Monday, September 6, 2010

The 50s Restaraunt

In the most deserted part of Wyoming, there is a restaurant. There are no roads leading to it and no signs advertising it. It's just there, in the open. Walk inside, however, and you will learn two things: one, it's jam packed with people talking, eating, and enjoying themselves. Two, the entire place looks like it's a scene from the 50s, including the people, food, newspapers, music, and just about everything else. Take a seat, observe the atmosphere, and relax.

When the waitress comes to get your order, make it a cheeseburger and mashed potatoes. Afterward, a red-haired lady should ask you to dance to a tune on the jukebox. Find the song on it that has the same number as your current age, pick it, then dance your heart out. When the song ends, a flash of light will engulf the whole scene and you will be standing outside your home the following morning. You now should have the power of clairvoyance for the remaining year.

If you didn't do this correctly, then woe is you, for you also missed out on the best meal you'll ever meet.


  1. So, even if you're a lady it will be a red haired lady?

  2. @Anony

    For the night, you might have to pretend to be bicurious.

  3. "best meal you'll ever meet." you don't eat it you socialize with it?

  4. Can I order french fries instead of mashed potatoes? I don't like mashed potatoes.

  5. I pictured the restaurant in black and white.

  6. Rainbow MannarinoMay 26, 2012 at 12:23 AM