Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yup, that dream again...that same fucking dream. Have you ever had it? You must have. You wake up, but you aren't awake. No. You're still dreaming. But you THINK you're awake. You don't see anything bad happening...but you're so, so wrong. You stand up, yawning. "Huh, that's funny...the clock says it's 1:00 PM but it's pitch black out...piece of shit." You step into the hall, but the hallway isn't your own. IT IS NEVER YOUR OWN. No. You will never know who's it is, but you KNOW that no matter how much it looks like matter how much it SMELLS of it, FEELS of it, it is NOT your own. You don't see it in, you never see it in time. You begin to stumble to the kitchen, but see something odd...

"Huh, that painting wasn't there before..."

Your girlfriend didn't spend the night last night, did she? You are unmarried. You live alone. You sure as hell didn't put that there, so...


The walls begin to slowly brown around you as the painting comes into focus. Is it a person. No...No just god would create a person like that. The creature in the image is black as coal. It has orange eyes. Firey. It stares at you. It's tall. You estimate around seven or eight feet. Its face, at first glance, seeming human-like, is long. It's like an oval. It has something similar to the mouth of a boar. It has claws that extend from its hands, like knives. Its arms are long, dragging the ground. Its legs are partly bent at the knees (if you could call them knees). Its "knees" bend inward, as do all its joints.

You continue to stare at the image. The hall is a dirty brown, now - a sickly color. After a moment, your pupils widen as you realize the image is moving. Slowly, tears of blood come down its face. It starts to come alive. You turn to run. What was once a long hallway now seems endless. You see nothing in the distance, just blackness, but you run for it anyway. Then you make a classic mistake: you look back.

The thing is now crouched in the hallway. Its head is dragging along the ceiling and its claws are dragging the floor. It begins to walk toward you. It moves quick for its size, but it isn't fast enough to keep up. You, after what seems like forever, reach the kitchen...but this is no loner your kitchen. It's filled with rotting meat and blood is overflowing the sink. You have no time to think.  You run to the door, but it's nailed shut. The same goes for every window and exit in sight. You run down the steps, hoping the back door is unlocked. Hopping from the top floor, the beast crashes down in front of you as you reach the bottom of the steps.

It grabs for you, latching onto your right arm. You feel anxious, terrified. You can't move, and your eyes are locked, with neither of you looking away for even a second. Your heartbeat quickens as it slowly pulls you to its face. It grins, revealing what seems like 100 pointed teeth. They open just enough to let its foot-long tongue slowly slide out. It runs its tongue across your left cheek. You try to pull away, but the claws dig deep into your arm. It speaks with a loud, screeching voice, destroying your ears. Its voice sounds like that of a human's, but twisted. You have never heard the language speaks, but you don't hear it long, as your ears begin to ring.

With unimaginable force, it slams you to the ground. You cough up blood and your vision goes blurry. You wake up to screams, but as soon as they stop you realize they are yours. You feel wet. Your bed is soaked to the core with sweat, but it's more than that. There's something else...something sticky. You look down. Blood. Your own blood covers the right side of your bed. You begin to panic.

"It was only a dream...only a dream...only a dream...a dream..."

You go to wipe the sweat from your face...but it's not sweat that you's almost like...saliva. You look at your arms and see the deep wounds, fresh and still bleeding. You decide that you need to get to the hospital and you stand up. You check the time. it's 1:00 PM, but it's pitch black out.

"Piece of shit clock..." you mutter through your quick, shallow breath.
You step out into the hall and toward the kitchen, but see something odd...

"...that painting wasn't there before..."


  1. Haha. I wrote this forever ago. Twice I've found it in two days. I wish you'd give me credit when you re-post this. I don't care much if you post it, as long as you tag it with my screen name.


  2. Oh, and the actual title is "Hallway"

  3. Why is this so scary? It's just a stupid story

  4. Really? I thought it was scary because it happened to me before. It wasn't exactly the same dream, but the same scheme happened with me. You don't know if you are awake or dreaming no more and thinks a lot, almost going crazy while thinking "What the fuck was that!? What is going on in this shit!?". My luck is that I have not really hurt myself, because even when I awoke I was dreaming, then I awoke for the third time. Now, I was awake for real, but it freaked me out. I even feel the pain and the things I touch in some of my dreams. It's scary because it looks so real...

  5. Nope, I have never had that dream.

    I dreampt I was taken prisoner by turd monsters though.

  6. brings me back to my childhood when i used to dream of a faceless man (NOT THE FUCKING SLENDER MAN) who used to watch me while i sleep. he would hum some strange song and slit my arms and chest with his nails. i'd always wake up bleeding and bruised . it was strange, he wasn't exactly human, it was more animal like, it would shove its face (or lack of face) into my own and i would hear like a sniffing noise, ya know, like when a dog smells food...i hated it.

  7. I used to have a weird dream where I was in the pokemon world... But,the pokemon were demons and I saw a dark ball hurling towards an Igglybuff,it then had black eyes,and rotten skin and its jump at me with its bleeding eyes,then I woke up.

    Great story BTW


    Anon 4:19 PM, You're just jealous coz u can't make those kind of stories! >:(

  8. "Your bed is soaked to the core with sweat, but it's more than that. There's something else...something sticky."

    I was thinking something else until the story continued with it being "blood." Hurr hurr hurr~ Someone has a monster fetish.

  9. I love coming here and reading that you guys like my work. I like to track my pasta on different websites. Feels good.


  10. TRAPPED INSIDE THIS OCTAVARIUM! thats what I thought of when I saw how it ended. really good.