Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The room leading up to Giygas is a vagina and the Devil's Machine is a cervix. Giygas' dialogue was based on rape; its lines come from the victim. You went back in time to when Giygas was more vulnerable. You went to abort a fetus. Giygas wasn't evil during that fight.

"You cannot comprehend the true form of Giygas' attack!" This isn't because it is immense evil, but because it was only attacking to protect itself. It showed Ness in the Devil's Machine to try and tell him they could be friends. Pokey calls it pure evil, but every word out of his mouth in the entire game is a lie.

Left: Devil's Machine. Right: Giygas, possibly after winning the battle.


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  2. I Would Like More Information On This Not For Immature Purposes But Where Did You Get This Synopsis ?

  3. I've heard this one before. :(

  4. What are you ON?

    I want some!

  5. Holy sweet mother of Jesus, it's something I've known since about 2007-2009! But seriously, I'd kinda count this as spam (No offense, but I like it) because it's short.

  6. Not really a pasta, more like.. fact

  7. I'll take two of whatever drug he is taking.

  8. lol The Devil's Machine kinda looks like an asshole to me.

  9. The scene was not based on a rape. The Earthbound creator said he saw a movie which he SAID had a rape scene in it, but the movie he cited, while it does have some disturbing violence for a kid, has no rape scene

  10. You can find earthbound on a emulator I played it and I agree-ish (I pulled a globin!) I can see it but I can't you know?

  11. It isn't a rape scene. The director of the game walked into the wrong theater as a child and saw a regular sex scene on the screen which he INTERPRETED as being a rape scene.

    Please stop spreading this dumb rumor.

  12. Ya know, I DO think their is something to this, but the whole "metaphor for rape" thing was debunked.

    Yeah, Porkey's a compulsive liar, and most likely doesn't know what he's talking about.

    I really do think there was more to Gyiyg/Giygas than just "an evil overlord".

    The fetus part might not be too inaccurate. It could be said at that time giygas was still "young" as an evil power. Also, I think it's right about him not being evil. Porkey says that he can't even control it anymore. I think he may have been someone who had immense power, but it drove him mad. He uses similar attacks to you, and since "you cannot comprehend it" you have no way of knowing if these ARE the same attacks or not. Perhaps they are? One of his attacks mimics Thunder Beta almost exactly(two lighting strikes at random targets, sometimes misses) and one is a lot like Flash Beta(can cause uncontrollable crying and paralyses). I think he may have been another psychic who couldn't control his power, thus becoming "evil".

    What you did was perform a mercy killing.

  13. Diregard that, I suck donkey balls.


    Read this article.

    Giygas be an alien, and aliens have psychic powers that some guy gave to people.


    1. Dafuq?
      Srsly,i seen this thing on Google Images -_-

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