Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day of the Edd PART II

“RARRR!” She screeched, her rage too engulfing for words. Edd crouched down and shot two darts into both her knees. The poison worked quickly and her legs immediately gave out beneath her and she tumbled to the ground. Confused and hurt, she tried to push herself up. In a horrified scream, Jimmy ran the opposite direction deeper into the house. Sarah’s legs twitched as she struggled to move them, with no response from the muscles. She shrieked as Edd approached her and began to sob uncontrollably.

“Double Dee! Don’t! Please!” she begged, pulling herself down the hallway as he approached her. Edd strapped up his dart gun and holstered it behind his back, readying his nightstick. A bat alone would have been difficult for him to swing around, as his strength wouldn’t allow it. He had taken a bat from Kevin’s garage and shaved it down into a manageable size, slightly thicker at the end for maximum impact.

Sarah continued to plead and beg as she struggled to pull herself down the hallway. Edd stomped down on her left ankle, and the girl screamed. She couldn’t feel it, but the grinding noise from beneath Edd’s heel was a dead giveaway to a broken ankle.
Her pleads turned to anger as she stared up at him, watching his blank expression.

“You fucking bastard! I’m going to kill you! Did you hear me? I’m going to-“

A sickening crunch split her skull as Edd brought down the modified nightstick down on her head. The girl fell over, her body lifeless, a pool of blood forming beneath her head. A suiting end.

Edd readied his nightstick and crept down the hallway. He didn’t have to go far to hear the terrified whimpers of Jimmy, locked in his room.

“Jimmy,” Edd rapped on the door gently. “Please open the door.”

This only made he boy sob harder, and Edd added a little more firmness into his voice. “Jimmy, open this door right now.”

There was silence.

Sighing lightly, Edd inspected the lock on the door. It was a very basic lock, and in fact it wasn’t even on the door all the way. There were a couple of screws loose that held the knob in place. Some of these houses were very old. He wasn’t even sure if he was amused or angered by this; as much as he was savoring Jimmy’s terror, he had a schedule to keep.

He set a small charge on the door’s lock and activated it from a safe distance. The door blew wide open and Jimmy’s scream was louder than that of anything he had ever heard before. Edd’s shadow loomed over Jimmy’s fetal position.

“You know,” Edd said quietly, rapping his nightstick into the palm of his hand. “I’ve tried on several occasions to be nothing short of a gentleman to you.”

Jimmy only whimpered in response. Edd was pretty sure the boy had pissed himself; the carpet around him was wet and Jimmy’s khaki pants were soaked. He smiled warmly at this.

“However,” he continued. “On almost every one of these occasions, you would sick your attack dog on me.” His grin widened at the reference to Sarah. “Now, tell me Jimmy, is that any way to treat somebody who tries to be your friend?”

Jimmy sobbed harder, refusing to look at Edd as he shook violently on the ground, his body a trembling mess of delicately manicured nails and hair.

“IS IT?” Edd yelled, his stare burning into Jimmy’s pitiful form.

“NO!” Jimmy wailed. “I’m sorry, Double Dee! I’m sorry!”

“Get on your knees and bow before me, Jimmy. Beg for my forgiveness.”

Jimmy slowly, unsurely, climbed into position before Edd and sat on his knees, laying his hands out in front of him in a sort of odd homage.

“Please forgi-“

Edd brought down the nightstick onto Jimmy’s right hand, breaking his fingers.

The boy wailed as he immediately retracted his hand, grabbing onto the wrist and falling backward. Edd stood over him and beat him continuously with the nightstick, making careful note to keep the boy alive, but only as a bloodied mass of meat. Each swing of the nightstick was nothing short of orgasmic for Edd; he never realized the true thrill of assault. The years he had pondered why Kevin enjoyed beating him up so much, and this is what he must have felt. Bliss.

