Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tom and Jerry

The thirteen Tom and Jerry shorts made by the Czechoslovakian director Gene Deitch are infamous for their poor quality and rather disturbing nature, featuring badly done sound effects and animation and having a more realistic feel to the violence. Some have speculated that Deitch didn't like the concept behind Tom and Jerry and was pressured into making them, and wanted to make the people who watched his take on it feel bad for liking the concept.

What many people don't know is that Deitch was originally signed on to make more than the thirteen episodes the public has access to. Desperate to get out of his contract, Deitch made one more Tom and Jerry short that few have ever seen.

The short was called "Tom's Basement." It opened with Tom in a typical Tom and Jerry house. His owner was the fat, angry guy from other Deitch shorts. Tom's owner seemed even angrier than in his other appearances; the first scene is him stomping on Tom's tail in a very realistic and painful looking way because Tom is sleeping by the basement door.

The owner yells at Tom to never go down there. Tom is clearly terrified and runs away to another room. Our view stays in the room by the basement door and we see Jerry come out of a mouse hole. He looks truly grotesque, far more off-model than in the other Deitch shorts. He gets an evil look on his face and follows Tom into the next room.

The next few minutes are fairly formulaic. Jerry repeatedly manages to trick Tom into chasing him to the basement door a few times, but each time the owner catches Tom he inflicts a painful looking injury on him, which stay with Tom even after the scene ends. After three beatings, Tom is bruised all over, bleeding in a few places, and limping on a broken leg.

After this, Tom starts to literally beg Jerry not to bother him any more; he's not really talking, but he's crying and mumbling, and you can tell what he's doing by his body language. Jerry just laughs at him and pushes him back to the basement door.

The owner catches Tom again and goes ballistic. The camera zooms in on his face - it changes color and distorts as he yells at Tom in a much louder voice than any other sound in the cartoon. I can't post most of what he said on here, but it's definitely vicious and furious. It seems like Jerry has finally decided to take pity on Tim, though. Jerry picks up a knife that was lying around and stabs the owner in the leg, quite graphically.

Tom opens the basement door and they carry the owner's body down the stairs. There are dozens of other bodies down there, decaying and showing signs of their violent deaths. Tom and Jerry shake hands and it seems like they've triumphed over the serial killer...but Jerry gets an evil look in his face again and Tom says, in that ghostly, deep voice...


Jerry stabs Tom, killing him, and throws his body into the pile. The last shot is Jerry putting up a 'For Sale' sign on the yard of the house, laughing, clearly planning to do it all again.

(This story is by a person called KI Simpson.)


  1. I expected better.

  2. one way you know its BS is because they never show the owners face in the cartoon

  3. Actually they did, check the Gene cartoons, the angry guy was seen in full.

  4. I always hated that fat bastard.

  5. I've seen better...

  6. I cannot fucking stand Jerry.
    For the life of me, I always thought of him as a little brat.
    Hate reinforcement >:(

  7. I agree, i always hated Jerry or those characters who misbehave and got others into problems. They remind me of my little siblings

  8. i want see the video...

  9. I think I can explain the ending to the others.
    You see, Tom thought that the Serial Killer was his pissed off owner. But that wasn't the Serial Killer.
    It was Jerry.
    Jerry killed everyone who lived in the house. He killed the owner, and Tom, and he plans to do it all over again.

  10. how does a mouse kill a person from just stabbing them in the leg

  11. To the top poster: The leg has a ridiculous number of veins and arteries. Not too much of s stretch that Jerry could kill by stabbing in the leg.

  12. Very strange, although still not as disturbing as Squidward's Suicide or Ed and Eddy.
    But that's just my opinion.

  13. I don't blame Gene Deitch, Tom and Jerry is awful. One of the worst "classic" cartoons imo. /:

  14. Jerry is an asshole here, killing the owner and the cat??? that fat owner from Deitch cartoons deserves death(for everything what he did) but Tom, he was bleeding and crying and Jerry laughs on him
    this picture made me feel better:

  15. The Nostalgia Critic said it best: TOM AND JERRY DON'T TALK!

  16. @Anon12

    In some episodes of the show, Tom actually will say the ghostly "Don't you believe it!" mentioned in the story.

    It's not intended to be scary, though.

    I used to watch Tom and Jerry all the time, and I've heard it several times.

  17. @Anon12

    Like what Brony said... There was one episode about white mice exploding if they get shaken alot, so Tom kept being very careful with his owner's new white mouse. At the end, you hear the radio and someone says something about white mice not exploding and nothing about that was true, so Tom starts shaking the white mouse alot and it explodes. And he comes up after the explosion, looking at the camera and says in the ghostly voice, "Dont you believe it..."

  18. So Really All This Time Jerry Was A Killer?? Well If That Is True Jerry Is Not My favorite anymore

  19. Personally, I really hated Gene Deitch bad quality cartoons. However his last one, the Tom and Jerry Cartoon kit was pretty good. I was felt sorry for Tom, Jerry was annoying and I hated Clint Clobber (Tom's owner). I would prefer the choice of Chuck Jones cartoons or best, Hanna Barbera era cartoons.

  20. this blog suck...this is not real...cartoons ar only cartoons not real storyes

  21. Sir, you've forgotten the definition of creepypasta.
    I believe it means this.
    'Creepypasta is a fiction/nonfiction story. A creepypasta's only classification that
    puts is different than other stories is that to has to be scary.'

    So, judging by the definition, a creepypasta can be fiction AND nonfiction. So, shut the fuck up.

  22. A Tom and Jerry cartoon by Gene Deitch featuring the "DOOOON'T YOOOOU BELIEVE IT"? THAT would be pretty interesting to see...