Monday, October 24, 2011

White Ditto

This story is true, and to this day has freaked me out, so I figured I'd share it for Halloween since it is almost here and since it is one of my favorite holidays. I have never told anyone this before because it has been so bizarre for me to take in. Could my game be "haunted"?

Is there more to the MISSINGNO glitch than meets the eye? Did some GameFreak developer die while working on this game and is this is some kind of tribute, or could this even be a paranormal happening?? I don't know, but this freaks me out. Enjoy. :/

The background music is the theme that played in Lavender Town in the game, but reversed. The picture is some weird Jigglypuff thing I found off google images. Fitting to say the least.

EDIT: Right after I got through uploading this at 5.30am in the morning, my phone rings... it says "Private Caller" on the caller ID and they leave no message. WTF. Who could be calling at this hour?

Watch til the end, holy shit. Also, I have some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is I re-installed Vegas after I recorded this video and it is working. Even though I am freaked out and slightly scared, I plan to post the ending to the story and my explanation of the events soon because you guys are so interested.

More good news is that I bought a device that will let me transfer my Pokemon Blue Save file to my computer to be played on a rom so I can record it and show you guys the infamous creepy "White Ditto" as well as a freaky event that happened in-game that will be revealed in the story conclusion.

The bad news is that I don't know what other bad luck or strange happenings will come my way, or what may halt my progress with this strange video game phenomenon. It definitely seems some outside force does NOT want me to share any of this, though.

Everyone thinks this is a creepy pasta, or a Halloween prank. Despite how many times I say "this is real" people on the internet will believe what they want. So, do just that, I don't care. But I'm glad this has received such a good response and is entertaining regardless of what you believe. It's just a shame this has all been so stressful for me, as these "paranormal happenings" really do scare me.

Ok, so, I had to re-install Sony Vegas just to edit this. The music used is a slowed down version of Lavender town music.

No matter how many times I say "this is real" or "this isn't a Halloween" prank people will believe what they want, so draw your own assumptions. I'm on the fence as to whether or not this is coincidence or something paranormal.

The blue theory is very interesting one that you guys pointed out. Everything that has been messed with or has screwed up has been blue. This includes; the blue cartridge, the glacier blue gameboy, the blue SD card, blue screening Laptop, a drawer with blue items in it, Sony Vegas' icon is blue, my blue LED mouse, and now, I realize, even my Blue Snowball. My Twitter page, which is blue, keeps saying I don't exist sometimes when people try to go to it. What could it all mean? Could something be trying to lead me on with clues? I don't know.

I now have a fever though and am laid up in bed. I've been having some bad headaches too. So I'll save some more explanations for the next video.

Here's the paranormal investigation I did a year ago that I reference in the video... I think this might be related somehow:

I will have footage of the white ditto on my channel tomorrow, along with another weird anomaly I discovered on my version of the game.

Re-posting this as for whatever reason, the old video was deleted from my videos here on YouTube. The quality might be worse than the old one too, so sorry.

So, this investigation was done in my former home. The last time I played Pokemon Blue was around this time period, and before the investigation, my friends and I did in fact use a Ouija board. I really think this has something to do with the events occurring in my new home, and I think it has something to do with the Blue cartridge.

I haven't messed with the cartridge for a few days now. I've been trying to stay out of my house and have been going over to friends' houses a lot. I did transfer the save file from the cartridge to my PC though to easily record the white ditto, but I haven't bothered to record it yet. I bought another Gameboy and its shipping to me in due time. I'm afraid it will break as well though. We'll see.

What could all this mean? The blue items being messed with, videos vanishing, the white ditto... I feel as if I'm trying to figure out a puzzle with missing pieces. Please leave your thoughts below in the comments, I need your help in uncovering what is actually going on.

Ok, so after transferring my save file from my cartridge over to my PC, I was able to record this without any technology problems... sort of. However, as I suspected, the emulator/screen recorder crashed soon afterward, oddly enough at the same time. I am going to mess around in the game more and try to record stuff for you guys.

Lately the odd sounds in my house are getting worse. I'm going to start recording myself at all times, or at least parts of my house to see if I can catch anything to upload.

At this point, I am genuinely scared. After this was recorded, I captured something on Blue a second ago that pretty much solidifies that all this is connected to the game. I'll upload it tomorrow. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.

