Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The scream of the trooper was horrifying. He was twisting on the floor and screaming for the sweet release of death. There was nothing I could do. The cause of this suffering was as clear as his scream: he was corrupted.

And, unfortunately, so was I.

But there was a difference: I was corrupted, but protected. But it was growing. Growing, eating me from the inside. I had to hide my face; it had changed. I couldn't recognize it anymore. This corruption, this fatal illness has been around for years. I wasn't the only one, though. It took my friends, too. But now I'm alone. Alone with this condition, this fever. It doesn't have a cure, it will kill me someday.

But before that, I must fight it. I must fight it because I'm the only one that can stop this. All my other friends...they are gone. It took them. That's an exact copy of me. It knows my moves, it knows my weaknesses, it knows me.

But now, I must face it, even if it kills me. It will kill me, anyway. It took the other bounty hunters. It will do the same with me. This feeling of dread, the feeling of impending doom. The feeling of no escape.

I must, for I am the bounty huntress, Samus Aran.

(This story is credited to a person called DarkMartio)


  1. That's real good! But I would've liked it better if you didn't end saying 'I'm samus aran' Maybe you could've made it a bit longer before doing that? idk

  2. Then a motherbrain popped out.


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  4. Sounds interesting. Too bad I don't remember that happening in any of the Metroid games.

  5. This is from metroid fusion.
    A parasitic germ got into her suit, nearly killing her, stole her DNA, and mode copies of her.

  6. Just use the Hammer, and don't let him jump on your sword.

  7. Yes This was from one of the Metroid Games. It wiped out my favorite chara that only lasted aboout 1.5/4 of the game. And I hate Dark Samus for it. But he is still kool :3

  8. What? No, it's not Metroid Fusion, it's Metroid Prime 3.

  9. ^ Seems sort of like both, though i'm unsure if its specific or not. it mentions other bounty hunters like in Prime 3. But it also mentions a clone like in Fusion. I thought it was pretty retarded either way.

  10. There was a clone in Prime 3. Dark Samus.


  12. Saw it coming from the third sentence

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