Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Bug in the Ear

While a woman was sleeping on the beach in California, a tiny earwig climbed into her ear, and burrowed foward. Several days later, the woman went to her doctor complaining of a terrible earache. After peering into her ear, the doctor sat back. "I can't see anything," he said. "Let's see what an X-ray can tell us." When the film came back, the doctor sat down with his patient and her husband now in his office.

"Now I want you to stay calm. An earwig is burrowing through your ear canal. We can't get to it. The only thing we can do is to wait a couple of weeks until it makes it's way clear through your skull. It will climb out of your other ear and you'll be fine."

Of course, when the woman heard the news, she was not fine. She became hysterical. It took her husband and three nurses to hold her down, just so the doctor could give her a tranquilizer.

"We'll hospitalize her and keep her heavily medicated for the next couple of weeks," the doctor said to the husband. "That should help her get through this."

Sure enough, about two weeks later, the earwig crawled out of the woman's ear. The husband was at his wife's bedside when the tiny creature appeared. He grabbed it and put it in a empty water bottle. The next day, the couple, with the earwig in the bottle, sat down wth the doctor for a final examination.

"Let's get another set of X-rays," the doctor said. It took a little longer for the film to return this time. When the X-rays finally arrived, the woman, her husband, and the doctor all assembled in the office once more.

"I'm afraid I have to modify my diagnosis," the doctor said.. "I've examined the earwig and the X-rays." He took a deep breath. "This was a female. It must have been pregnant when it crawled into your ear canal. It's laid it's eggs in your skull. When the eggs hatch, the young earwigs will devour your brain."

(And to creep you out even more....

*Dr Finds Spider in womans Ear...

"ATHENS, Greece (June 9, 2002 4:20 p.m. EDT) - An Athens doctor who examined a 33-year-old woman after she complained of headaches, removed a spider that had made its home in her ear, a Greek television station said Sunday.

Private Star channel reported that Doctor Evangelos Gollas removed the
spider and showed video footage he had recorded of the spider inside the
woman's ear.

"When I examined the patient, I was surprised to find a spider's web and
then I saw there was movement," Gollas said. "The woman drove a motorcycle
and she had suddenly felt a strange feeling in her ear ... It appears this
was the time the spider entered her ear.

The patient, who was not identified, suffered no injury from the incident,
the doctor said.

"The spider found itself in her ear, and because the temperature is ideal
there, it stayed," Gollas said.")


  1. I wonder if this is even REAL. At least a photo so we can see hows the animal.

  2. Wow, the first one just sucked, but the last one just creeped me the frak out!

  3. sounds like the story where a spider lays eggs in a womans nose

  4. I know ticks love the ear canal because a doctor had to remove an adult and several babies from mine when I was five.

  5. Just a note, earwigs do not actually burrow into ears. Most species actively hunt and consume smaller insects, some also consume plant material. However, they like to hide in tight, moist crevices, and this legend may have originated when one earwig took refuge in a human's ear, much like the spider mentioned above. They cannot harm a human though, they just look creepy. (That spider couldn't have stayed in her ear long, as it would require live insect prey, spiders cannot chew, and their venom and digestive cocktail are not potent enough to cause enough damage to burrow into the skin)

    1. i'd like to see an earwig chew threw some big black titties

  6. There was actually a real case of this happening. I was watching a program on TV about strange cases in the emergency area of a hospital.
    A man woke up in the middle of the night, screaming uncontrollably and wouldn't respond to doctors or his wife. They couldn't find the cause and exhausted all the tests they could think of. Finally the nurse looked in his ear and saw something moving around in there. They realized he had a cockroach in his ear biting his ear drum and he was screaming in pain. They tried to pull it free but it came out in pieces. When they finally got all of it out and was able to move and speak again. He explained that he had an irrational fear of bugs crawling into openings in his body, so when the unthinkable happened he was paralyzed in fear.

    On a funny note, his screams made him sound like a little girl. lol

  7. Umm, sorry to be the buzz kill, but it couldn't naw through the ear drum, let alone the skull.. That's bone people, bone.

  8. What kind of doctor would say "well just let it bore through your skull, brains, and it'll probably leave through the other side". Seriously...

  9. There was a man who came in with a spider in his ear at the hospital where my mom works.

  10. And this is why I hate bugs and am arachnophobic. There's also a spider hanging from the roof of our living room, which nobody will get rid of.