Also, please realize that I can't upload commentated gaming videos unless I go to my friend's house as my mic is on the fritz. Please be patient and stop annoying me about it in the comments, thankyou.

EDIT: There is definitely no "cut" at 1:52 in the video, but a camera glitch or glitch that happened in rendering that was not my doing. I just looked at it and it "replays" the same scene that just happened for a split second. Very odd, could be a frame skip or something. A little later on the camera pixelates and cuts out as well, so I'd say its the camera and not something that glitched in the render.

I don't know what to title this video, so I'll just make the title what the capture program assigned it. Anyway, the story goes like this.

While waiting for my Gameboy Advance to come in the mail (stupid ebay and their slow shipping) I decided, since the save for my Pokemon Blue is on my computer, that I would play around on it and see if I could catch any other odd occurrences, as I was certain that this game and the paranormal events that are currently happening to me are somehow related.

So, I started up the game, started my screen capture program, and right away I noticed something strange. The white Ditto had magically gained 15 levels and was at around half health. Now, I hadn't touched the game since I recorded the "original" white Ditto video, and no one else has access to my PC, so I don't know how the hell this happened. But, I just chalked it up to some random glitch/bug and moved on.

I noticed on my save file that I only had 6 badges, so I looked to see which gyms my cousin hadn't beaten. One was Viridian, obviously, and the other was Saffron. So, I boxed some of the higher level guys my cousin had glitched and/or obtained, and brought out some of the guys I was using before I let him borrow the game, like Magmar, Muk, etc. I then set out to Saffron, battling some random trainers on the way, obtaining some useful TM's like Psychic from Mr. Psychic's house, and so forth.

I always loved Saffron as a kid because there were TWO gyms instead of one; the traditional Psychic gym that was home to Sabrina, and a Fighting gym at the top of town that gave you a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan upon beating the leader.

I decided to hit up the Fighting gym first to do some leveling, as Sabrina is a very tough trainer to face due to Psychic types being so dominate in R/B/Y.

I managed to pretty easily handle the most of the trainers in the gym due to Muk being a Poison type (thus being resistant to Fighting moves), but upon realizing that Muk would be useless against Sabrina, I switched over to Magmar to just decimate everything with Fire Blast.

I got to the leader of the gym, saved my game, and was beginning to think that nothing substantially odd would happen. It was about 15 after 1, and I had been recording for a good 30-45 minutes or so at this point, so I was about to cut off my screen recorder. But, I decided to keep recording just for the hell of it, at least until I decided I didn't want to play anymore.

With the help of a lucky burn, I beat the gym leader pretty easily with Magmar's Fire Blast, and prepared to claim my prize of either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. But, something strange started happening that honestly scared the hell out of me.

After beating the leader and coming out of the battle screen, the music that would normally play wasn't there. What was there was a strange, second or so loop of the same note or two over and over. This went on for a few seconds before coming to a halt altogether so no music was playing whatsoever.

But that wasn't the scary part, it was what the beaten leader said. Instead of his usual shtick about letting me choose between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee for beating him, he said, word for word, the dialogue bit from the creepy girl in Lavender Town; "Hahaha, I guess not. That white hand on your shoulder, it's not real."

A random Pokemon cry broke the silence, and the odd looped notes started up again as the dialogue disappeared from the text box completely. Although initially frightened, for a moment I thought the game had glitched and just randomly froze.

I was about to reset the rom when suddenly, the game white screened, and I appeared in a dark cave (I assumed it to be Rock Tunnel, above Lavender Town) with the most awful sounding music I have ever heard playing in the background.

This wasn't normal music from the game on loop or anything either (hell, I wouldn't even call this music as it had no real rhythm or timing), this was a loud static hum over top of of seemingly random notes of sound. I have never heard anything like this in ANY game, let alone Pokemon.

At this point I really wanted to turn the game off out of fear, but my curiosity got the best of me. Considering I couldn't see anything in this dark cave, I decided to go to my Clefable and use Flash. When I went to my list of Pokemon, however, I noticed something really strange.

The white Ditto's overworld sprite had changed from its usual substitute doll-esque sprite to the sprite of the old man laying down at the start of the game who will only get up if you give him coffee, or something along those lines.

I go to check the stats of the thing, and it's in-game sprite was non-existent, with the only thing there being a white background. Very strange. I quickly exited out and proceeded to go up to Clefable and use Flash; upon doing so however, the game again white screened, and I then was staring at Professor Oak's sprite from the start of the game. He wasn't moving, the text box wasn't coming up, and an ANOTHER bit of weird music was playing in the background this time.

