Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One in the Oven

During the summer of 1983, in a quiet town near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the charred body of a woman was found inside the kitchen stove of a small farmhouse. A video camera was also found in the kitchen, standing on a tripod and pointing at the oven. No tape was found inside the camera at the time.

Athough police originally labeled the scene as a homicide, an unmarked VHS tape was later discovered at the bottom of the farm's well, which had apparently dried up earlier that year.

Despite its worn condition and the fact that it contained no audio, police were still able to view the contents of the tape. It depicted a woman recording herself in front of a video camera (seemingly the same camera the police found in the kitchen).

After positioning the camera to include both her and the kitchen stove in the image, she turned on the oven, opened the door, crawled inside, and closed the door behind her.

Eight minutes into the video, the oven could be seen shaking violently. After this point, thick black smoke could be seen emanating from it. The camera then continued to point at the oven for another 45 minutes until the battery apparently died.

To avoid disturbing the local community, police never released any information about the tape or even the fact that it was found. Police were not able to determine who put the tape in the well, also.

It was never determined why the physical stature of the woman on the tape did not, in any way, resemble the stature of the woman found in the oven.


  1. This is one of those storys were you have to use your imagination isnt it?

  2. I Think that I Understand....
    This woman puts the clip and Enters the oven, there's maybe another person with her so this person, stops the video and gets she out of the oven, the woman on the oven knocks out the other an puts her in the oven, closes the door, and starts recording again, after like 5 mins, The woman wakes and starts to shake violently, trying to escape from the oven but she starts to burn, and simply dies in there. The other woman, waits for the batterie to "die" and then grabs the recording and drops it in the well, so no one will ever know about her secret, so now, this woman it's free to do various other things,Because she is "Death" now.

    1. Both overly mundane, and rather improbable from the description provided -- there's no mention of the sort of cut that would be visible if it stopped recording. It appears she climbed in the oven, then somehow... switched places with someone else, who tried to escape the burning prison but was unable to, all while the camera recorded every moment.

  3. It appears that there magical voodoo is rearing it's head again.

  4. how is this scary?


  6. please advise everyone not to play this game it be very serious and very dangerous