, I have the window open, and the sun is shining. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, no. This isn't my room. This isn't my house. It's all a perfect replica created by him.

I don't remember being stalked. Hell, I don't even remember how or when I got here. I guess the memory loss is bad even after you've been destroyed by him. I say destroyed because I haven't been killed, yet I wouldn't really call what's happening to me "living." Wait, I haven't explained who he is. Though with words like stalk and memory loss, I think you can figure out who he is.

The internet meme. That overplayed bastard. Slender Man.

I know you must be sick of Slender Man stories, but please listen. I believe at one point I fell victim to him. Let me take you back to that day and a few other days as well, I suppose.

One day, I was at home getting ready to go out. I was dressed and about to open the door of my room to leave and next thing I knew, I was in a dark void. The void warped and twisted around me as I stood there, trying to get my bearings. There was no up or down, no left or right.

I was just there in a swirl of colors that made my eyes hurt with how vibrant they were and how fast they were moving. I rubbed my eyes and when they focused, I was back in my room. I threw my door open, expecting to see the hallway I desperately needed. Nausea hit me rather quickly, so I was trying to hurry to the bathroom just in case.

There was nothing there. It wasn't like there was no one in the hall, but rather there was literally nothing there. It was the black void. There was no sound or air, just darkness. It was like what had happened before the colorful terror.

I slammed the door shut and turned to bury my face in a pillow, as I was so confused and afraid. However, when I turned, I saw him. He stood there, towering over me in that idiotic suit, tentacle arms at his sides and head craned downward to stare at me.

"Welcome," he said to me.

He didn't actually speak, however. He has no mouth, after all. Instead, I saw words in the same scratchy, messy font from the notes he sends to those Youtubers. It was silly, cheesy, and dumb...all words I know you're thinking, but it's true.

He displayed that stupid font in front of me, suspended in the air. I swiped my hand across the letters to get them out of my face, but they remained. It was as if the words were being projected by an overhead projector. They remained there and distorted over the contours of my hand.

As I stared at the words, they began to fade and I realized my captor was gone. I had been taken by him and he was holding me hostage or prisoner or whatever he wanted to call me. I sat down in my armchair and looked up at my desk.

I saw that, as in the "real" world, there was my computer. Eagerly, I turned it on and waited for it to boot up. He had left me a means to communicate out! I was going to be free if I could get word out to someone.

I was wrong. I could sign on to AIM, Yahoo, and MSN just fine, but each list was empty. No one was online, not even people who never sign out. I changed my preferences to show people who were offline and everyone on the lists from before WERE offline.

I tried my browser to see if I actually had internet access. My finger twitched on the mouse button as the browser started up. Never had I been so eager to see vapid new stories and flash ads before me.

The homepage loaded and everything was there. News, games, everything. I went to Facebook to see if the homepage was just some catched page. I thought that if Facebook was updating, I'd be good.

Even Facebook loaded perfectly. I could see new statuses and links show up on my news feed, but my status bar was gone. Comment boxes were gone and even the chat bar was missing.

He was allowing me to go online and see life go on, but he wouldn't let me speak to anyone. I slumped back in my chair and watched the news feed update. It scrolled along, showing me what everyone was doing, but I could interact with none of it. What was I going to do? Was I dead? Was I in some other dimension? I had nothing now.

Over time, I began to just live my life again. I watched TV. I went on my usual websites. I enjoyed what I could. I don't know how he was piping all of this in, but he wasn. he would pop in now and then to check on me, too.

One day, he finally "spoke" to me again. He told me I wasn't dead. I was merely his and I wasn't going home, nor was I going to die. He told me I should never have looked into him and that this was all my fault.

From that point on, he started harvesting things from my brain. He was taking fantasies and the things I loved and began to make them real. Whatever I could think up - whatever was on my mind that I used to put myself into a happy place - was fodder for him.

Soon I was going on Pokemon quests. I was fighting in the Battle City tournament. I was flying through space on the Normandy beating up evil aliens. I was kicking ass with Nathan Drake and stealing treasures. I even owned my own successful business. Yet every time, he came and ripped it all to shreds. Each one turned into some bad creepypasta when he showed up.

That Pokemon quest? He was the League Champion when I got to the end. He had no Pokemon at all, though. I sent mine out to try and attack him, but he stabbed each one with a rigid tentacle. I saw my team fall dead to the ground as the world warped and distorted around me.

I was dropped at a Pokemon Center, where everyone's critters were dead and the trainers were all maimed. They screamed out that their Pokemon had turned on them before seizing and dying. They cried so much that many were hyperventilating while others were starting to go mad. The sky turned red and the screams grew louder. Then everything went out like a TV turning off.

