Sunday, October 16, 2011

Forest Creature

After the suicide and death of several teens in a small rural town, a diary was found in one of the ransacked homes. The following is a word for word copy of what was written in the diary by Johan Nebra, the final person to die. It is prescribed that, if you have a week mind or stomach, you do not read what is coming up now.

January 1st-
Happy New Year.

January 2nd-
Today is awesome. I'm playing with my new xbox :) Plants vs. Zombies is the shit, just saying.

January 4th-
Forgot to write anything down yesterday, pvz is taking over my life LOL sucks though, because I have school pretty soon. Like, tomorrow, but I don't care, its time to play some more.

January 5th-
School was okay. Most people were just wearing new clothes and shit they got for Christmas. Saw some friends, made out with my girlfriend out back of the school. Her name is Andrea, if I ever have to mention her again.

January 5th-
Hey, another entry, yeah it's late but, I saw something out in the woods. It looked like a wolf or something. I think tomorrow I'm gonna have my buddies come over and we are gonna see what we can do.

January 6th-
Well it was me Steve, Gary and Eric. We all trekked across the property in my backyard (it's pretty big) and reached the lining to the forest. We saw the prints the animal made in the snow and it looked like hand prints. Slightly worried, we all turned back around and came back. Tonight, I stayed up to see if I saw it again. I did, this time it was just pacing left and right by the forest edge.

January 8th-
Today my girlfriend wasn't in school.

January 9th-
Steve was pissed all day, it looks like he hasn't slept in a few days. I remember him being pretty disturbed when we saw those prints. I think it's some sick joke.

January 10th-
There was a blanket of fresh snow on the ground today, a heavy one too, maybe an inch? School was cancelled. I tried to call Andrea from my house phone but the lines are all fucked up on land lines but cell phones work. Andrea doesn't have a cell phone, so it will be some time before I see her again. I hope she is okay.

January 11th-
Didn't sleep at all last night. It's been maybe two days since I've been tired at all.

January 12th-
Steve came over today, extremely furious. He dropped by the house to punch me in the face and almost break my nose. I don't know what the hell is up with that guy, but we are not friends anymore, I don't care.

January 13th-
A video was dropped in my mailbox this morning. I also went to school and Andrea was back, she was a bit on edge but it's her time of the month so I didn't worry about it. I will report back on the video when I watch it.

January 13th-
Okay, what the fuck. The video was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. It was Steve, standing in the forest, naked, for a half hour. Before finally he lifted his hands and grabbed a pair of pliers. He snipped two frostbitten fingers off and walked to the camera and turned it off. The last frame, he shows where he is and I swear to God I saw that thing in the back.

Andrea was extremely angry today, all day. And Steve was back in school, missing two fingers. I approached him, not even thinking about the video, and he just ran. A couple people I was talking to were telling me that he has been really paranoid.

January 15th-
Okay, I definitely fucking saw it tonight. It was sitting staring off into the distance by the edge of the woods. It was looking the opposite way of my house so I took a picture.

January 15th-
Don't you know, the picture came out foggy and I couldn't make out a goddamn thing.

January 16th-
Steve disappeared again.

January 17th-
Andrea was a total bitch today, she also was convinced I'm cheating on her. Paranoid much?

January 20th-
Andrea left me. 2 years, because she thinks I'm cheating on her. For no reason. She didn't have a reason, she just said I was acting fishy. Even her friends said that I wasn't though and not to worry.

January 21st-
Andrea killed herself. I saw it on the news earlier. She hung herself and wrote a pretty disturbing suicide note and left a picture. The picture was apparently enough to drop a dude into a mental hospital. The note made a few hardened officers quit the force too. I don't know what it said, but its freaky.

January 25th-
Sorry for inconsistency on my updates, but today Steve killed himself. In Chemistry, he swallowed a whole vial if Hydrochloric Acid, downed the thing like a fucking shot.

January 26th-
A huge blizzard crept in. I'm locked into my house and the blizzard cut power to our heater and, well, everything for an undetermined amount of time. Awesome.

January 30th-
Tonight - I will sit up and wait for that thing. I can't get it out of my mind.

January 31st-
Tonight - That thing saw me back.

February 1st-
I'm freaking out. That thing saw me last night, and all we did was stare at each other. We stared straight at each other for about an hour before it left into the forest. Needless to say, I didn't sleep. Today in school sucked, basically all we did was fucking nothing. Two movies and gym, otherwise notes and no talking. The thought of Steve made me wonder why we were in school at all.

