Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pokemon Sapphire

Hello there internet. I’ve been recently have been having serious problems lately, and I feel that I could be in danger. Sorry if it’s a long read, but this has gotten really freaky for me. This is regarding a used game of Pokémon Sapphire I just recently got.

For those who don’t know, I’m somewhat of a Poké-nerd. I’ve been a fan of the series since me and my older brother got the first generation games, Red for him, and Blue for me. Eventually as time passed, my brother grew out of it, but I still remained faithful to the series (well, gamewise, at least. The show has gone downhill after the first series in my opinion.)

Anyways, it started a few weeks ago, when one of my internet buddies posted that he was going to start his Pokémon Ruby version over, and recording his progress and posting it on youtube. After talking about it for a bit with him, he joked about how I should restart a sapphire game. Even though it wasn’t serious, it got me in the mood to possibly play through it again.

However, I didn’t want to restart my old sapphire game over, since I had gotten so far in it, as well as had a lot of Pokémon not found in that game in the Pokédex. And I didn’t want to download an emulator and rom, so I decided that I would just get my hands on a new copy of the game. I searched for a few days online, finding a lot of sapphire games, but most were too pricey for me.

Finally, I found one that was about $3. The description said it was in good condition, with a scratch on the label, and some writing on the back with black permanent marker. Satisfied with what I found, I decided to purchase it. I couldn’t wait to get it in the mail.

A few days later, it finally arrived in the mail. As I unboxed it, I noticed the label had a scratch through the middle of it, like the description said online. As I turned it around, and saw the word “Sorrow” etched on the back of the cartridge in black permanent marker as well. Other than that, it looked like it was in fine shape. So then I put it in my Gameboy Advance SP and turned the power on.

After the title screen played, I looked at the first selection screen, when I noticed the save file on the game to be somewhat perplexing. The trainer’s name was “DAVE”, and he had all 386 Pokémon on his Pokédex. I checked his game file, and sure enough, he had every single Pokémon, even a legit Celebi (I checked to confirm this)! I was so astonished at this, as this was a goldmine for a Pokémon collector.

I also checked his team out, all of them level 100. This is his team:
Plusle (nicknamed “Bolty”)
Swampert (nicknamed “Miko”)

Though, I was at a dilemma about what to do with his game file, whether to erase it, or preserve it. In the end, I transferred legendary, rare, and team to my Heart Gold game, so they wouldn’t be totally erased. After that, I started a new game, called my trainer “Brendan” (this is his default name. I chose Torchic as my starter, beat May, and got the Pokédex from Professor Birch, and saved my game at Oldale town. After that, I shut off the game, giving myself a break from it.

After a while, I decided to play some more, so I turned on the power. But after the intro screen, a message appeared on the screen:

Your save file is corrupted. The previous save file will be loaded.

And sure enough, my file was gone, and DAVE’s file was in its place. At first, I was a little disappointed, and thought nothing of it. Plus, I have experienced the same problem on my Diamond version of Pokémon, so this wasn’t something new to me. Plus, I knew a way around it; by saving the game twice. That way, it would revert to the first save, and my progress wouldn’t be deleted.

So, I restarted the game again, doing everything over, and saved twice. I turned the power off and on again, and the corrupt file message didn’t show itself, and my file was the same as when I last saved. I felt like I accomplished something there, and I went on in the game, reaching Rustboro city. I double saved it again, and went to sleep, since it was late at night at that point.

Now here’s where it starts getting freaky. The next day, I turned on the game, and the corrupt message showed up again. I chuckled at first, thinking it wasn’t a problem, but after the message went away, it showed that DAVE’s file was there! I was frustrated, and didn’t expect it, since I saved quite a few times. So, I went in and inputed the delete file code. I selected yes after it asked me if I wanted to delete it.

After that, the screen went black, and a message showed up. It said “My legacy… you’re trying to erase it…” At this point, I was freaked out of my mind. It felt like the game was talking to me. I don’t know why I didn’t shut off the game at this point, but I kept playing, like it was in control of me.

When the black screen disappeared, it showed Brendan in a cave room. I was at the south end of it, and a three square hallway in the center was to the north of me. The music that was playing was the same music you hear inside of Mt. Pyre, and Shoal cave. I checked the stats of my Pokémon and trainer, and it turned out to be the same as the trainer I made yesterday, and the Pokémon I had since my last save.

After checking, I walked through the passageway, which seemed like it was pretty long. Eventually, I found myself in another box room, just like the one I was in at the beginning. However, there was another Brendan standing in the middle of the room, facing north. I went up to the doppelganger, pressed A, and he turned around. This Brendan’s eyes were red, and he said “GO AWAY!”

Then a battle started. I was facing Pokémon Trainer DAVE, and his trainer was Brendan’s, except his eyes were red, and he looked angry. The music in the background was the Regi battle music. He had only one Pokémon with him; his Level 100 Plusle named Bolty. It looked sad, and the cry it gave out was if it fainted. Since my Pokémon were around level 11, I was no match for him, and his Plusle took out my team in one hit each. After my last Pokémon fainted, he appeared on screen again, and said “Now it’s your turn.”

