Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't Worry About It

You're slowly stirred awake by the distant ringing as the phone beside your bed pulls you out of your dreams. Your thoughts gather themselves and you groan, reaching over to answer.

As soon as you place the phone to your ear, you're greeted by the background noise consisting of twisted screams. There were people in agonizing pain begging for help or death, not that the interference allows you to hear any individual voice clearly enough.

"Get out of the house now!"

The call ends abruptly after what you could have sworn was a voice from closer to you than on the other end. You shift yourself to the side of the bed, sighing while rubbing your eyes. A call this startling and this early in the morning would keep you awake.

Your wife shuffles to the side, apparently also woken by the call. She wraps her arms around you and gives a light kiss on the neck.

"Don't worry about it." Her half-asleep mumble calms you down somewhat.

Just as you're about to place the phone down, it rings again. You fumble slightly and drop it. Instead, you feel your wife's arms tighten around you, preventing you from leaning forward.

It's then you notice a subtle difference between the arms around you and the familiarity of your wife's.

"He's too late to save you anyway."


  1. Replies
    1. Whoever called was trting to tell him to get out of the house before it was too late because someone was in the bed with him. & The hands in the end told him not to worry about it because it was too late for him anyways.

  2. Clearly a monster has killed, or removed, his wife, and is about to kill him.

  3. Why is it a monster? Not all monsters have arms.

  4. A doppelganger then?

  5. why is it anything paranormal? "hide yo kids, hide yo wife..."

  6. As I see it, he was kidnapped by Jesus or God in form of his wife. Clearly the phone call was Satan, calling from hell, hence the many screams in the background. Of course Satan would never want Jesus or God to have a soul he could have.

    [Please don't take this too seriously]

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