Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haunted Old Composition Doll Great Condition


This is John aka wolvesbynight. I will be your seller for today and bearer of a most bizarre, yet true story. Please bear with me, as this is 100% true. It's not made up like most of the other stories told by other seller just to sell items.

I've this very odd and unique doll for sale. I have to get rid of it...have to. You see it's haunted. It's not just haunted, it's possessed by two entities; one good, one bad. I need to tell you the whole background to inform and warn you, the buyer, and also to get it off my chest.

You paranormal experts out there might find this most interesting. I'm no expert or intermediate expert so I'll tell just the facts and you be the judge. I'll answer any question you have to the best of my ability. The doll is all boxed up to be exorcised err I mean sold to the next owner to deal with.

About the doll. You can make up your own mind about the story behind the doll but, rest assured, the actual doll itself is guaranteed. It's a composition doll in great condition, no chips or gashes. The best we can tell, it's about 75-100 years old. It's difficult to be more accurate since there are no markings on it but, dolls like this were made back then and are difficult to find in this great condition today.

Everything you see on it (clothes, air, painted on shoes, etc) are what it originally came with. So if you didn't come here for the story, you can still trust the item you're getting. Consider the story a bonus. Reserve is $150. Here's the picture.

Here's the story behind the doll. It's all started when we moved here to this apartment in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania back in 2000. It's a quaint town, nothing really boring nor too exciting but very relaxing from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. I moved her with my mother and uncle. I'm 27 now, disabled and I need help for now from my family. We moved here from Trenton, NJ to a cheaper lifestyle in PA. We chose this apartment because of the quiet area with little, if any, adverse distractions.

So we started to move in and on the first day one of the movers was injured. He and another guy were carrying a good-sized cabinet into my bedroom and just when he passed the first bathroom he got wedged against the wall. He lost his grip and the cabinet fell on him and he broke his arm. After 15 minutes we finally got him out and into an ambulance. Thankfully, there were no other injuries during the moving.

That night, after we started to get settled in, other strange things occurred...all right in the hallway before the first bathroom. My mom brought me a sandwich on a glass plate and right before the first bathroom, she tripped and dropped the plate, broken glass everywhere. Luckily she got her balance and didn't fall. She cut her finger mildly.

Then our cat walked by the same spot and went into a frenzy, jumping up and down, and constantly scratching on this little panel over some of the plumbing. The panel's right between a closet and first bathroom, about 2.5 feet high and 2 feet wide. After shooing our cat, Ghost, away, we thought nothing more of it for a few days. Three days later, as I passed the panel, my left tire got a flat. I could still ride it but needed a medical repairman to put a new tire on. When he looked at it, he couldn't find a puncture. It just ripped at the seam, which he said he never seen happen before.

Several other odd, inexplicable things happened for the next month but I won't bore you with details. On Halloween, 8 weeks after we moved in, afternoon, our cat started scratching and running into the panel in the hallway. We couldn't stop him this time and after his repeated attack on it, it came loose and the panel fell out. We looked inside and found pipes, hollow space, and nestled halfway behind the wall was a box. The box was airtight and like new due to it being dry back there.

We took the box out and after breaking the seal, emptied the contents out gently onto the dining room table. Inside we found what were obviously the possessions of a little girl from decades ago. There were a few hair barrettes, two knitted bracelets, some old long inedible candy, a locked diary with Betty Boop on the cover, some old photos, and this doll which I'm now selling. It looked like another doll from back in that era, an innocent child's toy, but we now know differently. That's an understatement!

We broke the diary open but most of the writing was written in some code known only to the child. We looked at the photos and saw this girl, her brother, and her parents. The one showed them in front of the Eiffel Tower in France and another in the swimming pool, which used to be outside this very apartment. That photo had their names written on the back. Dad Pierre, mother Gertrude, girl Anna Marie, and her brother Jacques (roughly, John in French). Their last name was Vendreti and they obviously moved here from France. We found other papers in there, all in French and Anna's handwriting.

After some translation, we found out Anna and her twin brother John were born in Paris on October 31, 1919 and they moved here in 1927, both 8. From what we could make out in Anna's diary, her dad wanted to bring his family here to seek out new prosperity like that many of his friends told him in letters.

Okay folks now it gets weird and EERIE! They moved here on September 3, the same day we did. They loved America and had a great time. That is until one day that July, the same day the one photo as taken, her brother drowned n the pool and died. Very sad story, which was confirmed by our landlord, a sort of handed-down piece of info.

