Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Red Cross

I'd like to tell you a disturbing story I heard from people I know or have met.

I was living in the southern part of Sydney four years ago in a big house. One day, I advertised to share the house so I could save some money. The next day, a young Indian-looking guy around thirty came to the house. However, he wanted to leave quickly after I showed him the spare room.

I wanted to know what he thought about sharing the house with me. He said he liked the house, but didn't want to move in because of the cat. On the way out, I simply asked him if he knew what was really going on in the world. There wasn't really much reason for it. I just wanted to chat a little.

He replied, "Are you talking about conspiracies?" When I said yes, he looked up at the four corners of the room and asked if there was a bug of any kind. I told him I didn't think so. Afterward, he started to whisper with a very serious face.

"I know everything about conspiracies. I can even write my own book or create my own website just for all the information I know. When my mother was alive, she used to work in a hospital. She was constantly telling me, 'there is a secret room in the hospital where very rich people go to drink our blood.' "

At the time, I already knew about the illuminati's blood drinking nature, since I read the Biggest Secret by David Icke, but I was very surprised about the secret room in the hospital.

Six months passed and I met a guy at a political meeting that I became good friends with. One day, when I told him the story about the Indian guy, he wasn't very surprised about the secret room in the hospital. Instead, he gave me more information about the Red Cross.

He replied, "I can believe that. There's something fishy going on about the Red Cross. Many of the rooms at the Red Cross center in Sydney have a special lock system employed. You have to have a special 'security clearance' to enter each room. According to a man who works at the Red Cross, two men used to work there. However, when they went to Thailand, they were killed somehow."

My friend thinks both of them found the true nature of the Red Cross.


  1. that is one creepy shit man....

  2. that is one shit story man....

  3. and then a skeleton jumped out

  4. lol this is pasta for people who are stupid enough to believe that the illuminati are real

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  7. Illuminati don't suck blood. I'm a templar knight, and i've had dealings with them. This is BS.

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