Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It All Comes Together PART 1

Since the dawn of human imagination, humanity has been under attack. Not a physical attack, an attack on our minds by an unseen, elusive foe. We do not understand this enemy, and can not see it or feel it. We do not know what it is, or what it wants. Few of us even know that it is an external force, or that it targets humanity as a whole. The closest we can get to it are the reflections left by those who have been fully consumed by it. Those reflections take the form of art.

The earliest evidence we can find of this force so determined to torment humanity is in cave paintings. The earliest artwork of humanity, most cave paintings are of simple images, carved or drawn with clay, that portray humans and animals in fairly ordinary poses. In nine caves inhabited by early humans, unusual and disturbing cave paintings have been found.

The material used to make them is unknown, it seems to most resemble blood, but it has appeared in a wide array of colors, and has held up better than a substance like blood should have. Each cave has one painting made of the unknown substance, each one using an identical art style.

The caves seem to be telling a sequential story, the nine caves are very far apart, ranging from an area of Africa believed to have been inhabited by the first humans, to an Asian cave near the Pacific Ocean. The first part of the story is in the African cave, and the paintings mirror the order that each location would have been discovered by humans in. The nine pictures:

Picture 1: A person with a terrified expression on his face, fearfully staring at the viewer.

Picture 2: A large, dark shadow has wrapped around that person’s head, and torn it off. In the picture, the head had just been removed, it is a couple inches above the neck.

Picture 3: The severed head is in a screaming position, clearly still alive, while the shadow flows into its mouth and ears.

Picture 4: A surreal collage of dark colors, it is theorized that this represents what the shadow is doing inside the head.

Picture 5: The head is being held by its decapitated body, it looks as if the body is about to reattach the head to itself. The head has a glazed expression, as if alive but not in total control of itself.

Picture 6: The man is whole again, but the shadow is coming out of his mouth, as if the man is exhaling it.

Picture 7: Many more people are seen, crowded around the man with the shadow inside him. He seems to be giving a speech, and the shadow is flowing into the heads of the people listening.

Picture 8: We see people who have the shadow inside them killing themselves, the fading shadow can be seen exiting the dead bodies.

Picture 9: We see a man drawing the first picture on a cave wall.

These pictures all have an identical art style and clearly have a connected story, but they were all made long before one person could have visited so many places. The mystery of the cave paintings has never been solved, but the story they told did not end in humanity’s cave dwelling days.

The next evidence of the malevolent force can be found in seemingly simple stone structures built by early humans. In Germany’s Black Forest, there is a stone structure equal to Stonehenge in complexity and age. However, this ancient wonder is hidden from the public, and for good reason.

The type of rocks used to build it are similar to the ones in Stonehenge, but there is something physically off about them. Their balance does not seem to follow the laws of physics, the structure shouldn’t be able to stand. Those who get close to the structure report feelings of dizziness, and walking more than a few feet without falling seems to be impossible.

The bending of reality does not stop there. Walking around the stone pillars is said to move the person through space in impossible ways, you’ll find yourself at the other end of the structure, on top of one of the pillars, or falling from several stories off the ground. Most reports of this happening are second hand, because the people who get close enough to experience the space altering effects of the monument rarely make it out.

In the center of the structure, there is a patch of thin, sharpened rocks standing vertically. If a person gets trapped in the unnatural movement of the structure, they rarely escape, they will usually warp around the area until they appear in the sky above the spikes and fall onto them, falling on the spikes and being killed.

The blood from the victims never goes away, but will instead flow out of the sharp stones, and settle in the shape of what appears to be writing. With each victim, more of the writing appears, but it is not in a language anyone alive today can read.

The unidentified writing has so far been found in one more place. The Flesh Wall in southern Italy is believed to be at least 8,000 years old. It is made entirely of stone, but intricately carved stone that would be difficult to replicate even today. The stone has been carefully carved to have the same shape of human skin, if looked at under a microscope, the texture will be identical.

The wall is encrusted with carvings of other human body parts, all far more realistic than medical knowledge from the time they were made should have allowed. If examined under a strong enough microscope, a great deal of writing using the same symbols as the Black Forest monument can be seen.

The Flesh Wall also has an effect on those who touch it. Putting a finger on it for a few seconds is fatal, the inner organs and blood of anyone who does will become paralyzed. If someone’s body is forced into the wall for extended periods of time, it will begin to turn to stone. There are incredibly realistic human statues littering the area around the Flesh Wall, it is theorized that it was used as an execution device at one point.

It is unknown how many structures like this exist in the world, governments normally try to cover them up, and the dangerous nature of them makes it possible that no one who discovered them survived to report it. Whether humanity’s enemy constructed these itself or forced humans to isn’t known, but as humanity became more adept at making art, reflections of our enemy would become more common.

(This story is credited to a person called KI Simpson.)


  1. Was really interesting, I just didn't like the stones or the fleshwall side effects, it wasn't as believable as the cave paintings.

  2. ...Whoaaaaa.

    I agree with above anon, though: Flesh Wall wasn't half as interesting as the cave paintings.

  3. ...no part of this is really believable.

  4. this story lost me at the "reality bending effects" of the second section.

    and then it just totally disinterested me with the flesh wall that supposedly turns people to stone.

  5. I looked up most of what this creepypasta said and the Flesh Wall isn't even real. Good story thought. Very strange.

  6. Has anyone heard about the KI Simpson Wall?? It's a SUPER SECRET structure covered up by the GOVERNMENT somewhere in the center of Siberia. Anyone who goes NEAR it becomes HYPER REALISTIC!!! And their eyes bleed. And they chant in Latin. And if you harden the eye blood, it forms into a disc! On that disc is some SPOOKY BETA version of some MARIO game!!!!!

  7. Very likely story.The facts are very well based and I believe this will help me further to uncover my investigation,Thank you for the information.At one point,I will confront the government and uncover their finding and secrets.It will be a infultration, Then a grab-and-go.I must first confine myself into some more articles,Then it'll be time.I will then uncover the truth.