Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Story of my Own

Hey guys, me again... Today, I've got a personal story or two of my own.

When I was a kid and living at the old house, I had basically no interest in the supernatural, so I didn't know how a ghostly encounter worked. I was just a normal kid. One night, though, I awoke in the early hours of the morning. I don't remember why, but I did. I sat up, and in the corner was this man. I couldn't see his features well, as he was just the color of those spots you see when you get your picture taken. All I could tell was that he had some sort of fancy hat on and some form of coat. I was so scared that I laid back down, covered my head, and eventually fell asleep. A week later, I got the courage to tell my family about it. My grandmother, after hearing my explanation, claims she saw the exact same man at around the same time and date in her room. To this day, we still don't know what exactly we saw. After that encounter, I've been obsessed with the supernatural.

This next one didn't technically happen to me, but to my mom. It happened this year. Okay, a little explanation first. My mom's room is by the laundry room and can be seen from the living room. You can even see inside her room if the door's open. Well, my mom was doing laundry and went to sit down and watch her soap opera when she suddenly had the urge to look back at her room. Five seconds later, she called me from where I was sitting at the computer. She told me that she saw my grandmother in her room. Clearly. And my grandmother is dead. D: We still don't doubt that she saw my grandmother.

This last one is different.... Periodically throughout my life, I've had dreams that came true. The first was actually a reoccurring nightmare about a set of Anime characters from the Anime "Last Exile". The nightmares started at least 13 years ago, and have since gone away... But it's weird because 13 years ago Last Exile didn't exist. After this, I've had random dreams that came true: Looking around at school in 3rd grade, walking around in my room, eating a sammich... Then, at least six years before the Wii came out, I dreamed I was playing MySims for the Wii. Oddly, it came true too. Lately, all of this has been going away....
UPDATE: This happened again just today, October 9, 2010, at around 2:00PM Central time. I was playing the third Pokemon Ranger game, Guardian Signs, and suddenly got the feeling of Deja vu, which made me remember the dream I had of the exact part I was at... Which was where I was in some old mansion and Murph was running away from haunted plates... So the phenomenon's not totally gone, I guess.

So, yeah, that's about it. Just wanted you guys to know that stuff. Hehe.


  1. I've had stuff like that too. I'd say at least 5 years ago I had a dream about Final Fantasy 7. I dreamt I had started a brand new game, you know, the whole blowing up the reactor scene. Only thing is, I didn't know practically anything about FF7 until I found an unopened black label copy I had apparently gotten for christmas when I was 5. I found it about 2 years ago, before I knew I had it. I have deja vu at least twice every other day, so I know I've had similar dreams. But I only view a short normal scene before it goes to a real dream. You know, zombies, shotguns, topless women, Slender Man. The usual.

  2. I do the same thing as Austin.I frequently have deja vu but mine is usually a few seconds of normality followed by some sort of monster attack or other weird dream affair.But those few fleeting glimpses always freak me out.Cause it usually happens when going to a place i've never been before or meeting someone for the first time.Always followed by a small rush of panic.As i await the monster or demon or whatever to come walking through the door.Like it did in my dream at that point.Fortunately in real life that part has yet to happen.

  3. Just to add on to my previous statement there have been a few occasions were "something" does enter the room or appear at that point.While always human i can't help but get a very uneasy feeling about there presence, and usually have an abnormally hard time shaking it.

  4. I don't know if deja vu really qualifies as having had a dream before. As far as I know deja vu is just a phenomenon where you think you had an experience already. It can be fun to think that deja vu means you'd dreamt something already, but it usually just means your brain is having a bit of trouble keeping up with itself.

    IMO at least.

  5. I get these all the time, right at the time I get them I either get the feeling it happened before or that I already dreamt it. I tend to forget my dreams easily and this deja vus instantly make me remember the dream. Sometimes I feel like it happened over a dozen times.

    I'd say someone is screwing up with the timeline.

  6. when i was 10 i had a dream where i was walking through a construction site but it was so clear even the number on the bobcat 547. when i was 22 i worked at a temp agency. one day i was sent to work at a site. i thought nothing of it just a usual day. when i got there i started walking looking for the foreman to find out what i should do first when i took a second glance around. it was all like my dream...even the bobcat with the number 547 on the side



  8. I get deja vu all the time, like at least twice a week, and sometimes I dream something and something weird happens, then later I deja vu it and something normal happens instead of something weird. Like I remember last Tuesday I had a massive DV attack sitting in my room, and remembered in the dream I was attacked by some zombie shit, but IRL my mom walked in at that exact same time that the zombie should've showed up. Similar to what Hoboitup said.

    tl;dr: deja vu, matches dream, something happens, think my mom is a demon now

  9. I have deja vu like that. I would often dream about the wholeee day then it would happen colse to if note exactly what I had dreamed.

    I also remeber reading somthing then Ill cimplain that I dont have any thing to read then Im told Ive never read that book

  10. The dreams of the future are called Precognative Dreams. Here's a link to an article I found on them.And yes I relize this is a couple months old.

  11. "You can even see inside her room if the door's open."
    I think you can see inside any room if the door's open.

  12. I get deja vu often, but I usually don't remember why. Like, I'll be playing a video game, and get an extreme sense of deja vu, and it's almost like I've done this same exact thing before. One time I was even watching TV and I laid down on the floor and had a flashback of doing the same exact thing, with the same movie playing, even tho I'd never seen the movie before because it had just been released that day. Creepy.