Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vintage PC

I recently received some old PC from my neighbor. He said he didn't need it, along with something about not knowing he even had it. Apparently, he was looking through his attic and found it, but it wasn't there before then.

I've taken the PC home and cleaned it up a bit. Inside the case was some kind of note taped tho the hard drive. It was a confirmation lottery ticket with 7 numbers: 67, 85, 82, 83, 69, 68, and 46. However, these numbers aren't listed in any lottery I know of.

When I turned the PC on through the ON/OFF switch, I heard a loud cracking noise inside the case. After a few seconds, the BIOS showed up. I was relieved, as you can never be sure what happens when a PC cracks.

Anyway, it booted into DOS. There were a few files and folders, excluding system ones: CUR~1, TEST.TXT, 29A.ASM, README.TXT, OPEN.ME, FILE_ID.DIZ, VOLKOV.COM, LYNX.COM and TURN.OFF.

It looked like Volkov and Lynx were programs for general use. I opened the text files to see what was inside, but all I found was garbage. Some kind of virus or trojan probably attempted to overwrite files, no matter what was in them. However, FILE_ID.DIZ contained the numbers on the lottery ticket.

29A.ASM contained some assembler code. I recall that 29A (666 when converted from hex to dec) was a virus developer group. The previous owner of this PC probably managed to leak something from them. There wasn't any ASM-compiling program on the computer, so he didn't look like he was part of that group.

I decided to copy the file onto a floppy, but it just didn't seem to work. Every time I tried to insert a floppy disc, it ejected itself after five seconds. I forced it inside and managed to get a copy of it, all 253KBs of it. I've given the floppy to a friend and he told me he'd take a look at it.

The day after, he said he never saw anything like what was in that code. It's supposed to play some kind of sound, which is nearly impossible on such an old PC, and some graphical effect, which is nearly impossible as well.

He managed to compile it into a working form, but there was one major problem: It's self-destructive. When it runs once, it takes over the whole PC. As the PC I got it from was just in DOS, I decided to run it anyway. Nothing happened, but I still wish I didn't run it in the first place.

I've notice something strange on my PC (not the old one where I just ran that program, but the newer one I've had). Where it would show the status of the PC, there was a little icon that looked like something burning. There was also some kind of fire animation on some windows.

I immediately checked the case, but there wasn't any fire or smoke inside (no, PCs don't have fire/smoke sensors, but I had to check anyway). I've rebooted, hoping it would boot safely. When it got to the desktop, I heard a program error sound (from the Windows 9x theme Underwater, for those who still remember. My PC was running Windows ME) and it repeated a couple of times.

I was shocked. Afterward, it played some kind of low quality screaming and showed something like pink bubbles (I have no idea why) and the man from the Underwater theme choking. After another reboot, I heard the PC's fan behaving like it was dead and the computer turned off.

I blacked out after that and awoke in my bed, as if I had just been sleeping (I was still in my clothes, though). It was around 4 or 5 AM, from what I could guess. There was a loud sound downstairs, so I went down there. It felt like the floor was wet.

When I got downstairs, my PC played a loud sound. I tried to turn it off, but all of the switches were gone, as if someone ripped them off. I went to the power panel to go from there, but those switches were ripped off, too. It was impossible to stop the sound that way, so I went to unplug the PC. However, I noticed something coming from the kitchen.

To get rid of the confusion, the path from my room to the PC was hall > stairs > entrance hall > living room > dining room > study. Another thing is that the living room, dining room, and study were merged without doors leading into them.

Whatever was coming from the kitchen looked human. No, it wasn't me, since shadows drop from a different angle and there weren't any windows beind me. It was holding a gun and pointing at me. It was kind of hard to notice in the dark, but I could tell it WAS moving. I wasn't moving at all.

It shot at me and missed, but there was no sound of a bullet ricocheting around. I panicked and ran to my parents room, though nobody was there. Again, the floor was wet. I locked the doors and began to hear strange murmuring behind it. It seems like that thing won't force open the door, however.

The only way to get out now is through the balcony. Even if it's possible for most, I was too weak to jump down to the other balcony below (we had two balconies and the second was right below). Though if I had to die, I reasoned, it was better to die by jumping than by being shot. So, I jumped. Luckily, I survived.

I ran away with an old bike. I biked to the middle of town to get a rest in whatever place had the nicest music and lights. I don't like it when there's no light; it scares me a little. Sure, I read creepy stories on the internet, but I get really freaked out if there aren't any lights on.