February 1st-
Oh right, there was no chemistry now, damn well better not be.

February 2nd-
It hasn't appeared in a while. Nothing is there, like now that it has been noticed, it doesn't want to be seen again, or it has ran. Like a deer in the headlights.

February 3rd-
Nothing again.

February 4th-
There isn't anything out there, not a damn thing. But it is flurrying again. It looks like there is no end to the snow, basically just keeps piling on. It sucks.

February 5th-
Heat came back on, thank god. I lost my right pinky though, completely frozen off. We would go to the doctor but the snow picked up and both the school and the doctor's office are closed.

February 6th-
Nothing out there again. I'm feeling pretty good about it. First time I've seen the sun for about 7 days. It's crazy.

February 7th-
Snow on the roads have been plowed, I took today off school to go into the doctor's office to get my finger removed in surgery. When we got there the doctor looked awfully strange, like he felt uncomfortable working with me, but he cut my finger off for me and wrapped it in a little box. The box is on my top shelf.

February 8th-
Eric came over today. We talked for a while about Steve and what we liked about him, and I asked him when the funeral was being held. Eric looked worried then told me that a break in during the snow caused Steve's body, or what was left of it, had been stolen. I felt sick to my stomach.

February 9th-
Hot water has shut off, I refuse to shower in this cold.

February 10th-
The water heater isn't broken, we have the heater guy out here right now. Nothing, not a damn thing is wrong with the pipes, we just have no hot water.

February 11th-
It's back.

February 12th-
It is sitting there staring at me. I'm looking at it while I write this (I exchange my glances don't get your panties in a twist). I can't tell if it respects me or hates me.

February 13th-
School has been cancelled until further notice because of Steve's death. That's good.

February 14th-
The police are here. There are cars everywhere and we were questioned for about 5 hours. I never saw it myself, but I think I know what happened. From what I heard from the police and from my hysterical mother and father, was that Steve's body was left mangled in front of our door. What the fuck?

February 15th-
I'm so pissed off. All the time, I can't even explain it. I flipped out on Eric today, and he told me I was acting weird. Fuck him.

February 16th-
I punched Eric in the face. Hard. I think I broke his nose. I don't feel bad. He had it coming. I was having a bad day, and he came over to me and annoyed me. He was like "Hey, what's up? You know you are looking bad." WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT!?

February 17th-
If that thing is there tomorrow, like it is tonight, I'm going outside and I'm going to fuck it up. I don't care.

February 18th-
I think Eric wants to get me jumped. He was talking to this guy I've never seen him talk to before. I was worried what was going on because he kept looking at me and he pointed. The other dude looked pissed off. I'm gonna end this tomorrow.

February 18th-
Its about midnight, it wasn't there tonight. Better not be. I hate him. I hate it's glare. It's looking through me.

February 19th-
I broke Eric's right arm today. Let's see that faggot punch me.

February 20th-
It's back. Staring. But, I think it's closer now. Like, it's closer to me. Or the house, but it feels like me.

February 21st-
I'm not cold anymore. Not at all. In fact, I frequently sit outside in a tee shirt now. It's nice. I've lost another finger, but hey, I'm not complaining.

February 23rd-
4th finger down, 6 to go. I don't really mind it too much. I don't care much at all to be honest. I think it's funny that my parents are flipping out. By the way, my parents, I think they want to move me to a different school or something, they keep dropping hints about me not going. Or about other strange things.

February 24th-
I received a letter from Eric. My mom had to open it for me so I could read it because of how many fingers have fallen off. I've lost all my toes now as well, incase you were wondering. The letter said I'm starting to act like Andrea and Steve, and recently Gary. He said I'm unrealistically paranoid and angry. Fuck him, what does he know? I threw the letter out needless to say.

February 26th-
Sorry I missed a day, I was disturbed all day yesterday. I got a letter in my mailbox that was 2 pages. The first page was a bloody hand print and that was all. The second page said "Solar Eclipse".

February 26th-
I think the letter was from that thing. Because I saw it tonight, it was close. Very close. Fuck.

February 27th-
In four minutes, there will be a solar eclipse. I've never seen that thing outside during the day, I wonder if that is why it mentioned it?

February 27th-
One minute, I can see it's eyes inside the forest. It is waiting. Fuck.

February 27th-
I love Andrea. By my count I have 10 seconds until the sun disappears, and each inch of shadow, that thing is drawing closer.

This was the last of the diary that was found. The house was ransacked beyond belief and snow was trodden all through it. The parents seemed to be deceased, however not in quite the way Johan was.