In Battle City, he fought me atop the tower on Kaiba's Alcatraz. He had no deck, no Duel Disk...nothing. Every time I played a card, he had one better that he pulled out from anywhere. When I pulled ahead, he destroyed me with cheap moves.

His field would go from empty to full in a mere turn and all hope I had for winning was constantly dashed. Then, as I lost my last Life Point, he destroyed the tower and let us fall into the ocean. I fell, tumbling through the air as debris fell around me.

As I looked up, I could see him slowly descending - standing still - and merely "staring" at me. I hit the water hard and struggled to find the way up. Pieces of the tower knocked into me, sending me around in circles until I opened my eyes and saw the faint light of the surface.

I finally surfaced and looked out to shore, where I saw nothing but destruction. Demented versions of cards ransacked the city. They were so familiar, but looked so demonic I couldn't even begin to fathom any comparisons to describe them. It's as if they were an amalgamation of all that was evil in the world, but I know that makes zero sense.

Buildings fell, explosions went off, and the sounds of screaming were quickly drowned out by piercing laughter that ranged from demonically deep to squeaky and disturbing. Bodies were being flung into the water next to me by the grotesque monsters, blood and innards raning down onto me as I treaded water for as long as I could.

I swam to the shore, desperate to get out of this fantasy, but once again he shattered it. It went crashing around me, shards of my surroundings flying everywhere with a warped crashing sound ringing in my ears.

In the next one, I was fighting aliens and robots with Shepard. It seemed like no other crew was around. We were freeing people trapped on a remote planet and were so close to deactivating the forcefields holding them captive in a large cell when he came to ruin things.

We had spent hours collecting access codes and fending off hoards of guards, but we were still standing and about to make it through and he was here to ruin it. He caused the shield to generate more power once we went to punch in the last access code.

The amount of power building in the shield was too unstable, causing it to intensify to dangerous levels. Once the shield had overloaded, it sent out a surge of energy that electrocuted everyone in the cell, causing them to scream out in tinny, hollow yells of pain.

The console that controlled the shield was fried and electricity arced out and hit Shepard. His armor overloaded and glowed red due to the intense heat, every bit of it frying from the overload. He was being cooked alive in what was supposed to protect him.

Then Slender Man showed himself, standing in the space between us and the now dead prisoners. My eyes focused on him and everything went silent. I blinked. I was back in my room with the scent of burned flesh lingering in the air.

I won't recount the other stories here, as I don't have the energy. Each one is as bad as the others, so forgive me for not wanting to remember them. I bet you think they all sound like bad creepypastas written by teenagers and I did warn you.

I bet you think stories about Pokemon are stupid. You know what, though? You're right. He took every silly thought, every wish, every fun little fantasy I've ever had and turned it against me. He created the elaborate worlds to dangle happiness in front of my face, only to destroy them.

He's even been toying with the fake weather outside my window. Rain while sunny, tornadoes, intense heat, upside down rain...he'll do anything absurd to confuse me. He even changes the day/night cycles to keep me tired and confused.

None of the clocks in my room run properly, nor do any of them display the correct times. Nothing on the internet has times or dates attached and the TV schedule seems to change mid-show, so I have no other means to help me know where I am in time.

To make this all stop, I purposefully fantasized about killing him. I fantasized about ripping his tentacles off and stabbing through his blank head with as big a knife I could think of. He even let them come true. I got in every means of horrible torture I could in each fantasy.

Not once would he ever be able to live once I got through with him. But, of course, once I killed him, sat back, and reveled in my victory, he was gone. The body was gone and he was standing in front of me, staring. He laughed. There was no sound, no words, but I could feel the laughter.

Truthfully, I'm not even scared anymore. I guess when I think back to specific parts of his destructions of my fantasies, I get a bit scared. I'm not even pissed off anymore. Mostly, I'm just tired. I'm defeated. This is what he wanted, after all. He's keeping me alive only to torture me.

I live in my fantasies and try to make the best of it, but I know he will always come to destroy it all. I want out. Hell, I'll take death at this point so that I don't have to risk him coming back for me. Now I'm beginning to believe this happens to everyone. After all, the only things ever found of the abducted are bags of body parts so that might not even be them. They could be in their own pocket dimensions being tortured as well.

If this gets out, please try to find a way to at least save yourself. I can't get email to go out successfully, but he may let this one out to use it against me. After all, he may just end up stalking my reader. For that, I'm sorry.

Another fantasy is starting. I should go. I think this one is where I'm a detective...


  1. Pretty good pasta man. Good stuff as always.

  2. I'm calling fake. Shepard can't die, ever. He's too badass.

    On a more serious note, this was pretty good.

  3. i Agree with megam , being burned out hollow body didn't kill him.

