Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cinnabar Island

From: Pokemon Research Center, Cinnabar Island
To: Pokemon Research Laboratory, Pallet Town
Subject: Updates on the currently unknown Cinnabar coast phenomenon

After two years of observation, the phenomenon seems to be steadily increasing in activity. While this is not unusual in relation to past studies, it could mean global hysteria if our theories are correct. This is why it is of utmost importance that all information recorded, shared, and observed remain digital and non-vocal.

For the past three decades, civilians have cited unusual occurrences emanating from the easter coasts of Cinnabar Island. These include the following: inconsistenly shaped or random apparitions, items suddenly appearing out of nowhere and disappearing, deformed landscape, etc.

At first, we took no interest in these reports and dismissed them as mere urban legends. This was, of course, until the unexplainable happened.

With the maiden voyage of the S.S. Anne, cornfirmed reports began collecting of parts of the ship's hull strangely phasing out of existance and water would gush in for short periods of time. Passengers began complaining about apparitions walking through the ship's corridors and guests temporarily disappearing from sight.

All of these reports seem to be linked together and all occur in the proximity of Route 20. Soon after, the Pokemon Research Center was set up on Cinnabar Island to disguise our activities as we collect more information on what we now call phenomenon " 'M."

It appears as though our suspicions were completely wrong. We can now dismiss the possiblity of " 'M" perhaps being a form of unknown Pokemon. If this is true, then what the old man of Viridian City stated could be a possibility, despite his mental degression.

If his statements are true, we must retain all knowledge of this from the public. No one must know, as it would no doubt cause irreversible mass hysteria. We must erase everything we have found and die with our mouths sent.

No one must know that everything there has ever been - every event, every person, and all things on this planet and in space - are nothing but a field of pixels and a wave of programming.

We further request you give your final statement on phenomenon " 'M," also known to the public as "MissingNO," as simply an urban legend. We will take care of providing false evidence to disprove sightings and activities. On a further note, we will continue to observe the phenomenon on the shores of Cinnabar.

If the escalation continues, we will continue with the plan we had discussed earlier involving evacuating the island and initiating nuclear meltdown in the cores beneath the volcano's mantle. It will appear as nothing more than a simple volcanic eruption and should detour any visitors from the island henceforth.

Our best wishes to Prof. Oak and his research team,
Pokemon Research Center, Cinnabar Island


  1. Clever.... I applaud thee.

  2. I really enjoyed this, A+

    It makes me wonder if GameFreak thought about this when they designed Gold/Slver.

  3. Oh no, my friend i am not a legend i am real...??!>"><>£

  4. Wow. That was deep.

  5. This is really good :)

  6. Tasty pasta it needs salt and a little feedback from oak.


  8. If his statements are true, we must retain all knowledge of this from the public. No one must know, as it would no doubt cause irreversible mass hysteria.

    Really?!?!?!?!? WHY THE FUCK POST IT THEN

  9. Maybe the reason they aren't in GSC could be because they died in the explosion?