Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Group

“Shut up Louise! You shouldn't waste you life and die like a little bitch!”

“You shut up, Natasha! I'm going to kill you right now if you don't stop being such a stupid pussy!”

The girls were having an argument about whether or not should we explore the abandoned house near our college. I, Gregory, was just quietly listening, amusing myself with the strong sense of friendship amidst the insults.

Louise was pro-exploration, and was doing her best trying to convince us to lose fear and just go. Natasha, being a major pussy, was heatedly arguing with Louise, trying to stop us.

“Look, it's pretty much decided that we're already going, if you really don't want to go, you can just wait outside or something.” Said Leon, trying to intervene.

“Yeah, it's not like we're going to stay inside that long, we're brave, but we're not suicidal; Besides, all we need is your huge-ass flashlight.”

It was just like Fred to use these sort of terms.

Natasha was still terribly uneasy, but finally decided to give up and go with them... She was clearly worried about her friends, since she was very superstitious, and wouldn't dare anger any sort of supernatural being.

Louise, however was almost the opposite, she was also somewhat superstitious, but instead of fearing it, she just loved exploring and discovering the higher unknown.

Leon was your usual calm, softhearted young adult. He would never pick up a fight (or physically hurt someone, for that matter), but had a sharp tongue and would hesitate to prove anyone wrong whenever he feels like it.

Fred was an easygoing, cheerful teenager. He didn't care about circumstances or opinions, all that mattered to him was his friends and family.

Me? Well, what can I say about me? I was the oldest of our group, but unfortunately, not the biggest (that would be Leon). I was pretty passive and didn't like to interfere with what I considered “other people's business”. I was generally quiet, but had no problem talking if I needed to. I had a massive crush on Louise, I wanted her by my side as soon as possible, but I was too timid to ask her out.

We were all close friends, we used to do everything together; From homework, to homemade video game tourneys and marathons, to helping out Fred’s grandma's restaurant when she was in need of some working hands.

But apparently, for the first time, one of our members would be missing, since Natasha wouldn't join us inside the house... Oh, that's right, I forgot to explain said house; It was an abandoned, decaying house down the street.

We would always pass by on our way back home and comment about what was the deal with that house. It just screamed terror, with it's broken windows and rotten wood. It was already like that since we all started coming to this college. Two years later, we finally decide it's time to infiltrate that house. Looks like there's absolutely no one living inside, so chances are we shouldn't worry about being kicked out.

Days passed by, and we eagerly await the night we would get some mad bragging rights.

“Tonight's the night” - said Leon over the phone

“I can't wait... so, we still have one hour left to ready ourselves, what are you going to bring?”

“Oh, I'm the one responsible for the food, since...”

Leon kept talking, but my mind was somewhere else... Thinking back, I was supposed to bring my father's toolbox, for finding a way in and getting rid of possible mechanical problems... That was already taken care of, but it wasn't the only thing I was going to bring.

I also decided to bring a kitchen knife, just for the sake of any possible unexpected encounters.

I could use the supernatural as an excuse, but I was also afraid we could end up encountering a mugger, as we were going there late night and we were no match for these lurkers. Not to mention I could also pull a prank on my friends. Why yes, that's a wonderful idea.

So, it was finally time, and we all met up outside the house.

“Hey Nat, did you bring your flashlight?”

“Sure, here it is, Louie”

“And you, Fred, did you bring your radio communicators?”

“Of course, here they are”

“We can leave the food and the tool box here, can you stay here and watch out for us, Nat?”

“No worries, sorry about that day”

“It was nothing, I understand your concern... So, let's go”

We searched for an entrance, the front door was conveniently enough open, so went in... As expected, a terrible stench of decay and corruption filled our noses. It was clear that whoever used to live here wasn't sane, since everything in the living room was thrown around like there was a big brawl around here. There were also some blood marks around the place but we couldn't be too sure, since it had already dried, and we wouldn't be able to distinguish the smell.

There was a staircase to the left, and a long corridor to the right

Each one of us went to look around a different room. I decided to explore the single bedroom at the end of the corridor that connected all rooms. The first thing I saw when I got inside were the ominous scribblings that filled the entire room with a sense of lunacy.

There was a terribly decayed bed and some broken glass on the floor. Everything else was unrecognizable. But the scribblings were the highlight of that showcase of pure insanity. I was carefully examining them, when suddenly Louise called us through our communicators;

“Guys, I'll need your help, come over to the basement...”

I couldn't believe she was brave enough to go straight to the basement, all alone. We all went to her aid, expecting bad news, but what we found was truly impressive; Inside the basement, on a wall right beside the entrance, was a suspicious white door.

There were no marks on it, but it had a weird, inviting feel around it.

Louise couldn't open it herself, so she asked for our help. We tried everything we could, but even the three of us ramming against the door wasn't doing the trick. Then I remembered I brought the toolbox just in case something like this happened, and promptly went outside to get it.