Jimmy was nothing short of a bloody hamburger by the time Edd was done with him. His whimpers had been reduced to quiet gasps for breath as his body shut down, barely clinging to life. In his studies, Edd had spent several hours, among many other subjects, studying the amount of abuse a human body could take. He found the results to be quite exceptional. He had miscalculated slightly with Jimmy, however, as the boy was more of a girl than an actual boy, and any pain he suffered would be multiplied. Still, he was alive, exactly how Edd wanted him. He drug the boy back to his house, making sure to make plenty of noise as to alert the other kids in the neighborhood.

He threw Jimmy’s body down the steps, watching his body tumble until it lay on the ground, twitching softly. Kevin’s head lolled around, new vomit covering the front of his shirt. The basement stank to high heaven. He would have to clean this later. Right now, there were other things to attend to; he had a schedule to keep. Pulling out his memoir, he marked off the names of Sarah and Jimmy. It was time to go to Nazz’s house.

Out into the hot sun again and down the street.

Nazz’s house was the last one on the block, and it made sense that the kids would want to put as much distance between themselves and Edd as possible. Her house was unlocked, however, and Edd found this slightly puzzling. He entered the cool air-conditioned living room and looked around. Everything was neat and tidy; Nazz had not been in here since before the crisis arose.

He still went on to check all the rooms and found them empty.

Now he had taken into account that he may be wrong in some of his calculations on the kids’ locations, but regardless it made him angry. There was a schedule to keep, and this was breaking his schedule. Now he had to rearrange his line-up to make up for lost time. If only the other kids understood what it meant to have things to do, and a time slot to do them in.

He exited the house and went into the backyard, hopping the fence and entered the thick woods. A change in the plans meant a change in attitude, and right now he was feeling something a little foreign to his normal attitude. He crept through the woods for no particular reason other than to hone his skills; keeping them sharp throughout the day was key. He popped another caffeine pill; the adrenaline from slaying Sarah and beating Jimmy having left his body several minutes ago. As he crept further into the woods, the trailer park came into view and he remained in the bushes as he watched May hang clothes on the line outside her trailer. He studied her pattern as she reached into the carton of clothes, pausing every few moments to pull out a comical thing such as a hot dog or a car part.

Edd slipped off his backpack and removed a bow and arrow on the outside strap – another gift he had taken from Kevin’s garage. He fitted the arrow and tested its weight in his hands, turning to the side to pull back on the string and release the tensions lowly. He wished that he had allowed himself time to practice with this; honestly, he preferred melee weapons. It just felt more personal.

But this was suiting. He watched as May continued to pull comical things out of the laundry basket, giggling to herself at the misfortune of having accidentally placed a television in the wash. She tossed the items aside and continued to hang up clothes. Edd raised the bow in her direction and fitted the arrow into place, pulling back on the line. A single bead of sweat tickled his face as it ran down his cheek, the sheer excitement of the situation almost overwhelming him. He released the tension and let the arrow fly; it whizzed past May’s right shoulder and pierced some of the clothes on the line. 

Confused, May turned around and looked into the woods. Edd’s concealment in the bushes served him well, as May’s gaze turned from left to right. A second arrow out of the woods hit its target as it pierced her right in the stomach, and for a moment she stood silent, looking down at the thing that had just entered her body. She began to scream, and another arrow flew from the woods to hit her in the leg. She fell to the ground, another arrow flying over her body.

“MAY! SHUT UP!” one of the sisters howled from inside the trailer. May, still obedient in all her stupidity, screamed quieter. It was almost as if she were waiting for a punchline; Edd knew this was part of no script. He emerged from the woods, firing one last arrow into May’s jugular. May’s scream turned to a gurgle and she lay silent, blood seeming from her mouth and her wounds, her body twitching slightly. Her eyes watched Edd briefly before rolling into the back of her head.

“That’s more like it!” the sisters yelled from inside the trailer. Edd stepped over May’s body in one fluid motion, kicked the trailer’s front door in, and tossed a smoke grenade inside. The trailer erupted in a cloud of smoke and cries of confusion echoed inside. Edd entered the trailer with as much tenacity as that of a SWAT team and overtook Lee almost instantly, shooting poison darts into both her legs and her arms. The terrified girl lay paralyzed on the ground as Edd approached Marie.