Then the message said “Brendan is out of usuable Pokémon.” But instead of the normal message of “Brendan whited out…” it said “Brendan was killed.” Then the screen went black for a few seconds.

After the black screen went away, it showed a grassy field, with gravestones scattered around. There was a single golden gravestone in the middle. After a few seconds, a message appeared. It read a chilling message that made me shiver. (I changed the name part of the message on here, since I don’t want to reveal my real name):

Here lies XXX

I was shocked. There was a gravestone, with my real life name on it, and I never even used my name in the game. I turned off the game, and haven’t played it since.

I’m at a dilemma now, whether to pick it up again, or just get rid of the game, and get a new one. All I can say is that this scares the shit out of me.


  1. nice kind of like the message Lost Silver was trying to deliver, you know about legacies washing away

  2. It doesn't scare me as much as it does make me feel nostalgic. I appreciate the 3rd generation for its lovely music and its amazing locations.

    I also like the fact that the author mentioned the level 100 Pokemon. If I were there I'd be like, "I agree with this guy you asswipe. Why take away a save file that has more Pokemon than you will ever hope to capture!!" D:

    All joking aside, the story is a bit more humorous than it is scary. Like Dave is saying, "Delete my save will ya? "*POW*

  3. Seems to similar to other "haunted pokemon game" stories. Red eyes, the game saying stuff, pokemon trainers dying, etc. You read one you read them all. Just doesn't freak me out anymore.


  5. The problem is when they say "The Game Knew my real name!!" I hate when authors do that :/

  6. I know what ou mean, Hayley. I think my issue with this type of story is that Pokemon Black and Lost Silver, in my opinion, are hard to beat anyway (the fact that they both lack implausible supernatural elements help), and I've already read a lot of other stories like this one on which have pretty much exactly the same subject matter.

  7. This pasta is shit. No offense, but this pasta is just like the rest. Finding a cartridge online for a small fee, scratches, paper with writing on it, the game knowing your name, *character* was killed, etc.
    I've seen this so many times already.
    I'm not even scared by creepypastas anymore.

  8. Wouldn't have been bad, but Lost silver is just SO much better, and this reminded me of it. A lot. You try to erase some guy's file, end up in another room, you fight an altered sprite, his pokemon looks sad and then you die. It's just too similar.

  9. The writer bravely mixes tedium with un-scariness to take the reader to whole new depths of boredom!

  10. Just like Gen3 this pasta sucks.

  11. This was does really suck, the Zelda One was more convincing...

  12. If you die in the matrix you die for real.

  13. We need a video too y'know :(

  14. Seriously people, stop buying games online, from eBay, or extremely cheap!

  15. "The show has gone downhill after the first series in my opinion."

  16. I hate how all of these stories say that the game knew their real life name. All of them are the same. It just isn't good anymore... DX

  17. I had the same problem with corruption on my gold cartridge...and my cousin's gold cartridge...and my friend's gold cartridge...let's face it, used pokemon games SUCK!

  18. Is it just me or is Ebay haunted?

    Every single cheap deal people get off there on games and shit seems to turn into some absurd demonic shit.

    Maybe Ebay is haunted by one single spirit and it just puts these things out once in awhile to specifically scare the shit out of one unlucky buyer.

  19. Why would he sell his game if he didn't want his save file deleted?

  20. You know, if you're a real nerd like me, you may have noticed the narrator pronounces it 'Pokay-mon' as shown by the little dash.

  21. This is scary... is it true?I am scared. But why delete it, it has so much progress! Just download a ROM.

  22. >"And I didn’t want to download an emulator and rom" it lonely being up there on your pedestal of righteousness? Alright so I realize this person/story is fictitious, but regardless, see how NOT pirating games can lead to haunted games?!?!?! Always pirate, kids.

    >"As I turned it around, and saw the word “Sorrow” etched on the back of the cartridge in black permanent marker as well."

    First of all, nice way to use "and" even though it doesn't fit there. Second, godDAMNit. Did there HAVE to be an "omg SPOOKY SCARY" word written on there? Just so damn cliche. Not just cliche. This is clishit.

    Wait a second......haunted game.....story that sucks....Inunah, you forgot to tag this story with "Story by KI Simpson." FIX IT NOW.

  23. Pokemon lost silver and creepyblack are very great creepypastas. Its great knowing you acknowledge and like them, but please don't try to copy them.

  24. i have read most of the gaming stories and i think they're really good most of you guys might think im stupid but me and my friends like them alot even if i have to explain it to them but alot of the gaming stories are pretty good this is which my opinon and other people

    1. Sigh....could you talk ANY MORE like a negroid? Fine, you didn't throw any "yo"s or "wut"s in there, good for you, but please think about the practice of self-lynching next time.

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  26. HAH! The beginning totally reminded me of my life! I have an older brother who loved pokemon, he had FireRed (yet I didn't get my hands on Blue :( ) my bro stopped playing yet I kept loving pokemon and I hate the anime nowadays xD
    Too bad this Creepypasta was very cliche :C

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  28. Unfortunately, I have to say that I do not believe in ghosts or paranormal entities, so the idea of a video game knowing the author's real name is completely nonsensical. However, I still enjoyed this pasta and the writing was somewhat believable. 8/10 from me, excellent work!

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