At this point my palms were sweating from nervousness and fright. I started hammering the A button, and even though I heard the "ding" selection sound it makes when going through the menus, nothing changed on the screen. I hit every button on my NES USB controller and nothing changed still.

I was about to just shut down the emulator when I realized I could reset the game by simultaneously holding select, start, A and B. I quickly did this and luckily, the game reset... only not really. Before doing so, the text box popped up under Professor Oak and simply said "Hell" before taking me back to the opening startup screen.

At this point, I realized this was all too strange to be a random glitch... this was a message. And although the game had been reset, something was still off.

Yet another form of strange music began playing as I cruised through the opening credit screens and opening video sequences. The title screen wasn't displaying properly either, not cycling through the Pokemon as it normally would, all the while a strange music played in the background.

At this point, I reset the game through the emulator menu just to see if my game was going to be permanently like this. After resetting again though, the music and sounds began to play normally again.

I stared blankly at the title screen which was displaying properly now, still in awe at what had just taken place. I then quickly shut the game off and stopped the screen capture. I had to get out of the house after what had just taken place. This, above all things, was proof enough for me that this is all connected to the game.

I haven't played since I recorded this.

(This story is credited to BlameTruth on Youtube.)


  1. This is terrifyingly epic. I love this. I hope it doesn't put me off of Pokemon forever though, I love those games!

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  2. I hope BlameTruth knows you posted this... Though it's a nice compilation... Oh, and for any future readers; the guy is standing by the statement "it's real, not a joke". He's a pretty well known Youtuber. Some believe it's so he can have a break, some believe it's a Halloween prank, yet others do believe him... Maybe it's all three...

    1. Yeah, not any more though, now that the story's finished.

  3. i don't care if it's real or not. it's awesome. still i must admit that something strange is going on with these videos, because they are autoplaying after some time, even if i pause them. especially the video with paranormal investigation

  4. Oh thanks for reminding me to put that credit.

  5. Can anyone give me a summary of the videos, I was using my iPhone to try and view them and it keeps turning my phone off even tho I've got full battery. It isn't even working on my iPad for frigg's sake, so I don't really know what's going on and it seems so interesting :(

  6. No one effing mention my eyes are blue... Oh wait son of a!..

  7. I'm pretty skeptical on this one. The videos seem scripted and he doesn't seem nearly terrified enough. Plus the blue thing is just kind of ridiculous. As for the white Ditto itself, it may be a genuine bug he's sensationalizing or a modified ROM. The story is cool but if it turns out to be true, I'll eat several hats.

  8. I hope I didn't come off as an ass, I like what you added to the whole thing, as it wasn't just taken from him.

  9. he uploaded another video yesterday and said hes going to be uploading another video today so this might need to be updated im sure this just for halloween but if he keeps going after then that will be weird alot of his subs are getting pissed at him tho O_o

  10. I was looking through the archives when I saw a Creepy Pasta titled "Pokemon Blue". In May. That's the fifth month of the year.

  11. ROY-G-BIV
    Blue is always 5

  12. i think he should stop posting videos...that way maybe this...err...things...will stop...i think...

  13. I'm gonna shit myself this is so epic I can't
    Im scared half to fucking death.

  14. i might be crazy, but i believe him. i am now a firm believer of what he is facing or has faced. i have also reviewed all of his videos related to this topic, and have reviewed the videos on his new youtube page. its not new to me to hear about this sort of thing. the paranormal is something i have dealt with my whole life. i like the way this story was compiled but i will admit that this is more than just a regular made up story. this is real. he might not seem as frightened as he should, but i believe that is because he just wants to get to the bottom of things. im going to have my hacker friend see if he can find anything with that text. this story really intrigues me and i plan on following him as much as possible. i even reactivated my twitter.

  15. There is only one blasphemy, and thatis the refusal to experience joy.
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  16. This is awesome!
    awesum possum!
    all those vids make the story look real.

