Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fear Hormone

The following is scribed directly from documents found in an abandoned German test lab by American soldiers during the aftermath of WWII, roughly translated into English.

(Audio Tape) Testing is to begin tomorrow. The team does not know what to expect. Our mission is to take new research and turn it into a weapon for the war-front. It has recently been discovered that the brain releases a (previously unknown) chemical when feeling fear. For obvious reasons, this test could be extremely dangerous. Two test subjects have been selected, and from what we were told, they were sentenced to death, but are going to be used as subjects in this experiment.. Subjects are given a table with two chairs, a cot with a mattress, a stocked bookcase, a notebook and pen, a bathroom area consisting of a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. Food and water are given through a small, seal-able opening. I have nothing more to report at this time.

(Written Document) Test Subject A and B are being given the chemical in a small dose, mixed with water. Test Subject A has consumed the water, and has no visible changes in mood or behavior. Test Subject B has refused to drink the water. He has been forcefully given the same dosage, but by direct injection. He gave some resistance, but was easily controlled and injected. Shortly afterward, he seemed nervous, almost paranoid, and jumped whenever he heard sudden noises. Subjects have been told to try and remain active, or sleep, not just idle.

(Written Document) It took time, but we have developed a gas based version of the chemical. If shown effective on subjects, this could become a valuable weapon. Dose has been increased slightly. Neither subjects were aware that the chemical was being let into the room. After a few minutes, subject A stopped reading, and began to look around the room cautiously. After an estimated hour, he began to read again. Subject B immediately responded. He opened the notebook for the first time, and wrote "What is going on? Stop whispering." onto a piece of paper, ripped it out of the notebook, and slipped it under the door. No reply was given.

(Written) We are going to observe the effects of long term, low amounts of the gas on subject A, and we are going to observe the effects of a short, high amount period of the gas. The results are shocking to say the least. Subject A progressively became more unstable. He stopped reading, would not eat, and avoided the mirror at all costs. He suddenly became very aggressive, and threw a heavy book at the mirror with surprising force, shattering it. Subject B's reaction was more.... curious.. He began staring at the second chair. But he was not looking at the chair, he was looking as if making eye contact with someone sitting in the chair. Something seems amiss, but we are definitely getting results.

(Vocal Recording) (The voice sounds distressed.)

We did not want this! What did we do to deserve god's vengeance such as this?! Subject B escaped from his cell, the chair he was staring at was thrown across the room, straight into the viewing glass, instantly shattering it. It was 5 inches thick, reinforced... He didn't even touch the chair... He has escaped out of the hole made by the impa- (very loud scream of pain, from another person) HELP ME, HES RIPPI- (Loud crunch), (Back to first person) Oh my lord... Oh, no, no NO, NO, PLEASE! (there is a loud, beastly roar, and sounds of struggle are heard. The rest of the tape is silence.)

(One final note was found. It seemed to be hastily written, and barely legible.)

They are dead. Everyone one of them. I hear him in the walls. I hear him whispering to me. Yes.. Yes.. Please come and take me away! I want no more of th

(And the note end there.)

April 23, 1944, Allied soldiers found an abandoned German laboratory, with it's only door sealed shut. Using charges, they forcefully entered the laboratory, wondering what was so important that the Germans had to lock it away. They found 13 bodies, 12 of which had matching lab coats on, mangled to pieces, and in one case, ripped straight in half. The 13th body had nondescript, brown clothing, and no head. A larger scale investigation was launched later by the Germans as to determine what had happened, but was canceled after many German soldiers absolutely refused to return to the laboratory, even if threatened with their lives. To this day, nobody knows what happened to "B", but he is presumed dead.


  1. Loved this! The premise is fascinating. Makes me really curious as to what happened to subject B.

  2. wish the fear the test subjects were experiencing was elaborated upon more. a little too vague to be creepy.

  3. How did he slip a piece of paper under the door if they were giving them the chemical under gas form? Otherwise decent story, didn't creep me out tough. Experiment creepypastas are getting quite old.

  4. This story is quite unpolished. It didn't even go on to explain his hundreds of murders or that his name was Hiroki Hidaka.

  5. Hiroaki Hidaka only murdered 4 people. Not creepy, but better than a lot of other stories around the net. This was interesting mainly because it was like many experiment the Nazis attempted.

  6. Something weird happened to me today. I found my own facebook page... On

    I come from NZ. What happened!?

  7. Forsaken ParallelsAugust 30, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    *I* think that these would be better if the did things more gradually, it always starts out gradually, but then it just jumps to a conclusion. otherwise, awesome, could be a great movie.

  8. B? Like BB? Oh shit! ( I'll give a cookie to whoever gets the joke..)

    1. Am I seeing a Death Note reference here? B)

    2. Beyond Birthday from Another Note.

  9. decent story, didn't creep me out tough. Experiment creepypastas are getting quite old.

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