“Wha…Wha…What the fuck?!” Marie cried, scrambling up against the wall on top of the trailer’s cheap bed mattress.

“It’s a temporary paralysis,” Edd said, cocking his head in the direction of Lee. “She’ll be fine.”

“Double Dee, what did you…?” Marie, for the first time, was at a loss for words. Subconsciously, she brushed her blue hair out of her eyes, trying to make sense of the situation. Edd stood in front of her, some kind of makeshift weapon in his hand, covered in what appeared to be military armor. Her sister lay on the floor, talking in jibberish, her body twitching with paralysis.

“What did…why…?”

She stood there in a stunned silence as Edd stepped up on the bed. He grabbed her by the waist and gave her a long kiss, breaking away momentarily to grab her again in a way that made her gasp.

“I know what you want – that is, what you’ve always wanted from me,” Edd said, slowly stripping off his armor. Her eyes followed his movements, her mind desperately trying to get a grasp on the situation. Edd taking control? Edd taking off his clothes? This was kind of hot…she found herself almost not caring that her sister laid in a twitching heap on the floor.

“I’ve taken the necessary precautions, done the research.” He paused and thought for a moment. “And the stretching. I suppose it’s only now that I’ve had the courage to do it. It’s been quite a day.”

“Edd, what…?” Marie brushed her hair out of her eyes again, her tongue running over her dry lips. As much as she wanted to say something, the change in character of what she had come to know as Edd was changing in front of her. The skinny, pale body in front of her was not that of a boy’s; it belonged to a man’s.

“You were never much for words,” Edd continued, grabbing her again by the waist and giving her another long kiss. “That’s why I think it’s best I do all the talking.”

He unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles, making careful note to fold them after he slipped them off. Marie watched him in a stunned silence, her heart pounding inside her chest. She bit her lower lip as her hand grazed the side of his cheek and slipped down to his chest, running her hands along his body. Edd watched her fingers dance along his skinny frame, her touch as cold as her icy blue eyes. He reached down for her pants and unbuckled them, watching her eyes brighten as he slid her pants down.

“Double dee…”

Edd grinned. Today was a good day. Today was a day things were going to change. Today was a day that HE was going to change.

Edd took the next hour off of his schedule. On his timesheet, he would go on to list it as “administrative work.” He ran a very tight ship. While this wasn’t billable work, and had no relation to the rest of his schedule, he thought it was still very important that he explore and ravage every part of Marie’s body. Over the next sixty minutes Edward, Double Dee, was a different man. All the bottled up emotions he had been suffering from over the years spilled out in these long, loving minutes. He was merciless as he thrust himself over and over into her, moving to the melodious beat of her screaming his name. 

She clung to the cheap bed sheets until her knuckles were white, gasping for breath as he continued his work upon her. She screamed in ecstasy while he howled in satisfaction. He held her body close to his as their bodies reached their peak, and he felt this, the sweat cascading down her back turning cold as she shuddered, too exhausted to make another noise. She collapsed against him, her body limp. Her eyes fluttered and she looked at him in a way that she never had before. There was something more serious in her eyes this time, something different about her.

“Double Dee…” she whispered, when all was said and done. “I…that…that was…fan…tastic….”
Edd grinned his toothy grin, holding her nude body against his, a single bed sheet covering their thin frames from the afternoon breeze.

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  1. ... Made me horny...

  2. Oh, how hard it is to imagine characters from your childhood cartoons going at it.
    All the parts are really well written, and amusing, but I just can't take it seriously. Maybe I've watched the show too many times to look at it as something that can be potentially violent and scary.

  3. ...keep in mind that they are just kids...

  4. Holly... What the? Goddamn... This is the Devil's son O_O'

  5. the best part is the Epic tag
    really that was epic really epic

  6. Shit just got serious

  7. My god! It's about time little DD got over his fear of Marie! Good god! Just....God!!

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