  17. Well, I personally don't find this to be true. I mean he could have tampered with his gameboy and he tells he has to keep re-installing Vegas pro he could have deleted it himself who knows and plus the videos didn't convince me either. The sounds were probably edited in. But, this was an amazing pasta. Though my personal favorite is Majora the one about BEN. It is scary because they actually made a cult on that. Crazy things happen too often this world. But, again this was an amazing pasta 12/10

  18. My Penis is amazingly large.

    The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness,

    1. I think it might be Revelations 1:18

  20. i belive you 100% and i know ghosts r real b/c i'm friens with one and her name is georgia. also i have a theroy maybe your friend was a cultest and did something to the game. now it's just a theory so it may or may not be true.

  21. ok so this morning i was roller bladeing and out of nowhere one of the wheels broke and they where brand new store bought ones. thank god i only got a few scrapes and bruises. i checked the area where the wheel broke and all the screws and stuff that holds it on there where still on there. i don't know if it has something to due with the fact that i had blue duck tape on them for cool effect or something else. well whatever it is i hope things don't go worse (knock on wood)

  22. everyone knows when you use the missingno cheat it screws up your game entirely. the cheat completely wrecks the game and the text about a white hand on your should is just being misplaced from the girl in lavender town that asks you if you believe in ghosts. if you say no she says stuff about a white hand on your shoulder. she says this in every game. its fake obviously.

  23. realize if you can upload the .sav to pc you can up it up for download. .SAV files are not illegal to upload / download.

    So if this is real... lets see the .sav released.

  24. alright man to be honest with you i guess i had blocked this from my memory but when i saw your videos it took me a while to realize and remember that this exact same thing happend to me while i was playing red version on my brothers gameboy idk why or how it happend but i just remember playing and trippin out on the fact that the music from lavender town wouldnt stop playing and it was just creepy i kinda was getting scared but i forgot what happend next then next thing i know i though that the game had frozen or something cause i was about to talk to professor oak and then i was about to turn it off but i was mesmerized by how evil professor oak looked so i stared at it for a while and then all of a sudden it just said "hell"and it started the game all over again with the creepy music playing and charmander was missing so i wa like wtf !!?? o.O and to be completely honest with you im not lying to you in any way wether you may or may not believe me but i felt like i had to reply to you to let you know as for the paranormal things happening to you i cant relate to that ...

  25. and it did creep me the fuck out but i htink it was put there on purpose by the creators of the games just to fuck with people see who finds out about these secret hidden games in the game thats what i think but yea i know this is true cause this happend to me in the gameboy

  26. The "hell" part could be him saying "Hello, I'm professor oak" or something but it got cut off? Idk that's what I thought at first when I scrolled down to check out comments before reading the story but decided to look at that last video first

  27. Oh man, was this ever updated? It's brilliant. He even makes sure to use the old Lavender town theme with that weird high-pitched chord that was taken out in subsequent releases.

  28. omg I saw most of the vid today and had to unplug my tv so the same thing that happened to his cpu happen to my tv. Parranod much. yes, yes i am

  29. I seen all of your videos and they were creepy as hell is this is true I feel really sorry for you I hope that goes away we really soon because it must be really unnerveing is this happen to me I would move straight out that home. have you tried blessing the home yet? That should help you out a ton. good luck out there

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  35. Everyone knows when you use the missingno cheat it screws up your game entirely. the cheat completely wrecks the game and the text about a white hand on your should is just being misplaced from the girl in lavender town that asks you if you believe in ghosts.
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  37. I was on my GBA like 2 weeks ago on Pokemon Red, and I suddenly encounted a pokemon named '295 (glitch symbol here). I caught him and his cry was of a ditto. He had the number of a Pikablu (174) and had very low stats. I leveled him up to 100 because my rare candy (6th slot) and my master ball (1st slot) somehow got multiplied by him. I viewed his stats and the game froze with a black screen. So I restarted the game and I still had the 295 even though I didn't save. I then got to view his stats without a black screen he was a blood red square box. I then saw that all of his stats were 295 (295 attack 295 defense etc.) And once I exited out of his stats, the game black screened for a moment and then a message box came up and said "Press A, not B." And I suddenly got into a battle with a trainer named '295 with a level 255 '295. I then lost and got sent to the menu. I got a message box saying "Your save file was corrupted." and then the game locked up with a red screen. Now, I will never play Pokemon again. And also my XBOX 360 got the Red Ring of Death. I think the RROD has something to do with my Pokemon Red game.

  38. can i see the videos its says its privat i want to see how this goes because i belive in ghost!

  39. awesome stuff.. wish they would make or port restaurant papas games from to GBA :S

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