Monday, October 31, 2011


I was browsing /b/ on 4chan the other day when someone posted a link. Their name was Anonymous, which was usual for 4chan. There were a bunch of comments on it, so I decided to click the link.

The link was to a file on Megaupload called "DEAFFOUND." I downloaded it, but Norton rejected it due to it being infected with some sort of virus.

When I went back to 4chan, all posts said "DEAFFOUND." For some reason, my computer froze soon after. I turned the computer back on, but it didn't start up properly. It showed my background with no files, start menu, or anything of the sort (explorer.exe didn't appear to be running). Almost automatically, a file opened. It was called "DEAFFOUND."

It was a Nintendo 64 emulator. I tried opening any ROM files, but all that could be found in the file browser was a corrupted file with a URL for the title. I went through the back way to open Google Chrome and typed the URL in.

My computer's screen blacked out for ten seconds and it froze. For a split second, it looked like a word or two flashed on the screen, but I didn't have enough time to read it as it was too fast.

After the computer froze and the screen came back, the page opened. However, something was wrong with my browser. There were no words anywhere on the window...just the layout. When Youtube finally fully loaded, I was on a channel called "DEAFFOUND."

There were also no words on the channel, nor was there a layout or avatar. The weird thing was that it said the account was created on October 31, 2011. This startled me, as that's today.

I began investigating by clicking on the first video, "DONT_WAIT." It was one minute and eight seconds long. The first 42 seconds of the video were comprised of black video with echoing noises in the background.

The words "Don't Wait" appeared on screen before it went black again. Exactly ten seconds afterward, it showed a trail in the woods with a ton of distorted video. The sound sounded like a phone left off a hook. The words "FIND ME" appeared after that. What really frightened me is that the trail in the video was the same trail I usually ride my bike down.

I rode my boke down there and looked around for anything suspicious. After around ten minutes, I stepped on a thin, blank disc. Actually, not far from that blank disc was a whole box of discs. I took them home and put them into my computer one by one.

They were just dupe files called "new file," save for one. On one of the discs was written the number seventeen. I put it into the computer and, not surprisingly, there was a file on it named "17." I opened it and it turned out to be an HTML file that linked to DEAFFOUND's Youtube channel.

Afterward, my computer shut itself down. When I tried to start it back up, all I could get it to do was show the word "DEAFFOUND" on the screen. It doesn't do anything else. I wish I never clicked that link.

I sent my computer to get fixed, but they said there was nothing they could do to fix it. They would want me to get a new computer because the virus on my computer was fatal. Now I'm using my dad's computer. Everything is fine, for now.


  1. This stuff is why I quit browsing /b/! Happy Halloween man.

  2. This was a good story until I saw that that DEAFFOUND Youtube user had posted on NicePeter's 'Epic Rap Battle' video requesting a challenge between two people.

  3. For everything to have happened today, it sure seems like they had alot of time to go searching through the woods, insert all the discs and try to get the computer fixed to find out that it couldn't be fixed.

  4. DEAFFOUND.avi

    The stories with things created with them always get a plus.

  5. Damn! I tried to find the vid on youtube. I saw it, clicked on it and explorer quit on me

  6. oh that's crazy my harddrive crashed
    I'm taking my computer to get fixed now
    typing this on another computer

  7. Oh yeah, like we're really going to click on it. :/

  8. He really likes that word DEAFFOUND!!!! And why not.

  9. Sit looks like ghosts like rap battles. Lol

  10. Um... Should I open the link below?!

  11. Of course you should. It's nothing more than a simple youtube video channel.

  12. It's just a youtube channel with the background black and all the text black.... If someone thought someone "hacked" it to be all black they'd have to be pretty dumb xD

  13. "The weird thing was that it said the account was created on October 31, 2011. This startled me, as that's today."
    and provided youtube account says it's 29.10.2011

  14. lol spooky shit dawg

  15. lol
    it'd be funny if he wins the request for the rap battle

  16. Am I the only one who doesn't get why it's scary?? The guy got a dick hackers virus, and thats using my imagination... oh well, it's still good, and making a youtube chnnel for it wins a plus.... but still, i think it would be scarier if the guy as haunted after, and if he explained what the hell the significance if the word "deaffound" was.

  17. i am conflicted as to if i should click the link or not.....i dont think i will...but my curiosity is pretty strong. but im not on my own computer...

  18. I clicked it it's nothing. But if you think it's a virus I agree get a Mac though I have seen Macs with viruses...


  20. I dont get how this is scary

  21. This is the worst pasta ever, bad placement, too short sentences, lack of description. Crap looks written by a 12-year-old.


  22. It HAD potential, but they fucked it to shit.

  23. Get a Mac those things are like magnum condoms

  24. damn ghosts and their rap battles.

  25. I'm pretty sure if you use a Mac you won't be needing magnums. or any condoms for that matter.

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  28. I realize that DeafFound must be an awesome name for 13 year old 4channers. Hell, in highschool i took the nickname Bloodraven, from Diablo 2 to make myself seem bad ass for a goth/nerdy chick.. But, now hat i graduated and grew up, i realized that these words, mixed together, were complete rubbish when you thought about it. Even when reading a dictionary.
    And this is how i feel about this story. Really? Deaffound? You couldnt get any better then what soumds like a steriotypical Native American name for some one who is deaf?

    1. Not once have I ever come across another d2 player! You just made my day!