Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Backseat Murderer

A lady leaves a grocery store with a bag and places it in the passenger seat of her car with her purse. She starts the car up, and begins her journey home. On the way over, she notices that she is low on fuel, so she decides to stop at the only gas station between a long deserted road-and her house.

As she approaches the gas station, it begins to pour rain and she hopes the attendant is there to pump the gas for her. She pulls up and honks her horn. They guy, hearing the horn, stands up and leaves the warmth of the gas station to go and pump the gas. She watched him as he approached the car and felt uneasy being there alone with him, hoping he would just hurry up so she could leave.

He taps on her window which made her jump from her thoughts and reluctantly she cracked her window open, just barely, to ask him what he wanted.

"How much, lady?" He asked.

"Oh! Sorry, fill her up please. She answered in a shaken voice.

Feeling silly now, she took a deep breath and decided she watched too many movies. She dug in her purse, and pulled out her credit card, and waited for him to finish.

When he was done, she saw through her rear-view mirror how he seemed to pause, and look into her car. This made her feel uneasy again, and then he came around and asked for payment. She again cracked open her window and handed him the card.

She watched as he slowly walked towards the inside of the gas station, and pick up the phone while he checked her card. Moments later, he returned, and told her that the credit card company wanted to speak with her. Now, at this point, she was willing to just drive off and handle the consequences later with her Husband by her side, but the guy kept insisting it would only take a moment.

She got out of the car, and entered the office and picked up the phone to see it was dead...

"Lady, I brought you in here for there's a man in the back seat of your car with a knife-I saw him while pumping the gas."

Thinking he must be insane, she pushed him aside and ran for her car. She glanced behind her to see him running after her with a bat, she screamed and pressed her foot down on the gas pedal upon entering the car. She could still hear him screaming at her as she raced off.

"What a lunatic!" She thought to herself, "He probably wanted to kill me or something, I'll tell my Husband and he'll handle this situation once he finds out!"

Just then, a truck sped up behind her, blasting it's horn.

"What does this guy want?" She wondered.

"I am definitely NOT stopping on this deserted road!"

She looked in the rear-view mirror and noticed it was the same gas attendant, which only made her drive faster.

He sped up behind her and bumped her from behind until he ran her of the road...

"Lady! Get out of the car-NOW!" He screamed.

Just then, police cars pulled up, and she ran from the car up to them..

"This guy is crazy!" She screamed at them. "He just ran me off the road!"

"And thank goodness he did, lady." They answered back.

With a puzzled look, she glanced at where her car was, and two police officers were dragging the killer from the back seat of the car.

"If that guy would've had the chance, he would've killed you. Lucky for you, this gas attendant saw him and quickly called us from the station."

She was ever grateful to him, and gave her apologies to them all.


  1. always listen to the gas station man, he can save your life.

  2. >She was ever grateful to him, and gave her apologies to them all.

    Worst. Ending. Ever.

  3. I know this story from somewhere... Beyond Believe, perhaps?

  4. This is one of those horror stories my friends told me, It's been around forever. I also remember she actually was found dead in her house a week later.

  5. What the fuck kind of ending was that? How fucking lame.

  6. I actually did see this on 'Beyond Believe', but I first heard it as Headlights, from a 'Scary Stories' book. In that version the guy kept his high beams on and followed the girl home, preventing the guy in the back from killing the girl.

    Jan 6 Anon, I've never heard that version before. I've only heard the several where she's still alive in the end.

  7. Um
    after she started speeding away from the gas man the killer probably would've started doing something
    and when she ran back to the car she would've at least glanced while running
    i mean come on that bitch was paranoid of everything

  8. What a cunt.
    "Theres a killer in your car"
    "fuck you you psycho ill take my chances hurrrr"

  9. I remember thisn one being talked about on an urban legends show. This is why you should always check around your car before getting into it!

  10. yes its in the scary stories book. there are cases where kidnappers and killers have followed that pattern. personally im gonna kiss the gasmans feet...after borrowing his bat


  12. I've also heard another version of this here a woman was driving home alone along a deserted road. Suddenly, a large black trucker appears behind her, but because it doesn't have it's headlights on she can barely see it. Suddenly, it bumps into her fender. Pissed, she starts to drive fast, to get away from the moron in the truck. However, the truck speeds up and begins repeatedly ramming the back of her car. At this point, the woman gets very scared as she thinks she's gonna get run off the road. Eventually, she spins out and hits a tree. When she comes to a moment later, she sees a man get out of the truck with a baseball bat. She struggles out of her car an collapses to the ground outside as the man slowly advances upon her vehicle.

  13. this reminds me of that story that otto told lisa in the simpsons? haha

  14. Old story ruined by ridiculous melodramatic flourishes.

  15. First off, if a certain reader hadn't ever heard/seen this story before, the title "THE BACKSEAT MURDERER" would kinda be a spoiler for the moment when the gas guy looked into her car. If not for the title, the reader could have possibly thought something else was going on during that moment...

    Another thing, the ending DID suck shaft. What shouldda happened was:

    "She was ever grateful to him. It was blowjobs and endless anal sex all around for the gas station attendant and the police officers. Also, she promised to buy each and every one of them a Wii U. However, it just so happened that all these guys though Nintendo 'was fer babeez,' and decided to let the backseat murderer free to hide in her backseat later on and then murder her. Then they went back to their Call of Duty and Skyrim."

  16. This is just like the story "Headlights". I've heard it before. On another note, I always check my car now.

  17. THEN WHO WAS PHONE, AND WHO KILLED HIM??!?!?!?!?!?!?!1?!?!?/1one!