Sunday, January 16, 2011


He had always been different.

But not necessarily CRAZY different. He was always humiliated by his fellows for his love of the paranormal and for his vast knowledge on the subject.

But  no more.

One day, years ago, he followed them home after school. Every one of them.

Jordan had laughed at his eccentric attire. He shot Jordan in the head. Sarah had laughed when he asked her to prom. He strangled her with a necktie. Aaron had made fun of his face accent. He killed him with a crowbar.

And the rest, the rest who just ridiculed him every day, for his love of information, for his intellectual mind, well, he left them a little present of C4 under every one of their cars. every last goddam one of them.

He didn't go home that night. He moved, out of the country and across the world. And he spent his nights among people who understood him, on the internet, broadening his vast collection of paranormal information.

He chose to adopt an identity for himself, that night, so that everyone would know him, and he would  no longer be ridiculed, but loved, famous, adored.

But, what persona to adopt? What name to go by, on the Paranormal boards online?

Well, he had always wanted to be a doctor.


  1. Lol this makes me think of this guy who calls himself Doctor something on Youtube who does analysis of Slenderman series.

  2. Reminds me of Doctor Who.

  3. It's an /x/ tripfag you morons.

  4. What's a face accent?