Wednesday, August 25, 2010


With HeartGold and SoulSilver’s release earlier this year, I tried looking for a copy of one of the original games, Crystal, to buy online. I hadn’t played this game in at least 7 years. It strangely went missing when I moved house as a kid. I saw the cart eBay. There wasn’t much information, or even a picture, but it had no postage and packaging price and only cost a dollar, so I was hardly losing anything if it didn’t really exist.

When the game arrived, it wasn’t in its original box, but instead, the cartridge alone was just wrapped up. It looked like a Crystal cartridge as it was shiny, slightly see-through and blue, but it lacked the sticker in which the game title is print on. However, I still put it in my pink Game Boy Advance SP. It was pink because I am a girl, of course.

I switched the handheld on. There was a loud beeping sound, and then the game began as normally. Once the menu screen was open, the only option was New Game, as it had never been played. The cartridge sure didn’t seem in that condition though.
So, I clicked new game. Instead of starting out with the Professor’s speech, it skipped straight to somewhere that didn’t exist in these games. Or at least, it looked like the place.

It was the Pokemon Mansion from the original games. The Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. The same Cinnabar Island that no longer existed.
I was the girl character, as I wanted to be, but I had no choice in this. On close inspection, her hair seemed a different color from what I originally remembered. It was a dark purple, and she also didn’t have her hat any longer.

I walked around the building. It wouldn’t let me up the stairs. The only other thing was a bed. I walked towards it and a scientist came along. He told me to rest, so I lay on the bed. The screen suddenly went pitch black. It stayed this way for a while. Before this transition, there was pure silence, but after, there were loud high-pitched noises, which almost sounded like screams. It was hard to tell though, as the sound was in 8bit.
When my character woke up, the place was covered in patches of red; blood. The character herself was drenched in it too. I tried to walk around, but I couldn’t. The scientist seemed to have disappeared, also.
I pressed all of the buttons to try and get something to work, and on pressing select, my character walked out of bed. Only, she was still in the bed at the same time. And unlike before, instead of walking, she appeared to float.

I pressed start, and my character turned into a Ghost Pokemon’s menu sprite. This shocked me slightly. I walked out of the door, when I suddenly teleported into Lavender Town. There, in the middle of town, was a gravestone. I clicked the “A” button to check it. It said “R.I.P. CRYSTAL”. I opened up my menu, and looked at my trainer card. The sprite of the trainer had turned into that of a Misdreavus’, and as I though, the player’s name was “CRYSTAL”.

The scientist came up to the tombstone, and it suddenly disappeared. He seemed to run at twice the speed of a normal game character.
My character, without my control, floated after him. As soon as she entered a patch of grass, a random encounter appeared. Only, this encounter was hardly “random”. The Pokemon was Mewtwo. Instead of attacking, a few lines were written.

“You let them get you, didn’t you, CRYSTAL?”

There was a yes and no option, I just clicked no, as I was unsure of what was going on.
“Don’t lie to me! I can see what they did! Look at yourself.” After this, the game paused for a few seconds, then the “battle” continued. “You’re just an object of science, like me. I’m not real, and neither are you. You were just made out of a tiny bit of DNA from something else, and when you weren’t perfect, they killed you. Would you like to seek revenge?”

I clicked no again, and I was sent back to the field, with Mewtwo still following my character.

I walked until the scientist appeared again, and suddenly, my bag screen came up with the only item there being “Knife”. I clicked it, and pressed use. Suddenly, the screaming noise appeared again, and the screen went black.
Suddenly, the screaming got louder and more frequent. When it stopped, I was in the radio tower. A text box appeared.

“Why did they destroy our home? We were meant to be here… Everyone who destroyed our home is gone. Everyone in the world is gone. We killed them all. We got revenge like you. Now all the world is gone.”
Suddenly, the screen went white, with my character still there. “Everything is gone. You also killed us. You’re the only one left. Why did we kill people? Why did you help? Now, you must get what you deserve!”

The character was replaced with a patch of blood, and then the game froze. I have never picked up this cartridge again.


