Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Look Back


---A small empty room: a closet, pantry, small bathroom, etc, with no windows. The room should be big enough and empty enough for a single person of your size to stand in without touching the walls or door. If the only thing you have to work with has windows, cover them so that no light can come through.
---Three matches
---A method of telling time
---A pen/pencil and some paper


This game is best played alone. Your guests may not come if they feel like there's already a crowd.

This game is best played AT NIGHT.

---Turn off all sources of noise: phones, TVs, etc.
---Turn on the light in the room you're using. If it is an unlit room, place a lit candle or a flashlight so that it provides light inside.
---Start at the furthest point at your house from the room and go from room to room calling "I'll be ready soon!"
---When you get to the room, take the paper and write, "You are invited! A gathering, hosted by (your name). Takes place from (time you start - an hour from start time). Bring friends!" Place it on the floor and say into the room, "I'm ready! Come on in!"

Turn off the light and turn around, facing the dark of your house with the open door at your back. hold the three matches in your hand.

Wait a few moments in silence then start counting loudly out loud. When you get to ten, strike the first match.

1.) If it doesn't strike on the first try, drop it and strike the second one. Repeat for the third one if the second doesn't light. If the third doesn't light on the first strike, you have gatecrashers - uninvited guests. Don't turn around or pause to close the door. Run for the nearest light source and turn it on. The party is over.

2.) If the match lights, hold it until it burns down as far as you can bear. Greet your guests. Suggested: Say out loud, "I'm so glad to see you! Thanks for coming!" Light the second match. If it doesn't light on the first strike, see 1.

3.) Repeat 2 for the second match and greet your guest. If the third doesn't strike, see 1.

4.) Strike the third match. If it lights, say "Now everyone is here!" and count to ten again. If everything was done correctly you should hear or feel something. It's typically just someone saying "thanks" or "thank you" quietly. It may or may not be from behind you. Great party! Your guests were happy to come. Otherwise, silence, and your safe anyhow. Afterward, it's safe to turn on the lights.

If at any point you turn around or look behind you before turning on the light, see 1.


  1. im scared now
    great pasta

  2. Wonder what happens if you don't turn the light on, or if you turn around to close the door.

  3. I'm scared now.

    And what do you do if the nearest light switch is near the door?

    I'm facing my bed, and the door is behind me. The light switch is near the door. What do?

    Not doing this, but curious if anyone can answer my question

  4. good pasta is good. but really,what does happen if you turn around?

  5. I want to try this, but I'm rather fond of living.

  6. you get blind...

  7. You'll probably see someone in the doorway, who will most likely kill you. Or insult your ability to throw parties.

  8. Is it okay if I do this with one friend? Three's a crowd, two is fine, right?

  9. I did this and my mom came home right in the middle of it. Now I have to go to therapy.

  10. ^HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would dress up as Pinkie Pie first.
    She throws the best parties

  12. This is mean.
    Don't you have to plan activities for the guests? Booooring party to me.

  13. Ghost buddies! :D
    But this would scare the daylights out of me, so i wont do it :3

  14. Friendly ghosts, maybe?
    First step, my reaction: What?
    Second step, my rection: What?
    Third step, my reaction: WHAT?
    Fourth step, my reaction: Ghost touching you or saying somethin? Im getting confused now.
    And thats my rection to the story.