Sunday, December 12, 2010

URL Updates + More Updates!

I've acquired, through Dot TK, a new URL for Creepy + Pasta. It's shorter, which is the idea of having a new URL.

Old URL:
New URL:

See how much shorter it is? Both URLs will work, I've checked, so don't worry about having to change your bookmarks or whatever.

The new URL is just for convenience on my part, but I've decided to tell you guys about it anyway. By convenience, by the way, I mean like for sharing the site itself on Twitter and the like. I was thinking of using my Twitter to advertise the site, but because the blogspot url is so long.... Well, yeah... That's self explanatory.

Anyway, sorry to have bored you. Still having flash drive problems, but as you can see I'm still uploading a pasta or something here and there.....

So...yeah. Goodbye.

EDIT: I've just made a twitter for this blog, so as of this post, all further updates will go on Twitter.


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