Monday, November 15, 2010

Interesting Youtube Channel

Hey guys, another non-story post.

There's this channel on Youtube called theLittleFears, where some chick reads out a creepypasta... Go check it out. Some of the stories are really interesting and original, and then some are the normal stories we've heard thousands of times.

Of the ones I don't have on this blog, I'll put them to text and whatever, so... Yeah. If I find any more channels like this, I'll alert you guys.


  1. She's really good, isn't she? She even did the Candle Cove story.
    "Where Bad Kids Go" is a great one.
    Thanks for the stories, by the way - much appriciated.

  2. im gonna make a channellike this one so check my channel my username is kwsc03

  3. Hey! I was just looking at that channel xD