“Wait what?” I exclaimed to myself

There were no signs or Natasha anywhere... Leon's and my backpacks were still there thou-

A chill ran through my spine. Mine was left open...

I rushed over to try and clear my mind of the worst... but it was obvious. The knife was missing.

I just froze...

Then I remembered Natasha was also given a receiver. I instinctively tried to contact her.

“Natasha! Where are you? Where did yo-”

I froze once again...

I heard my voice, raspy, like it was coming from another communicator... I heard it... It was right below my backpack.

What the fuck was her communicator doing below by backpack?

Where did my knife just go?

I started to panic. Louise started asking me what was going on... I couldn't explain it.

“Well, maybe she just went home... But why would she take my knife?”

I was desperately trying to come up with a good conclusion, but it was obvious that whatever just happened, it wasn't good. That's when I noticed Louise had ceased trying to talk to me...

So I went inside again to try and fill her in...

But she wasn't there... None of them were, actually. The spot I expected them to be waiting for me was empty

“Okay guys, you can come out now, this is not funny, I'm serious here!” I screamed, but nothing happened.

Pissed off, I went outside again, that's where I saw Fred.

“Yo Greg, were where you? We were tired of waiting for you and got worried, so I went to check you out, but I didn't see you out here...”

“Really, weird, I was here until just a while ago, besides, where did the everyone go?”

“Nowhere, they said they would wait for us there...”

“That's odd, I went back there, but they weren't anywhere to be seen”

“I think they went to look for us inside the house”

“Yeah, that's plausible”

So we both went back in... I went to the attic, he went to the kitchen. I ran upstairs and entered the attic as soon as I could,expecting to eliminate that from the possibilities and go look somewhere else. But what I saw just broke all my hopes of ever smiling again.

Corpses. A huge pile of corpses right in the middle of the attic...

Leon's huge figure was spread like a ragdoll who fell on it's back; His torso was tore open, and one of his ribs was firmly stuck into his eye. Louise's face was downright unrecognizable, as it was evidently repeatedly stabbed until there was nothing left of it; She was stark naked, and her vagina had clearly been stabbed and dis-configured to the point it now resembled a red mass of shredded paper.

I inevitably screamed in terror.

Fred came rushing inside the attic. I turned around just as he saw the corpses.

He looked at me and said, “It was Nat all along, wasn't she, being that superstitious whore, huh, I be she did that as some sort of sacrifice”

He didn't look as surprised as I expected him to be. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't make heads or tails of what the fuck was going on.

It was all too sudden, I knew it would be scary, but I didn't expect this sort of shit to happen. I closed my eyes and remembered all the nice days we had, all the time we spent playing around, and how we used to be so close. I realized I could be in danger, so I quickly opened my eyes again.

He wasn't there... Where did Fred just go?

Oh, there he is, in the corpse pile... Despite the fact he no longer had his cheerful smile (or his head, to begin with), and his legs were missing, he seemed to be having fun with Louise and and Leon.

I wish I could be having fun with them now, only if Natasha and I could join in, our group would be complete... Hey look, guess who is there as well.

Natasha was also there waiting for me, despite her noticeable lack of eyes, she was inviting me to join them... I think this knife here will do the trick... I don't know for how long it has been resting on my hand, it feels natural.

I think about the fun I'm about to have with my friends. I can barely wait. I wonder if it's going to take long; I did stab a pretty vital vein in my neck.

Oh, there they are. As I lose my senses, I feel their embrace. We're finally going to be together. Such a strong friendship should last forever. It's going to be so much fun!

Approx. 26 bodies were found in the attic of [HH].

Underground researches revealed that [HH] used to be a chemical research facility.
They were studying the proprieties of a gas that causes the victim to hallucinate and become inhumanly aggressive, while having out of body experiences and not realizing their current situation (gas [S]).

[HH] was shut down after many employees feel victim to gas [S], and an elderly couple inadvertently bought the house that was used just as a mask for the original lab. Corpses on the attic are believed to be of unsuspecting intruders who murdered themselves under the effects of the gas.

Witnesses say the house was abandoned, which leads us to believe that the original elderly couple was long dead before the discovery of the bodies. We are further investigating the house. Some of the bodies have yet to be identified.

(This story is credited to a person called Leonardo. I didn't do much editing on this one, by the way, so if there are spelling errors, deal with it.)


  1. "I inevitably cried"? Great story, but some lines sound like they were written by the author of My Immortal. (Granted, Inunah did say it wasn't proofread)

  2. God is this story bad. I mean, it's a good concept, but the writing...

  3. Yeah, the concept is great, but the wording and the way it was executed wasn't as good as it should've been. I'll probably rewrite it eventually and repost it.

  4. "I had no idea what the fuck was going on."
    Nor did I, narrator, for the entire length of this story...

  5. The writing style was very inconsistent.
    If it had been executed differently, I would have enjoyed it more. I just think the author needs to learn the whole "show not tell" rule.

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  7. ^ Wedding dresses. Terrifying.

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