  4. I tried really hard to read this. My eyes slid off and refused.

  5. I'm the one who wrote this one and I did it one afternoon when I was totally bored so I'm sure some people won't like it haha. I'm sure I can do better when I plan it out first.

    I just sorta went with whatever came to me and sent it in. If you don't like it, meh. No skin off my hide. If you did like it, then I guess I'm doin' something right.

  6. I don't get the ending... Can anyone explain it to me?

  7. What is it that's confusing you? I'll answer as best I can!

  8. A it.....Persona 4?

  9. I figured the detective thing was he fantasised about being the reader or something? Being the reader trying to work out what happened to this guy who WASN'T them. Maybe that's reading too much into it.

  10. Haha well it could be Persona 4. The ending is just the narrator saying he's going into a detective story fantasy next. I guess it's more vague than I thought, sorry about that.

  11. Kaiba: How did you get to the finals?
    Slenderman: I used supernatural-
    Kaiba: So you cheated. Just like everyone else in this tournament.

    Also, Megan, how can you forget that Shepard died at the start of ME2? Then again I suppose it was only MOSTLY dead...

  12. Awww, I wanted to see the Nathan Drake part

  13. Um...I know I'm the exception here, but I found this pasta mindblowingly fetid. Excessive pop culture references that sound like four different sub-par pastas blended into a single goulache ("Hey, we've had tons of awful Pokemon pastas, and even an awful YuGiOh one, but have we ever had both at once? How about some Mass Effect, too?") No real threat of physical harm, or any real signs of insanity setting in.
    Also, the constant reminders of how stupid this pasta is don't exactly help either. I mean, if I'm reading this thing, groaning to myself and thinking "Oh dear lord, this is f'ing painful," I really don't need you telling me that you know it's an awful pasta, because it just makes me feel like you made it awful on purpose. And if you least try and make it a little funnier next time, please?

  14. Alright, ya hated it. I get it and that's fine. You didn't have to finish it after all.

    Next time I write a crappy one I'll crapify it differently.

  15. An interesting take on Slender Man--I actually liked it. For something you randomly whipped up, it's pretty well-written, and thankfully lacked the myriad of typographical and grammatical errors I'd expect from something with so little planning or (apparent) concerted effort involved.

    That said, there was little detail to make the reader sympathetic to the narrator--an important thing to do, especially with first-person narration. The plot lacked a real "WHAM" moment, something to bring it to a horrifying crescendo and set up an ending that really satisfies; thus, the closed-loop kind of ending is a poor fit for the story as is, I'd say. It's the kind of thing that works better when you don't know that the loop is going on until the end.

    I liked the concept, especially the childhood fantasy torture and watching the world move on without you and being able to do nothing. Those two things alone gave the story a creepy undertone. It's good story material, and could be great with a little reworking and fleshing out.

    12:04 Anon, if you can't give criticism without being rude to someone who may even be a fellow writer (though I shudder to think that you actually write), then kindly go eat a dick because nobody writes for you personally and your preference does not matter. Inu, please forgive me but I despise the rude.

    (I honestly still enjoy what little of Slender Man I see. Oi,'s like if you're on the internet you have to despise him. Jeez. >___>)

  16. Thanks Grimm! I had more stuff planned in my head while I was daydreaming at work and I wasn't able to get everything down. Had I been able to I bet it would have been a bit better.

    But I'm glad at least some people like the stuff I put together on a boring Saturday afternoon.

  17. Would have been better, Imo, if the author had reversed order a bit.
    Describe Ruined fantasies--> Wake up in dream/parallel universe room-->Reveal slenderman--> Enjoy as brix are shat.

  18. Very mch enjoyed this. I have to, because it's Slender Man, but also becuase I think the narrator is me... from the future?

  19. Sho, Challenge accepted. Sending out my troupe to take on this creature. ;)

    -Call me....Bilibin.

  20. When I saw he was beginning to fantasize that he was a detective, I INSTANTLY thought the detective was discovering a body bag of my parts.

  21. Not bad. An interesting take on the Slender Man's motives and MO.


  23. I like it.
    Hey, if this is what's supposed to happen when Slendy takes you, sign me up.
    I mean, that'd be pretty fucking cool.
    I'm in to creepy shit, so Slenderman fucking up my "fantasies" would be awesome.

    1. I would agree, but lets say you were into Yu-Gi-Oh. Now imagine becoming best friends with one or more of the characters. How would you feel when they are brutally murdered in front of your very eyes. It won't look like cartoon blood or violence, but more of seeing it in the real world. Would you be able to do stand that?

  24. I loved this one, read it in the dark, got the chills. :) I give it a 10!

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  27. He seems like a Griefer to me .________.

  28. I would so have sex with slenderman.

  29. If that ever happens to me then there is only one fantasy i would want to become real....MLP FIM FTW!!!


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