  1. lol you idiot, the pasta would have been scarier if you fixed up your 'never been played' segment. you have a choice to delete yoru save slot in ANY pokemon game so it the menu appears to only have new game as an option.

  2. It's not my story. I only edit for grammar, not for accuracy.

  3. nonetheless you shouldnt post up these newfag stories that arent legit.

  4. I actually found Crystal today at the flea market. It was $15. >___< Is is really worth that much? I also found blue and red for 8. Man, I hope they are there next time I go.

  5. Comment 3. Legit stories? Really, you think this site should be limited to legit stories? But then there would be nothing to read!

  6. One of the first games, you know, from the fourth round of game releases!

    It was a silly story, really.

  7. Not a great story but no need to be a fucking asshole about it. Judging by how you worded your post, I highly doubt you write so seriously fuck off unless you can do so much better.

    Wasn't good, but it wasn't bad. The locations were a bit random. The mansion to Lavender Town to the Radio Tower.. didn't have much to it, but the overall concept wasn't all that bad.

  8. "However, I still put it in my pink Game Boy Advance SP. It was pink because I am a girl, of course."


    1. "I am a girl, of course."

      Ruined the story, I can ONLY enjoy it if I imagine a man encountering the creepy.

      Hey, I got it--HERE'S a collection of stories that I wouldn't mind being authored by a female:

    2. You sir, are a tool.

    3. ...women would be better at those types of stories than men though....give the guy some credit for recognizing that much.

  9. ^My thoughts exactly.

  10. That was horrible. Completely boring, no build up of suspense, and worst of all, straight to the point story line. Sounds like whoever wrote this did it to see what people would do, not the actual story-telling affect >:( IF your going to write, DO IT RIGHT!!!

  11. Unlike everyone else on here, I liked it. It wasn't very 'creepy', but still nicely done. There are a couple places you could'v improved, but otherwise, good job.

  12. Concerned pedophileMarch 29, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    You revealed yourself to be female in the story, so it's your own fucking fault if I imagine you sitting on my face while recounting this tale. I'm sure I'm probably exaggerating your looks in my fantasy though. You're probably fat.

  13. Why do people insist on hate because of gender?

    It does not matter if a boy or a girl experiences something scary. A girl can be as brave as the stereotypical man, and a boy can be just as scared shitless as the stereotypical girl.

    And Sandwiches and wraps? Really? You will never have a girlfriend if you are that sexist in real.

    You cannot say someone is fat if you do not know them.

    Also, just a heads up: There were some typos. Js

    1. The Guy Who Linked to That Sandwiches and Wraps ThingieJune 17, 2012 at 12:17 PM

      First off, how nice to be told off by someone named "Kittenkiller." You must be the paradigm of morals huh?

      Well obviously gender itself doesn't matter, I was trying to say that I myself prefer male characters, and it doesn't mean that females are objectively worse for everyone. Couldn't you see I meant that?

      "You prefer male characters? You must be a homo HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR HURR."

      What if I fucking am?

      "Gay men don't disrespect women like straight men!"

      I'm not saying you'd say that, but that's what I bet someone reading this would say. Maybe I'm a CLOSETED homosexual, does that make any difference? Your pick, folks. Your pick.

      "Well it doesn't matter what you are. An asshole is an asshole."

      Mmm asshole.....

      Sandwiches and wraps are delicious. And they don't talk back.

      "You will never have a girlfriend if you are that sexist in real." I assume that's what you meant. I'll go with "real life." Anyway, girls may have you think otherwise, but the vast majority love being talked to like shit.

      Maybe the Concerned Pedophile (another nice name huh) just meant he imagined her to be fat since she's a female playing games and it's maybe a stereotype that girls who play games are nerdier and maybe chunkier...? I dunno, it is kinda stupid, so you're right about that Kittenkiller.

      Js? That means just saying, right? What an overused phrase used by mega-douches.

      Well, goodbye for now, Kittenkiller. At least your name isn't "Femaledisrespecter," because that'd actually be awful huh?

  14. now i cant get daimond/pearl/platnum cave thing out of my head OMG