After some reast, I noticed something about my wallet. It was wet. How I didn't feel that before, I don't know. I checked inside it and found a small knife and some little bones. The bones were completely cleaned of all blood and meat. I felt kind of guilty about it, but I didn't even know if I had done anything or not.

Finally, morning came. I decided to get home before my parents woke up. However, when I got to the front doors, there were more bones. Just bones and skulls. I started to panic and immediately called the police department, asking what was going on and if my dad was there (he works there).

They told me he was 20 minutes late. They came and checked out the bones, but after an analysis they concluded the bones were too clean to find out who they belonged to. The police could only speculate at that point.

I tried to call my friend. No reply. I was kind of worried this affected him, too, so I went to his house. Again, I saw bones. This time, however, they weren't clean. They were full of blood. I got inside his house and checked his PC; he was searching online for some kind of satanic summoning rituals or something.

The webpages he was visiting were gone, with only the page titles available. However, there was a text file open that had those same lotto numbers. I realized it was actually a character key code. After a few moments of thinking, I came up with the letters that spelled one word: CURSE.

After heavily searching through my friend's PC, I noticed that all the cached images were of an image I hated a lot. Back in 2000, before we had a computer, I was in the study. That used to be my room, if you couldn't guess.

In front of my bed was a picture of a crying kid. I have to say that image is really creepy, but I don't know where it is. It might be possible that it's still in the attic. After finishing up, I went back to the door. I noticed blood on the carpet. Upon further investigation, I noticed my wallet had blood on it too. I took a look at the knife again.

It was bloody.

(This story is credited to a person called TomKTW)


  1. I hate these lost software creepypastas. I refuse to accept that anyone ever got their hands on a copy of Windows ME.

  2. Have to admit I hate these kinds of creepypastas too. It's extremely well written though so I don't know...

  3. This is not extremely well written. The tenses are all over the place, and the style in which it's written makes it feel very unbelievable, even for creepypasta. Too many things are going on and the pace is weird.

  4. I fixed it as best as I could, guys. :\

  5. Personally,i don't think its half bad.3.5/5

  6. I liked it '-' You did a good work Inu-Chan, it isn't your fault. Well, I guess that this guy was going mad, maybe because of something that had in the program that affected his and his friend mind (leaving him to search for satanic things on the internet) leaving him to kill everybody, maybe 'cuz he desinvolved a second personality or... He was possessed by whatever entidy had on that program and his friend heard something about it and started to search for clues but died by his own friend before he could find anything, or... A demon killed everybody but put blood and a knife inside that guy's pockets so he would be declared guilty.

  7. don't like these computer creepypastas
    it only affects mac lovers

  8. That was horrible.

    The writing was pretty lousy, like something I'd come up with if I threw it together really fast. The sentences were to short, not enough explanation was given, the tenses suck ass, and it wasn't even vaguely interesting.

    I could write better than this! In fact, maybe I will.

  9. I refuse to believe even the devil could code something that would run properly on Windows ME

    1. I don't know... I'm pretty sure he was the one who created Windows ME.

    2. I still have a copy of Windows ME. NOTHING runs right on ME. I think viruses wouldn't even run right on ME!

    3. Hahaha, Agreed. I have an ancient comp that has Windows ME on it... it's a POS

  10. ^LOL

    Btw, thinking back, it makes even less sense then it did when I read it.

  11. I agree that this one was pretty poor. I was so excited to see a new post, and then this. But on a positive note, it has inspired me to write one of my own!

  12. Meh, the bones bit kinda made me think
    "And then a skeleton popped out?" And that ruined the mood for me.
    Plus I'd think it was going towards creepy computer pasta but then it spun off into demons and murdering... Confusing.

  13. this was dumber than the last story about doppelgangers and notebooks god you kids should get shot, maybe then youll come back as something scary and not have to make up this crap.

  14. Yeah, the story was very poorly structured. So after being shot at he ran away and spent the night downtown, but decided to get back before his parents woke up. So the parents were in the house during the shooting? Or if not why didn't he try to contact them before? Wasn't he worried that they might get home and get shot by the shadow? Why didn't he contact the police earlier? Why didn't he go to his friends house *with* the police? And the wallet thing...

  15. "Have to admit I hate these kinds of creepypastas too. It's extremely well written though so I don't know..."

    ...are you retarded? It was HORRIBLY written.

  16. His computer was running Windows Millennium Edition.



  17. cant identify ones their too clean? the skulls could have dental checks to see who the records belonged to... duh