Monday, November 1, 2010


A boy was dragged along by his friend to stay at the abandoned North Haven Hospital for the night. A lot of inhumane experiments were said to take place there - like the "Eye Experiment", where they used needles to try to change eye colors from brown to blue. Most patients died of mysterious deaths within a few months and suicides were frequent.

But the boy felt that the dilapidated building was relatively peaceful - except for one room on the seventh floor. When they passed by it, he felt someone was staring at them from inside.

They kept walking until they heard something hitting the ground from that very room. It was then his friend got a devious grin and pulled him inside. The first thing he noticed was the glass scattered everywhere on the ground and that the room was empty except for one large, broken window. He saw his friend looking out of it and staring at the night sky.

While the boy was picking up one of the pieces of broken glass, he heard a familiar sound of something hitting the floor. He looked up to see his friend had disappeared.

When he ran to the window and called out his friend's name, he saw his lifeless, bloody body on the concrete below. Then he heard a whisper in his ear.

"...I can't see..."


  1. The Eye Experiments made people blind.

    There were ghosts in that room that knocked the boy's friend out the window. By accident or on purpose is unknown.

    Then the boy heard a ghost complain about their vision.

  2. While your explanation of it is good, I like that plot... I think if you need to explain it so thoroughly is stupid.
    These people need to learn how to explain their creepypastas in non-blunt ways but not too inconspicuous.

    It's almost like an "inside joke" because it just seems impossible to get... Other than the room is haunted. *shrug*

  3. "died of mysterious deaths"

    Death: America's number one killer. Fucking morons.

  4. Those weren't done in hospitals. Those were done in concentration camps back in World War II by Dr. Josef Mengele. He was obsessed with twins and irregular, non-beneficial bodily experiments.

  5. Haven? The Tommyknockers? Holy Shit!!!!

  6. And you can even dye my eyes to match my gown? :D