Friday, August 20, 2010

Grocery List

You get a phone call from your Mother. Since her car has been in the shop, she asks you to go to the grocery store and pick up a few odds and ends for her. Bread, milk, cereal, and chicken breasts.

After writing down a small list you reluctantly get in the car and pick up the items at the store. The lady cashier makes an odd remark to you: "You know, we're in no danger of a milk shortage."

Upon arriving at her house you knock several times. No answer. You decide to try the door. It opens. You place the grocery bag on the counter. Strange. There seems to be six other grocery bags, each with identical contents. In a couple, the chicken and the milk has gone bad. "Mom," you call out, but no answer. You make your way through the kitchen and into the living room.

Sitting on the couch, with her head cut off and neatly resting on her lap, is your Mother.

Naturally you call the police who come over to investigate. They mention that she has been dead for nearly a week. Furthermore, the police psychiatrist is at the scene and talks to you after you give your initial statement. Sitting on the front steps, you overhear the psychiatrist talking with the crime scene investigator.

"It's not uncommon for people suffering from schizophrenia to get locked into a series of repetitive behaviors," he says.

You think to yourself, They can't be talking about me. Schizophrenia? No way. Repetitive behavior? Do they think I did this?

Suddenly your cell phone goes off. "Hello?"

"Hi hun, it's me. Could you stop at the store and pick up some chicken and milk. Oh, and I need some bread and cereal too."

"No problem Mom. I'll be right over..."


  1. First story on this site that actually gave me goosebumps... Omfg.

  2. I don't see what you did there.

  3. that was good have you thought about being an author?

  4. Pffthehhaheplff.

    It was me on the other end of the line. I was just trolling him. It's so funny. Anyone want to join me next time?

  5. The suddenness of the "head cut off" line really made this one for me. Not scary after that, but creepy and well done!

  6. it was a great story, it could be better developed but it was good. except for the "her head was cut off and resting on her lap". part. that was just fucking random.

  7. >"Bread, milk, cereal, and chicken breasts."
    >"chicken breasts."

    >"You know, we're in no danger of a milk shortage."
    >"milk shortage."

    Coincidence? I think not.

  8. Read this one a few different times. Still one of my favorites.

  9. Then who was phone?!

  10. I think he had been going to the store to get milk alot and that's why the girl told him "You know, we're in no danger of a milk shortage." .... creepy o_o

  11. Dude...that was awesome. Will definitely read again.

  12. Not bad, but if it is repetitive behavior why didn't he "naturally called the police" the previous six times?

  13. So, what - the police have just left this corpse in the house for a week?