Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

There is a certain website online that seems to serve no purpose. The website is completely black, with nothing to click on - no links, nothing. It is said that if you logged on at exactly 2:59 AM, an image labeled themostbeautifulthingintheworld.jpg will be uploaded and, having seen it, you will vanish, never to be seen again. Some say that the picture contains the portrait of a person, whereas others say that the picture is in fact something terrifying. Whatever the case, at exactly 3:00 AM an image will be uploaded that makes you wake up instantly in your bed as if awoken from a dream.


  1. great! What's the website? >.>;

  2. Hey the website works.
    hey where's the post comment button?

  3. I don't get it - So, if you see the beautiful pic, you're gone, poof, and if you look at the pic at 3 am, you just wake up at your bed? Or are you able to look at the pic at 3 am after the beautiful one and wake up? Or will you wake up in another reality and therefore be gone for ever? This is nice, but only on the first read, if you ask me.

  4. if you dissapear after seeing it how do they know what it was called/ about the site?

  5. This is one of the most pathetic attempt at a story I have ever seen. This is the best you could do? Let me try.

    My friend loves the internet. He looks at most any website, and tells me if he finds a cool one. The most recent one he told me of was one where there is nothing there. It is blank and has no link or place to click. It is empty...

    He had said how it was always blank. He also mentioned something about his dreams being blank and how they would torture him. He said his dream lasted however long it lasted in real life. But he had mentioned how several nights ago, there was a blurred picture and a set of black numbers at the bottom of it. He said that the numbers read 259.

    That set it off.

    He checked the website every interval of 259 minutes, 952 minutes, and what not. But, of course, he tried 2:59 am and pm.
    He had me on the phone as he tried it. So by the time he tried it at 2:59 am, he stopped talking. I called for him. I called for him. I called for him...I called for him for half and hour. I called for him...
    The police never found him.

    There is a stupid version. Try using that.

  6. ^ So. Much. Better.

  7. How do we know people disappear if we never see them again?

    To quote a certain nickelodeon show:

    "How do we know billy's alleged last words if NOBODY EVER SAW HIM AGAIN!?"

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How do you know what the file is named if you disappeared...

  10. I disappeared forever...Oh never mind I was just in bed sleeping.

  11. dissapear for one minute? ah well, worse things happen at sea






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