Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Page 13

Hello, /x/.

Those of you who have been here for some time should know of pages 11 and 12. Just insert 11.html or 12.html into the URL to access them. Now, I'm not much of a computer person, so exactly what these pages are for is a mystery to me, but they do have a purpose, I'm sure. These pages are no oddity, however. They are no less earthly than pages 1-10.

However, did you know about page 13?

I discovered page 13 in a thread a few months ago that gave screenshots of the page and a complicated set of instructions to access it. I will NOT be posting those instructions here, for the sake of safety. Besides, I've found that there are other ways to access it than just the one given in the thread.

Accessing page 13 will grant you a blank post with a bizarre date. I have heard that occasionally, instead of the standard FILE DELETED message, there is an image attached to the post. The content of this varies from the incredibly disturbing to the mundane, from /x/ mainstays to images that can't be found anywhere else. However, I have never witnessed anything except the FILE DELETED message, so I can't say whether or not it's true.

Most who visit the page can only stay for a few seconds before they experience a violent computer error that immediately closes the browser. Some older models of Windows blue screen the instant the page is opened.

So, what is page 13?

My own theory is centered on the Philip Phenomenon, discovered by Toronto researchers in the 70s. You can find more information about it elsewhere, so I won't bother explaining it in depth here.

Basically, the researchers created a ghost by pretending it existed. The power of belief creates ghosts or, perhaps, attracts existing ones. Either way, having enough people who believe in ghosts together in one place is probably a bad idea.

Now this is just my theory and I have no proof to offer for it...but I believe that /x/ has created a ghost and I don't think it's friendly.

There's a 13th page now, but this must have been scary as hell at the time!


  1. Hum...sorry to ruin the fun...but now there are even 15 pages on /x/....Didnotdotheresearch creepypasta is shitty, sorry

  2. ^ There wasn't before, dumbass.

  3. lol "Violent" computer error... XD watch out it might bite

    "VIOLENT COMPUTER ERROR": *bites everyone* GRRRR!! >:(