Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why He Weeps

I'd heard stories of Retreat Road down in Cochrane, Alberta. They have a monastery there, with robes and everything. However, their real claim to fame is the massive statue of Christ being crucified in the woods.

I've been there a few times. I walked up the path with all the smaller statues beside the path. There was a baby, a group of people reaching toward Jesus, and all those things. They culminated in this 20-foot tall cross with Jesus hanging from it.

What really gets a lot of people, though, is that Jesus is weeping on the cross. No one can seem to figure out why. Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Savior.



I've been a few times during the day. It's an interesting walk. Even for the Atheist like myself, it's still awe-inspiring. I happened to notice lights beneath all the statues, though. I asked around and it turns out they do light the path at night. I asked if I could come back then, but they said the path would be closed. No one would tell me why.

Not one to follow rules, I returned that night and made my way over the fence and onto the path. As I walked along the winding route to the large statue, I passed the smaller statues. They seemed different. It was the angle the light hit them, I think.

The statue of the baby...its eyes were all sunken in and the shadows seemed to make its fingers end in claws. The statue of the people reaching toward Jesus, well...everyone looked dead, reaching toward Jesus with the shadows casting a look of horror on his face.

Something about them really unsettled me, but it was on a deeper level than just what they depicted now. I reached the statue of Jesus and gazed up at his face. i stood there for what felt like hours, just wondering why he was weeping. What for? What cause?

I heard the whispers and rustling of the trees on all sides of me long before I saw anything. I gazed up at Jesus, looking deep into those stone eyes, and understood.

That night, he was weeping for me.


  1. John 11:35 "Jesus wept".
    Your argument/ story is invalid

  2. "Even for the Atheist like myself..."
    Your invalidation of the argument is invalid.
    (not the author, just thought I'd point that out xP)

  3. O__O .... So, what was going to kill that atheist guy, or was it that he was an atheist and was going to die?

  4. The "weeping angels"(dr. who s4e01-3) you will understand it all and you will understand me and why I have killed the monsters of these stories every one I have posted in is dead or solved......57392464 KING COME DOWN

  5. The Angels Have the Phone Box! And JESUS!!


  7. ^ you sir are my new hero >.<

  8. I still thought it was a lovely story :(