Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Negative Gate

Look behind you. What do you see?

Invariably, there will be a wall somewhere within your view. Now, stare deeply into the space on the wall that lines up best with your eyes. Nothing will happen, but make sure you are clear on where this particular spot is.

That spot contains all the negativity in your mind. Whenever you are on your computer, reading scary stories or whatever you do, sometimes you will get spooked.

What do you do when this happens? You check behind you, that's what you do. As you read this now, a feeling of dread will come over you.

Check the spot.

Nothing again, huh?

That's because, right now, all of the evil is locked safely in your mind. Some people, upon learning of this "negative spot" resolve to remove the spot in an attempt to remove the negative energy. This is a grave mistake.

You must never let harm come to this spot. If you do, you will have released the energy. Now, when you sit at your computer at night, you will feel chills - even in the summer time. The feeling of dread that only presented itself when you were genuinely scared will now hang in the air constantly. Within a week, you and your loved ones will have a string of bad luck.

Within a month, your computer will begin to act erratic and eventually break down. On the anniversary of the spot's destruction, you will dream of your most horrible fears. The dream will seem to go on forever, and when you wake up you will notice your vision has darkened. Every year, on the same day, the dream will repeat itself, and your vision will grow darker and darker.

After you go completely blind, don't ever turn your back on that spot again.

....that is...if you can still tell where it is.


  1. Oh god, I can't tell if I am using the spot or not, I must protect it... but... is being aware makes me unable to use... gah

  2. Fuck i keep looking at my wall now. xD
    You bastard. lol

  3. This is all solved by having a laptop and laying down on a bed, no scary darkness behind :)

  4. Lol, interesting. For me though, fail pasta was fail. I don't "turn around" to look at the wall behind me. Nor turn around at all. Interesting though.

  5. I just start up Photo Booth and use the camera to peek behind me. :)

  6. I'm probably fucked.

    I turn around and look in a mirror that's at just the right angle that I see the front door from where the computer is. D:

    So you guys have nooooo idea.

  7. I don't turn around because there's a wall directly behind me - no room for spooky monsters. What happens if you move away? Or if you read scary stories in more than one spot?

  8. Is it bad that i read these in a a place schedualed for demolition?

    1. Why... Just, why? Why would you read such tasty pastas at that kind of place?
      Btw “cresselia” love the name, it's a pokemon name and I love pokemon. Especially the pokemon pastas

  9. if there is such a thing as a spot then i probably already damged it, since my spot is through a fucking window! ._.
    so does that mean i don't have a spot and therfor there is no negative energy due to lack of said spot?
    :/ i'm confused now...

  10. the biggest problem I have with this pasta is that it is the exact same pasta as one posted on this site the month prior.

  11. Wait a second, I read scary stories in many different places. So is my negative energy everywhere in the my house?

  12. is it possable to cut around spot on wall and then put it in a safe place???

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