Monday, October 31, 2011


Most of the stories you read about haunted video games involve someone getting the game from a yard sale or from eBay. However, this is something I brought upon myself.

I love and collect Nintendo 64 games. I usually get them in boxes with other games I bought online and then takes the ones I want to keep and put them in my collection. The ones I don't put in, I mod. I've gotten kind of good at it, so I sold a few to some friends of mine.

About a month of time, one friend wanted me to hack a copy of Ocarina of Time for him. He told me he wanted it for a creepypasta he was writing. Personally, I like some of those sotries, but I didn't understand why he wanted the game for it.

I asked him why he couldn't just do the story without a game. He said he wanted to do a video of him playing it to make the story more "real." I just kind of laughed at the idea. At least I was going to get paid for it.

The story he sent me was nothing special. He gets a copy of Ocarina of Time from eBay. He plays it and odd things happen - pallate swaps, strange sounds, backwards music, bleeding eyes, jumbled text, and other cliches found in these stories.

As you know, modding can take a while. I finally finished two days ago and sat down to test it. I had everything set up to record my playthrough. Why? Because I wanted to see how it looked after I finished testing it.

I turned it on and everything was working fine. The game started with some static, but it was supposed to do that. Like I wanted it to, the game started up a file instantly. Link was standing in the middle of Hyrule Field at night.

Link's tunic and eyes were black. There was some low moaning and some thunder sound effects. The game played just like I wanted it to; it made me feel proud of my work. That's when things started to get weird.

I was walking through Kakariko Village when there was a high-pitched scream, followed by a strange animation from Link. He quickly looked from side to side, like he was in some kind of panic, and drew his sword. This freaked me out. I didn't program that animation, nor was the sound effect anything I had put in.

I sat down the controller and went over to my computer. I didn't remember programming any new animations and wanted to see what the problem was. I looked through my programs for a specific one.

Not that long ago, I got a program named Lace. It allows me to make custom animations for Link. According to the information on it, it was last used a few days earlier. Maybe I did use it, but forgot about it. But...what about the scream? I didn't have anything like it in any of my sound files.

Suddenly, there were noises coming from the game. I went back and Link was surrounded by ten Cuccos in a circle. They were just sitting there, looking at Link. I had made their eyes red to make them look creepy, and it sure did work.

As soon as I moved the analog stick, they all swarmed him and he was dead in an instant. If that wasn't enough, the Running Man (the guy you sell the Bunny Hood to) ran up. A dialogue box popped up for him.


That's when the game froze. I didn't program any of that stuff. In a panic, I turned off the game and went to my computer. I looked at the video to confirm what just happened. None of what I had seen was on the video. The scream, panicked Link, the Cuccos, the Running Man...none of it was there.

It was just Link standing there for a while befor ethe game froze. I went through the game's programming and played it a few times again. I could never get that same thing to happen.I told my friend about it, but he thought I was just messing with him. I'm glad I no longer have that cursed thing.

I even got paid for it.


  1. A more creative approach.

  2. To short. Makes it look really fake. Good job very cheesy

  3. It's supposed to be like cheesy. I was makeing fun of some of those pastas

  4. well i enjoy things like these so thanks

  5. I like this. It's an interesting change of pace, cheesy or not.

  6. Though these pastas are tasting rather bland, at least this one had a slight change of recipe.

  7. this was boring as fuck...
    and retarded.

  8. The originally was very refreshing. The only criticism I have for this one is that it's too short.

  9. @ anoy before HDM
    I think you meant yourself.

    Sounds an awful lot like a more long-winded "You shouldn't have done that"

  11. at the beginning i thought it was going to be like a guy saying how he made the game of Bob and maybe say it was all real later, but i was wrong :P


  13. That was defiantly original. the part where "I went back and Link was surrounded by ten Cuccos in a circle. They were just sitting there, looking at Link." was funny.

  14. Why are there always these loz creepypasta
    Practicly just copys of ben

  15. Because Ben was really good and they all wanna live up to it. This one was more of a parody though.

  16. I found thia pasta just a little too sweet. Needs a dash of ScaryAsFuck (or better known as Smile.jpg) and more Expression. What did the main character think about the problem/frightning part of the game? I don't think there's even a climax. Pasta was too dry and out-of-date.
    On the other hand--I love the originality in the beggining and end.
    2.5/5 It was hard eating[reading] this pasta--but I think I can live with this one. Typical creepygamestory. Good job though.

  17. The pasta felt a bit stale, I mean you jumped into the "OHHH THE VIDYA IS CURSED" too quickly, I liked the different spices you added to such an used pasta (LoZ)
    and even tho I knew what was going to happen it was nice change in flavor 6/10 would eat again, The part with the cucckos was amazing btw.

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