Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Companion Cube

It's common knowledge that they put the Companion Cube in Portal in order to make people carry the cube through that whole stage instead of leaving it behind. What most people don't know is that isn't the only thing the developers added due to beta-tester behavior.

I'm speaking, of course, of the so-called "rattman dens:" certain, out of the way areas in the game where it looks to the player as if a previous runner through GLaDOS' maze healed up and began living again. The dens mainly consisted of photographs and insane message, scribbled over and over. These were added late in development.

The areas themselves were initially nothing more than small, barely bits of textured space that players managed to get themselves into with a little fiddling. Once these small, unremarkable spaces of map were reached, the beta testers who got there started acting odd.

The first man they found was sitting on the floor, curled up in the fetal position over his controller, rocking back and forth and sobbing quietly to himself. When they asked him what was wrong, he started shouting nonsense and tried to attack the guard who escorted him out of the building.

The next guy, well, actually a woman, went a bit further. Security rushed into the room when they heard screaming. The woman had clawed deep ashes into her own arms and was bleeding on the floor, twitching violently. They rushed her to the hospital, where she recovered fully without memory of the incident.

The third guy just stopped. He stopped playing, stopped moving, even stopped speaking. He had gone completely catatonic. His family apparently trid to sue for damages, but they didn't have a strong enough case. The developers, by this time, were obviously very concerned, but what could they do? Video games don't drive people crazy.

It took a murder for them to change the areas.

Although the last beta tester seemed fine, the developers only found out what had happened when they got a call from the police. The last tester had forced his youngest daughter into an oven and burned her to death; he had written the word 'cake' all over her body in permanent marker, also.

It IS noteworthy, though, that the Companion Cube as we know it was added later, after the beta test. All participants have shown the same odd behavior; at first catatonic and flegmatic, they became more and more violent with time.

A later symptom developed, too: an extreme sense of pyromania. Whether oven, campfire, or just a match, it always resulted in getting too close to the fire and being burned. In the end, Valve figured out a way to counter this behavior.

While originally, in the beta test, you simply left the cube in an air vent and moved on to the next level, now you have to burn the cube. You have to burn your best friend. Although they sealed off the air vent, it's still there in the level. It's just hiding under a wall of pixels.

Guess what happens if you find the air vent and don't burn the Companion Cube?


  1. Soooo.... NOT burning your companion in the game causes you to want to burn things in real life? Isn't that a little... backwards?

  2. sucks a lot realism not even factored into this story to give some sense of it being possible

  3. Anon 1: Remember, it's hinted that most subjects actually begin to hear the Companion Cube talk. It MAY be telling people to burn/injure things.

    Anon 2: Do you say that about Dedbort and the Grifter, too?

  4. I brought the companion cube to the end of the level and noclipped into the next level. I'm pretty sane.

  5. YAY, Portal creepypasta posted on my birthdaaaay!
    I don't really get it. I think I might've skimmed it, though.

  6. Inunah: the Companion Cube actually tells you about the truth of GLADoS, but you do wind up burning the cores of GLADoS, so you might be right on that part.

  7. I did notice that part with the companion cube.

  8. It seems interesting, but since there really is not way to test it on console, I guess I will have to wait til a PC gamer tries it.

  9. This story just doesn't really make much sense. You could fix it by adding something in about the cube that anybody could do with some trying, like a design on the cube or something that was originally intended but then was shrinked and was forgotten to be taked out, because valve did make a cake room and outside world place just for the ending of portal 1





  11. The cake is a lie.

  12. where is the vent? do u have to noclip to find it?

  13. how can a game make some one crazy. i wanna beta test it and prove u wont go crazy. that is all off burning a cube wont fix any thing. also the cake is real u can go an see the cake in the game.

  14. Honestly, yea this doesn't quite make sense. The vent I don't understand, also they even have a Ratman comic to explain him and the companion cube and it never said anything bad

  15. hehe yes master companion yes burn down my house HAHAHA
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  16. Has anyone noticed that GLadOS constantly reminds you that "the weighted companion cube does not speak. If the weighted companion cube does speak, the Aperture Science Testing Facility urges you not to take its advice." ?

  17. what the... spooky

  18. I don't know who you are
    but you know who I am, this whole story is about me, I've made myself a gmod mod,
    now I can corrupt gmod, kill in gmod

    1. Um i think the the guy who wrote that comment is the cpmpanion cube and i know what mod in gmod hes talking about it call scary coanion cube mod and please dont corrupt gmpd companion cube me love gmod

  19. I have it on Xbox I used a cheat to spawn a normal cube put that into the fire and left the companion cube sitting there when I went to advance, like the noclip comment guy I'm pretty sane

  20. As you all scream on how unrealistic this pasta is, look at all the other 'glitched/lost game creepypastas'. In comparison to that pile of shit, this is pretty good. And how you don't understand it, I have yet to know.

  21. I have no clip. lol I don't really think i'd want to find it but i'd be curious to know what was there