It gets weirder. Apparently, Anna had some occult interests and rather than being shocked by her brother's death, she tried to contact him on a ouija board and other means. It gets unbelievable now. She said she contacted Jacques and they talked for a few weeks, once a day. But after that, she noticed changes and she believed another stronger spirit began imitating her brother to get her to do things for him but those things are in code. She didn't think her brother was hurt, just helping the other spirit. All we can make out are a pentagram drawing and some weird smudged out symbols.

Skipping past the encoded parts, we come to within 10 pages from the end and she says the spirit was a demon of some sort, named Gwinzida or something like that. It made her do things she didn't want to and she would resist in a séance on Halloween 1928.

More code. Then the last page we see unencoded stuff, dated December 12, 1928. Odd thing is that we found out later that Anna had died on October 31, 1928 from a fall down the stairs at 3AM, So who wrote this last page??? All it shows are the lyrics to the song, Frere Jacques, and one sentence, which says "Please help us. Anna." Does this creep you out as much as it does me??

My mother loved it and put the doll in the cabinet in the living room. Ever since that day, even weirder stuff has happened. Every Friday night around 3AM, I would hear a little girl singing "Frere Jacques" a few times through but no one else hears it. I finally got it recorded, after going through 6 tape recorders all inexplicably malfunctioning. You can here it faintly here.

(This link links to Web Archive, as the website I got this story from is only available there now.)

Besides singing other creepy occurrences happened, only within the apartment...smashing dishes, people dropping things inexplicably, malfunctioning electronics, cat acting up when near the doll, people falling and twisting ankles a lot, apparitions in corners, weird moaning, etc etc. I was okay with it until 6 months ago. The spirits singled me out. I got several flat tires, my inflatable seat poof!, wheel falling off (thankfully I wasn't in it!), waking up to bizarre scratches on my arms, and more. The worst was waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the doll on my desk or beside me.

We'd lock the doll in the curio cabinet in the living room and sure enough, it returned the next night. Several times I awoke to seeing apparitions on the doll's face and other times hearing singing seemingly coming from the doll!! The last time I saw the doll on my desk was in December and it freaked me out so much that I forced my mom to lock the doll up in a trunk and locking it in our basement locker. No problems since, thank God!

Oh, that last night you want to know more?? Ok but this brings up bad memories. I captured the audio on tape and setup a camera with the flash turned off (flash seems to scare these spirits away). I left a 4 hour audio tape on since midnight and slept with a camera hidden under my arm. I awoke at exactly 3AM to Anna singing "Frere Jacques" in her innocent, sweet child's voice. Then her face appeared on the doll's face and I snapped a photo.

Anna pleaded to me, "Help me please Jacques, please help me." Snap. Snap. I asked how and she replied, in a heavily French-accented English, "Take this doll and get it away from this place where I held the séance. It's the only way.... please Ja...." and she was cut off.

Next this eerie, deep voice began singing "Frere Jacques," followed by demonic, maniacal laughed. Then this grotesque apparition appeared on the doll's face, where Anna's had been. Snap. I got it on camera!

(This link also links to Web Archive.)

The thing said "I am Gwinzida, an upper level entity. I am tired of playing these childish games with you and Anna. It disgusts me to no end. You will not remove the doll from this gateway and you WILL help me escape this limbo I've been forced to endure for hundreds of years, lamb." The doll started floating toward me, laughing evilly. I quickly turned the flash on and snapped it.

The camera broke but the flash went off and the doll landed beside me on the bed. Mom ran in and I immediately told her to lock it away in a trunk downstairs, no ifs, ands, or buts. There it will stay until one of you buys it and takes it away! I don't know what the doll will do when it reaches you. I don't know, I don't care, just take this heinous creation from here, exorcise it's demon, whatever. Just take this veil thing away!! I don't want to ever see it again!!

We burned all of the contents from the box and all of the recordings, except for the 2 Frere Jacques recordings, inexplicably stopped working.

In summary, as I understand it, Anna held a séance to rid herself of the demon, he got mad and tried to control her, she resisted, she deliberately locked her possessions behind the panel, and threw herself down the steps to end his hold on her. Since the doll was the last possession she held, her spirit used it as a medium. Unbeknownst to Anna, the demon's control endured even after her death so both had control of the doll. I'm unsure whether the demon had control the whole time and imitated Anna or whether she had control for part of the time. I don't know.

