Tuesday, August 17, 2010


That thing has been there for almost a week, that figure in the window. It looks featureless - only skin on a human frame - and it's pressing itself against the glass somehow. I don't know how it got there and I don't know how to get rid of it.

At first, I thought it was a prank, maybe a doll or a mannequin that some jerks put there to scare me. However, as I walked out of my house to pull it away, I realized...it wasn't there. I shrugged it off, thinking someone hid it while I was walking through my door.

When I went back in and looked out the same window, it was looking in, staring at me. I walked around my house, yelling for whoever it was to come out, but no one was there.

The thing itself is hairless and naked. It didn't look like it actually had eyes or even a face, but its head is turned toward me when I enter the room. When I sit at my computer, it can feel its faceless hatred boring into the back of my head. When I turn around, it's innocently turned to a different direction.

Finally, on Thursday, I tried to open the window. It's stuck. I think the thing's hands are keeping it down. I got a good look at its face, though. Its eyes and mouth are behind the skin, pushing outward. It stared at me, smiling.

Of course, I screamed.

I pulled back a fist and smashed it into the glass, determined once and for all to get rid of the glaring monster. I know I'm strong enough and that glass should have crackd, but it didn't. It just shuddered under my hand. That smile got wider and wider until I thought its head would break in half.

It raised its own hand and bashed the window with its palm. It was mocking me, but when I saw the faintest crack begin to appear where it hit, I backed away. No way did I want that thing in the same room as me.

I got a roll of duct tape and started covering the window. I couldn't look directly at it. I nearly shit my pants just knowing it was watching me, but I couldn't help it. I took a quick glance at that skin-covered face. A small peek.

It was angry.

That grin was now a gaping frown full of teeth. The skin had been ripped away from its mouth and I could see down its cavernous throat. A menacing rumble started to fill the house and that hairline crack began to spread like splintering ice. I pulled down the duct tape.

The rumble stopped, the split skin healed over, and it began to smile again. Now it's night and the noise hasn't started again. There are no sounds, no rumble, no crackling glass. Everything's quiet now. I can feel its claws gripping the back of my chair. I can hear its skin stretching as it smiles.

It's watching me type.


  1. This shit is creepy.

  2. It watches you? Here's how you remedy the situation:

    1. Walk to you kitchen
    2. Acquire popcorn
    3. Microwave popcorn
    4. Put popcorn in a bowl, unless you like to eat it straight out of the bag, I'm not here to judge.
    5. Pull up a comfy chair in front of the window.
    6. Sit down and stare intently at it, all while grinning and eating your popcorn.
    7. Stare it down while smiling until it feels uncomfortable and leaves or you bond and go to Hooters for lunch.

    1. /slowclap.gif

    2. Rainbow MannarinoMay 25, 2012 at 10:38 PM

      ....i love you.

    3. you win life.

    4. hahahaha cool ill try that out xD

  3. You're awesome, second anonymous person. xD

  4. ROLFMAO! Awesome, "Anonymous Two"! xD lol

  5. It could be noodles too , nothing leaves a faceless being more unconfortable than sucking on noodles ...

    taht or a banana , but well , whatever works for you

  6. This was creepy, but awesome, one thing to rid of, masrebate, and make it watch, for effect, stare him down, and smile.

  7. Forsaken ParallelAugust 2, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    Damnnit i meant Masterbate

  8. 1. stare at it
    2. get naked
    3. start to masterbate
    4. grin
    5. say 'this is for you'
    6. make the 'come here' motion
    7. ???
    8. profit

  9. Love? Oh God......What does this have to do with love? Epic win of a story though.

  10. How amny people out there really have a creepy smiling thing to place randomly at a house and "puppet it" if you will around your house I mean think a little or perfurably ALOT. To put it to rest IT'S LIVING

  11. It's watching you type? Look up horrifying porn, then it will leave forever and will never torment you again. It will bow at your presence. Fo' real.

  12. I don't know, I think porn and masturbation will make it stay even more... you would be giving it a free show after all. Just imagine it grinning and smiling straight into your eyes as you masturbate. Complete, total eye contact right there.

    Five bucks! Bet you can't cum.


    1. Well, after reading this, there it is, outside my window. So naturally I-



      Okay, so when I started it did that immature window breaking thing, and started screeching. How could I resist?

      Long story short:

      * It broke the window
      * I came on it's face

      I think some got in it's mouth, because it hauled ass pretty quickly.

    2. why must you make me lawl so hard

  13. Actully it sounds like the lurker, gaunt face pressed up against ur window? Just watching u? Definatly the lurker, google image it

  14. Oh my god. I love the story, but the comments are even better.