The parents were holding each other, and frozen into ice sculptures (false frozen completely until the blood and skin turns almost to ice, or becomes ice like). They had no emotion, as if it happened instantly.

Johan, he was disemboweled and dragged from his room. You could see his organs strewn across the room and bloody drag marks down the stairs. Whatever was pulling him had only hand prints that it left.

Whatever "it" was, is no longer being looked at by the police and is assumed to be some sort of hoax that eventually led to his unfortunate death.


  1. Impossible report of the shape and size of the creature
  2. Impossible body proportions and limbs
  3. Creature was supposed to have four legs, however drag marks and prints leading out the door indicated four legs being used and a straight drag mark. Police believe it is a man with a dog, because the drag marks had to be made by something with two arms to hold it.

All other information is privatized and the forest has been sealed off limits until further notice.

(This story is credited to a person called Guiv.)


  1. Pretty interesting, good use of stress disorders (changing after friend's deaths) and the manipulations of the monster.

  2. I found it interesting as well. Just curious, where do schools get cancelled for one inch of snow?

    1. Lol, alot of places? Aspecially near coastlines where snow is less common (Like BC Canada) and they don't have immediate resources to clean up the snow on the streets, and aren't used to the weather

    2. pretty much all south eastern states

  3. Absolutely excellent. Extremely well written and I loved the slow burn towards the ending, this is some really good stuff.

  4. @Anon Have you ever been to Georgia? ;D

  5. It was okay, I guess. The fingers and toes falling off thing was just kind of stupid. I just didn't really feel like there was much payoff. Part of it was I didn't care for the main character. The other part was I think the author knew what he was trying to say or thought he was explaining things but just wasn't. Ultimately, the Plants vs. Zombies reference was just random and out of place and the body horror wasn't all that scary. Overall, this one was like a perfectly heated Hot Pocket. It was done so well you could see how terrible the ingredients were.

  6. Well, uh... if he was losing so many fingers that he wasn't even able to hold the letter in his hands, how could he write in his diary?

  7. The diary seemed more like a blog to me, because of things like "Sorry for inconsistency on my updates" which doesn't seem like something that would be said in a diary, but apart from that is was a good story.

    1. For the record, this is exactly how I write in my journal, it just kind of adds a sense of companionship, makes you think that you're actually talking to someone, but thats just me.

  8. I liked it. The fingers and toes falling off reminded me of "Cold" but I did like how it still kept SOME realism to some things (deaths, break ups)

  9. The picture sending the guy to the mental hospital was a bit over the top, and the officers leaving the force was just silly.
    The nonchalant losing of finger both by Steve and him were rather silly as well, and ultimately pointless. Even if the boys were in such state that they didn't care anymore, it's never explained nor even touched upon why nobody else (specially the parents and the doctor) made a big deal out of it as they should. John just keeps losing finger after finger and nobody seems to think nothing of it.
    Also, the doctor giving back the finger was not only grossly incorrect (removed bio material from patients have by law to be retained by the hospital), but also ultimately pointless since the whole finger-in-box affair is simply dropped (no pun intended lol) and nothing comes out of it.
    School was canceled due to Steve's death... 2 weeks after his death.

  10. Didn't make a lot of sense. The intro and the conclusion are written so amateurishly that they are not believable. For a diary there is remarkably little insight into the characters emotional world. One or two entries of "that thing came back" would have been plenty. I can just picture the heavy metal dude in his black trench coat writing "I can't tell if it respects me or hates me." So metal. Things transition too quickly, overall just full of holes and not very good.

    1. seconded!

      I think I stopped caring after Andrea died and the protagonist basically didn't give a crap.

      Felt very long for what it was but respect for giving it a go and keep at it :)

  11. Interesting concept, flawed execution. What was with the digits falling off? How could he write when he'd lost so many fingers? What connection is there between the cold and this creature? Why did the other kids go missing only to reappear in a deranged state and die?

  12. I liked! too see his decent into maddness was just a fantastic concept! but I will admit, the contexts and timeline was a bit jumbled in spots.

  13. Its Ichor Forest guys.. Same author.

  14. Yay! I've heard the story about this monster. It's called the Pique(Something like that)and it kills whoever it looks at. It lives in the Ichor Forest and has red eyes and attacks during winter. P.S I know what the "disturbing" suicide note is. Something like: Anything that takes the form of the Pique becomes the pique. As this takes the form of the pique this is the pique. (Info from Creepypasta wiki)

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