In all honesty, trying to list this item was a real pain. The audio I had to redo 6 times, the pictures froze up repeatedly, and the HTML kept freezing FrontPage up. Doll be gone! Please.

Listed after midnight to add to the mystique. :)

Auction Rules
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Shipping: Shipping will be figured out after auction is over and will be discussed with winning bidder. Buyer pays for shipping, delivery confirmation ($0.40), and a small handling fee. I ship by Priority mail and items are carefully packaged.

Payment: Payment needs to be made in the form of a money order, in U.S. funds only, or by credit card with PayPal (verified account and confirmed addresses only). I do not want to receive personal checks. All checks will be returned. With International orders, only money orders and Bidpay are accepted. Payment needs to be received by me within 10 days of the end of the auction or negative feedback will be left and item will be relisted.

End of Auction: I will confirm the high bid by email at the close of the auction. A reply is expected from the winning bidder within 3 days of the time of notification. Please read the listing carefully and ask any questions before bidding.

Insurance: Please do not request insurance unless the item is worth more than $150 because I can not get to the post office often unless it's really necessary. I ship directly from my home.

Disclaimer: No returns due to excessive annoyances from poltergeists, ghosts, spirits, demons or other entities or manifestations.

(The original eBay article was here.)


  1. THIS IS SO FAKE! Creppy, ALMOST shat brix, but totally fake now that I studied the pictures more. Next time, make the photo shop work less messy. The skin was two different skin tones. So fake. White face, black neck, tan doll. Yeah, SO real... >_>

  2. These are my favorite kinds of stories; the ones that you can maayyybe convince yourself are real if you don't think about it too much. Pictures add to the creepy!

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  4. I love how his response to all this is to try and sell it. Well done sir, that is what we call rolling with the punches.

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  6. Kay, whatcha got here... A French family supposedly called "Vendredi" (except with a stupid misspelling by a Yankee who can't tell a 'd' from a 't') - just like an American family called fucking Socks or something. Crappy shoops. "Demon faces" again (unoriginal, high-contrast black-eyed ones a la Ring). Bizarre capitalism: you probably don't want to anger demons by trying to sell them on fucking eBay. Jacques is French for "Jack". Distorted music that's totally not ripped from every other /x/ post ever. Tired old narrative format. Wall-breaking supercat. Microsoft fucking FrontPage users. Author thinks demons are called things like 'Gwinzida' (didn't I have that Ukrainian cleaner a couple years back...?) And to top it off it's written by a guy who, when describing something utterly physics-defying and genuinely unexplainable, feels the need to add in the sound effects of his camera flash like a Down's Syndrome kid telling stories about what totally, honestly happened when everyone else got to go on holiday during the summer.

    Oh, wait.

  7. Lame photoshop job is lame. They didn't even get the angle right. Was it copy & pasted from a photograph or what?

  8. how do all the people know its photshop, You do know that demons, like slenderman, can easily corrupt, or change movies, pictures and sounds? if your gonna talk about a creepypasta and complain that its fake, plz go back to /b/ with your faggot bros ;)

  9. and adding to my comment) post your own creepypasta instead of complaining about this one and put it on here so we can all read it and judge it HARSHLY...until then u have no space to talk

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    And not in a good way.

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  13. Just going to say this.
    Betty Boop first appeared in 1932. That notebook is from 1927-28, about four to five years before Betty Boop was even around. So unless that girl also had some bizarre time traveling power, this story doesn't add up.

  14. Betty Boop actually first appeared August 9, 1930, but that's still at least 2 years after the first 'entry' not to mention the ridiculous names (both of demons and the french family (seriously? Vendredi?)) Badly, badly shopped photos... It all adds up though, really. This is creepy in a -different- way... mostly in the way that brings us together to admit that we know way too much about Betty Boop to really live with ourselves.

  15. i think its funny how you guys say its a bad photoshop job because of colors and shit. for one the colors dont matter an "apparition" appeared on its face an apparition can be a number of things including a mist like formation wich would be white the way i could tell it was photoshoped is because you can see the fucing box where he cut it out of another picture -.- look closely at the hair of the second picture you can see the corners of the box and you can see the straight line across the neck from the box

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  18. I think that was the worst creepypasta I have ever read.

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